2020/2021 Available Programmes




Applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates for full-time or part-time admissions into the postgraduate programmes of
Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka for the 2020/21 academic session, leading to the award of Postgraduate Diplomas, Master’s and
Doctorate degrees in the following Faculties and Centers.
A. Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension
a) Postgraduate Diploma in Agricultural Economics and Extension
b) MSc and PhD
i) Resource and Environmental Economics ii) Farm Management and Production Economics iii.)Agricultural Policy and Project
Development iv.) Agribusiness Management and Finance v.) International Trade and Marketing vi). Agricultural Extension
Administration vii) Agricultural Extension and Rural Sociology viii) Agricultural Extension Communication ix) Women Mobilization
and Rural Development x.) Extension Education xi.) Human Ecology and Rural Tourism
B. Department of Animal Science and Production
a) Postgraduate Diploma in Animal Science and Technology
b) MSc
i.)Animal Production and Management ii). Animal Breeding and Genetics/Biotechnology iii.) Animal Nutrition and Biochemistry iv.)
Animal Physiology and Biotechnology
C. Department of Crop Science & Horticulture
a) Postgraduate Diploma in Crop Science and Horticulture
b) MSc and PhD
i) Crop Production ii) General Horticulture iii.) Tropical Fruits and Plantation Crops iv) Crop Breeding and Genetics v.) Plant
Mycology vi) Pest Management vii) Stored Products Entomology viii) Weed Science
D. Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture
a) Postgraduate Diploma in Fisheries and Aquaculture
b) MSc and PhD
i) Fisheries Biology ii) Fish Nutrition iii) Processing and Utilization iv) Fisheries Economics v) Fisheries Extension and Marketing vi)
Fisheries Policy and Management
E. Department of Food Science and Technology
a) PGD
i) Food Chemistry /Nutrition ii) Food Microbiology/Quality Control iii.) Food Processing/Engineering
b) MSc.
i.) Food Microbiology ii.) Food Chemistry and Quality Control iii.) Food Processing and Storage Technology iv). Food Engineering.
A. Department of English Language and Literature
a) MA and Ph.D.
i.) Language Studies ii). Literary Studies
B. Department of History and International Studies
a) Postgraduate Diploma in History and International Studies
b) MA and PhD
i). Social and Political History ii) Economic History iii) International Relations
C. Department of Igbo, African and Asian Studies
a) Postgraduate Diploma in Igbo, African and Asian Studies
b) MA and PhD

i.) Igbo Language ii.) Igbo Oral Literature iii.) Igbo Written Literature iv.) Translation (Igbo-English).v) Igbo Culture and Civilization
D. Department of Linguistics
a) Postgraduate Diploma in Linguistics
b) MA, M.Clinical, and Ph.D. in Linguistics
E. Department of Modern European Language.
a) Postgraduate Diploma in Modern European Language
b) MA and PhD
i.) French Literature ii) African and Caribbean Literature in French .iii) Comparative Literature in French iv.) Oral African Literature
in French v.) French Language and Linguistics vi.) French Language and Translation
F. Department of Music
a) Postgraduate Diploma in Music
b) MA and PhD
i) Theory and Composition. ii)African Music (Ethnomusicology). iii.)Music Pedagogy.iv) Historical Musicology
G. Department of Religion and Human Relations
a) MA and PhD
i.) Old Testament Studies ii) New Testament Studies iii) History of Christianity in Africa iv.) African Traditional Religion v.)
Systematic Theology vi.)Religion and Society
H. Department of Philosophy
a) MA and PhD
i.) African Philosophy ii) Social and Political Philosophy iii.)Metaphysics iv.) Epistemology v.) Ethics
I. Department of Theatre Arts and Film Studies
a) Postgraduate Diploma in Theatre Arts.
b) MPhil/PhD
i.) Directing ii) Playwriting. iii). Theatre in Education. iv.) Theatre and Cultural Administration. v.)Media Arts Studies vi). Theatre
Technology vii). Theatre Tourism viii.) Acting/Speech Arts ix.) Theatre History x) Dramatic Theory and Criticism xi.) Sociology of
Drama xii.) Public Relations xiii.)Dance/Choreography xiv.) Theatre for Development/Theatre in Education xv.) Costumes/Make-Up
c) MA and PhD
i.) Directing ii.) Playwriting iii.) Theatre in Education iv.) Theatre and Cultural Administration v.) Media Arts Studies vi.) Theatre
Technology vii). Theatre Tourism viii.) Film Studies ix.) Broadcasting x.) Print Journalism xi.)Acting .xii). Theatre History xiii.)
Dramatic Theory and Criticism xiv.) Sociology of Drama xv.) Public Relations xvi). Dance/Choreography xvii).
Music/Ethnomusicology xviii.) Theatre for Development xix). Costumes/Make-Up xx.) Voice and Speech Arts xxi.) Theatre
A. Department of Anatomy
a) MSc
i.) Gross/Topographic Anatomy ii.) Microscopic Anatomy iii.) Histochemistry/Cytochemistry iv) Developmental Anatomy
v.)Anthropometry/Forensic Anatomy vi.)Neuro Anatomy vii)Neuro Behavioral Sciences viii.) Clinical Anatomy ix.) Surgical
Anatomy x) Radiological Anatomy xi. Cytogenetics xii.) Anatomy Museum Curator xiii.) Sports/Fitness Anatomy xiv). Anatomy
b) PhD
i.) Clinical and Topographic Anatomy ii) Microscopic Anatomy and Histochemistry iii.) Embryology/Developmental Anatomy iv.)
Neuro Anatomy v) Radiological Anatomy vi) Forensic Anatomy and Anthropometry
B. Department of Human Biochemistry
a) Postgraduate Diploma in Human Biochemistry

b) MSc and PhD
i) Biochemical Toxicology ii) Hormone Biochemistry iii) Mineral Biochemistry/Micronutrient Metabolism iv.) Nutritional
Biochemistry v.) Human Biochemistry/Biochemical Interactions
C. Department of Physiology
a) MSc and PhD
i.) Endocrinology ii.) Reproductive Physiology iii.) Renal Physiology iv.) Neurophysiology v.) Environmental Physiology
A. Department of Applied Biochemistry
a) MSc and PhD
i.) Medical Biochemistry and Immunochemistry ii.) Industrial Biochemistry and Biotechnology iii.) Food and Nutritional
Biochemistry iv.) Xenobiochemistry and Toxicology
B. Department of Applied Microbiology and Brewing.
a) Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Microbiology and Brewing
b) MSc and PhD
i.) Food Microbiology ii.) Industrial Microbiology iii) Medical Microbiology iv) Environmental Microbiology v.) Brewing Science
and Technology vi.) Public Health Microbiology
C. Department of Botany
a) MSc and PhD
i.) Plant Anatomy ii.) Biosystematics/Taxonomy iii.)Ecology iv.) Genetics v.) Mycology/Plant Pathology vi)Plant Physiology vii)
Aquatic Botany viii) Phytomedicine/Ethnomedicine ix) Environmental Botany
D. Department of Parasitology and Entomology
a) Postgraduate Diploma in Parasitology and Entomology
b) MSc and PhD
i.) Public Health Parasitology ii.) Pest Management
E. Department of Zoology
a) Postgraduate Diploma in Zoology
b) MSc and PhD
i.) Animal Physiology ii.) Applied Fisheries and Aquaculture iii.) Biological Conservation and Management iv.) Ecology and
Environmental Biology v.) Entomology vi.) Parasitology
A. Department of Adult Education
a) Postgraduate Diploma in Adult Education
b) MED
i.) Community Development ii.) Gender Education iii.) Industrial Education iv.) Entrepreneurial Education v.) Distance Education
B. Department of Educational Foundations
a) PGDE in Educational Foundations
b) MED and PhD
i.) Educational Psychology ii) CurriculumStudies iii.) Educational Measurement, Evaluation, and Research
C. Department of Educational Management and Policy
a) Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Management and Policy
b) MED and PhD
i.) Educational Management ii.) Educational Planning iii) Economics of Education
D. Department of Early Childhood and Primary Education

a) Postgraduate Diploma in Early Childhood and Primary Education
b) MED and PhD
i.) Early Childhood Education ii.) Primary Education
E. Department of Guidance and Counselling
a) Postgraduate Diploma in Guidance and Counselling
b) MED in Guidance and Counselling
c) PhD
i.) Counseling Psychology ii.) Vocational Guidance iii.) Therapeutic/Clinical Counselling iv.) Family Counselling
F. Department of Human Kinetics and Health Education
a) MSc(Ed) and PhD
i.) Public Health Education ii.) School of Health Education iii.) Administration and Organization of Sports iv) Exercise Physiology v.)
Sports and Exercise Psychology vi) Sports Sociology
G. Department of Library and Information Sciences
a) Postgraduate Diploma in Library and Information Sciences
b) MLIS and Ph.D. in Library and Information Sciences
H. Department of Science Education.
a) MSc(Ed) and PhD
i.) Biology Education ii.) Chemistry Education iii) Computer Science Education iv) Integrated Science v.) Mathematics Education vi)
Physics Education
I. Department of Technology and Vocational Education (Business Education and Technology Education)
a) Postgraduate Diploma in Business Education
b) MSc(Ed) and PhD
i.) Accounting ii.) Cooperative Economics and Management iii.) Office Technology Management
c) Postgraduate Diploma in Technology Education
d) MSc(Ed) and Ph.D.
i.) Automobile/Mechanics ii.) Building/ Woodwork iii) Electrical/ Electronics
A. Department of Agricultural and Bioresources Engineering
a) Postgraduate Diploma in Agricultural and Bioresources Engineering,
b) MENG and PhD
i.) Power Systems, Machinery& Forestry Engineering ii) Soil, Water Resources, and Agricultural Engineering iii.) Food and
Bioprocess Engineering iv.) Farm Structures and Environmental Control Engineering v.) Environmental Engineering
B. Department of Chemical Engineering
a) MENG and PhD
i.) Petroleum and Petrochemical ii) Biochemical Engineering iii.) Chemical Reaction Engineering iv.) Modeling and Simulation of
Chemical Process v.) Separation Process vi.) Raw Materials Utilization and Development vii) Environmental Chemical Engineering
viii.) Corrosion
C. Department of Civil Engineering
i.) Structural Engineering ii.) Water Resources Engineering iii.) Environmental Engineering
b) PhD
i.) Structural Engineering ii.) Water Resources Engineering iii.) Environmental Engineering iv) Geotechnical Engineering
D. Department of Electrical Engineering
a) Postgraduate Diploma in Electrical Engineering.

b) MENG and Ph.D.
i.) Electrical Power Engineering ii.) Machines iii.)Instrumentation iv.) Power Electronics and Drives v.) Control Engineering vi.)
High Voltage Engineering
E. Department of Electronic Engineering
a) Postgraduate Diploma in Electronic Engineering
b) MENG and PhD
i.) Communications Engineering ii.) Information and Communications Technology (ICT) iii.) Computer and Control Systems
Engineering. iv.) Robotics, Control, and Instrumentation Engineering
F. Department of Industrial/Production Engineering
a) Postgraduate Diploma in Industrial/Production Engineering.
b) MENG and PhD
i.) Industrial Engineering ii.) Design/Manufacture iii.) Production Engineering
G. Department of Mechanical Engineering
a) Postgraduate Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
b) MENG and PhD
i.) Mechanical Engineering Design ii.) Thermal Engineering iii) Materials Technology iv) Applied Mechanics.
H. Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
a) Postgraduate Diploma and MENG in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering.
b) PhD
i.) Materials Engineering ii.) Foundry Technology iii.)Physical Metallurgy iv.) Mechanical Metallurgy v.) Chemical Metallurgy
I. Department of Polymer and Textile Engineering
a) Postgraduate Diploma in Polymer and Textile Engineering
i.)Polymer Engineering ii.) Textile Science and Engineering
a) Ph.D.
i. Polymer Engineering.
A. Department of Architecture
a) MSc and Ph.D. in Architecture
B. Department of Building
a) Postgraduate Diploma in Building.
b) MSC and PhD
i.) Construction Technology ii.) Building Services iii.) Building Maintenance iv.)Construction Materials v.) Construction
Management vi) Facility and Maintenance Management
C. Department of Environmental Management
a) Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Management
b) MSc and PhD
i.) Mineral and Resources Exploitation ii.) Urbanization and the Environment iii.) Water Resources iv.) Geographic Information
System v.)Population vi.) Women and Development vii) Urban Renewal Techniques viii.) Housing Studies ix.) Waste Management
Studies x.) Impact Assessment Studies xi.) Population Studies xii.) Infrastructure Facilities Development
C. Department of Estate Management
a) Postgraduate Diploma in Estate Management

b) MSc.
i.) Estate Management ii.) Facility Management iii.) Project Management
c) Ph.D.
i. Estate Management
D. Department of Fine and Applied Arts
a) Postgraduate Diploma in Fine and Applied Arts.
b) MA, MFA, and PhD
i.) Art History ii.) Painting iii.) Sculpture iv.)Ceramics v.)Textile vi.) Visual Communication (Graphics Design) vii) Fashion Design
viii.) Art Education
E. Department of Geography and Meteorology.
a) Postgraduate Diploma in Geography and Meteorology
b) MSc and Ph.D.
i.) Applied Climatology& Meteorology Biogeography ii.) Hydrology and Water Resources iii.)Environmental Management iv.)
Population Geography
F. Department of Quantity Surveying
a) Postgraduate Diploma in Quantity Surveying
b) MSc.
i.) Construction/Engineering Economics ii.) Infrastructure Cost Engineering/Management iii.) Construction Project Management iv.)
Professional Practice Management
G. Department of Surveying and Geoinformatics
a) Postgraduate Diploma in Surveying and Geoinformatics
b) MSc and Ph.D.
i.)Surveying and Geoinformatics ii.) Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Applications
A. Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences
a) Postgraduate Diploma in Medical Laboratory Sciences
b) MSc and PhD
i.) Immunology ii.) Haematology iii.) Medical Microbiology iv.) Clinical Chemistry v.) Histopathology
B. Department of Medical Rehabilitation
a) MSc and Ph.D.
i.) Cardio-Pulmonary Physiotherapy ii.)Neurological Physiotherapy iii.) Orthopedic, Sports and Recreational Physiotherapy iv.)
Geriatric Physiotherapy v.) Women’s Physiotherapy (Obstetrics and Gynecology Physiotherapy)
C. Department of Nursing Sciences
a) Postgraduate Diploma in Nursing Sciences
b) MSc and PhD
i.) Diploma in Nursing Sciences ii.) Medical-Surgical Nursing. iii.) Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing. iv.) Community
Administration. v.) Nursing Administration .vi.) Nursing Education.vii.) Maternal and Child Health Nursing.
D. Department of Radiography
a) Postgraduate Diploma in Radiography
b) MSc and PhD
i.)Medical Imaging ii.) Radiation and Environmental Protection and Dosimetry iii.) Film Reporting iv.)Radiological Education v.)
Medical Physics vi.) Radiological Health Management vii.) Radiotherapy and Oncology

a) LLM and PhD
i.) Public and Private Law. ii.) Commercial and Property Law. iii.) International Law and Jurisprudence
A. Department of Accountancy
a) Postgraduate Diploma in Accountancy
b) MSC and PhD
i.) Auditing and Assurance Service ii.)Taxation iii.) Corporate Financial Management iv.) Management Accounting and Performance
Measurement v.) Corporate Reporting vi.) Forensic Accounting and Fraud Management vii.) Financial Management and Corporate
Finance viii.) Environmental Accounting
c) MPhil/PhD
i.) Auditing and Assurance Service ii.) Taxation. iii.) Corporate Financial Management iv.) Management Accounting and Performance
Measurement v.) Corporate Reporting Services vi) Forensic Accounting and Fraud Manager vii.) Financial Managers and Corporate
Finance Consultancy viii.) Environmental Accountants ix.) Oil & Gas Experts x.) Public Sector Accountants
B. Department of Banking and Finance
a) Postgraduate Diploma in Banking and Finance
b) MSC and PhD
i.) International Business Finance ii.) Capital Market iii.) Investment Analysis iv.) Portfolio Management v.) Securities’ Market vi.)
Monetary Theory vii.) Banking Operations viii.) Strategic Risk Management ix). Financial Management
C. Department of Business Administration
a) Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration.
b) MSc and Ph.D.
i.) Human Resource Management ii.) Production/Operations Management iii.) Strategic Management iv.) General Management
D. Department of Co-operative Economics and Management
a) Postgraduate Diploma in Co-operative Economics and Management
b) MPhil/PhD
i.) Agricultural Cooperatives ii.) Cooperative Management iii.) Service Cooperative
a) MSc and Ph.D.
i.) Agricultural Cooperatives ii.) Cooperative Management iii.)Rural Development iv.) Rural Finance v.) Service Cooperatives
E. Department of Marketing
a) Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing.
b) MPhil/PhD
i.)International and Global Marketing ii.) Sustainability and Development Marketing iii.) Marketing Management and Strategy.
c) MSc and PhD
i.) Marketing Theories and Management Strategy ii.) Consumer Studies and Research/Marketing Analytics iii.) Marketing
Promotion/Integrated Marketing Communication iv.) International Marketing. v.) Entrepreneurship Marketing vi.) Marketing
Logistics and Supply Chain Management vii.) Services Marketing viii.) Sustainability and Development
F. Department of Public Administration
a) PGD and MPA in Public Administration
b) MSc and PhD
i.) Human Resources Management ii.) Project Management iii.) Local Government Administration iv.) Public Policy Analysis and

G. Master of Business Administration
a) MBA
i.) Accountancy ii.) Banking & Finance iii.) Cooperative Economics and Management iv.) Business Administration v.) Marketing
A. Department of Chemical Pathology
a) MSc and PhD
i.)Lipid and Nutrition, CHD risk Factors ii.)Reproductive Endocrinology/Diabetology iii.) Enzymology and Vitaminology iv.) Trace
Element Metabolism and Clinical Toxicology v.) Immunology vi.) Tumor Markers
B. Department of Community Medicine and Primary Health Care
a) MPH
i.) Epidemiology ii.) Medical Statistics iii.) Occupational Health iv.) Environmental Health v.) Health Education.vi.) Health System
Administration vii.) Health Management viii.) Social Medicine ix.) Rehabilitative Medicine x.) Public Health Nutrition xi.)
C. Department of Medical Microbiology and Parasitology
a) MSc and PhD
i.) Mycology ii.) Parasitology iii.) Infection and Immunity iv) Bacteriology v.) Virology vi.) Public Health Microbiology
D. Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics
a) MSc and PhD
i.) Cardiovascular Pharmacology ii.) Toxicology iii.) Ethnopharmacology iv.) Molecular Pharmacology v. Neuropharmacology vi.)
Clinical Pharmacology
A. Department of Clinical Pharmacy& Pharmacy Management
a) MPharm and PhD
i.) Pharmacy Practice and Management ii.) Pharmaceutical Care iii.) Public Health Pharmacy iv.) Pharmacotherapeutics v.) Clinical
Pharmacokinetics vi.) Pharmacoeconomics
B. Department of Pharmacognosy & Traditional Medicine
a) MSc, MPharm and PhD
i.) Phytochemistry ii.) Biomedicinal Chemistry iii.) Ethnobotany iv.) Psychopharmacology v.) Drug Evaluation and Quality Control
C. Department of Pharmaceutical Microbiology & Biotechnology
a) MSc, MPharm and PhD
i.) Pharmaceutical Biotechnology ii.)Antimicrobial Evaluation iii.) Vaccinology and Immunology iv.)Quality Control and
Formulation Microbiology
D. Department of Pharmaceutical & Medicinal Chemistry
a) MSc, MPharm and PhD
i.) Quality Control and Analytical Pharmaceutical Chemistry ii.) Drug Synthesis and Combinatorial Chemistry iii.) Natural Products
Medicinal Chemistry iv.) Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Design
E. Department of Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Technology
a) MSc, MPharm and PhD
i.) Physical Pharmaceutics ii.) Formulation Science and Technology iii. ) Powder and Tablet Technology iv.) Cosmetic Science and
Technology v) Biopharmaceutics/Pharmacokinetics vi.) Drug Delivery and Targeting
F. Department of Pharmacology& Toxicology
a) MSc, MPharm, and Ph.D.
i.) Toxicology ii.) Ethnopharmacology. iii.) Clinical Pharmacology
G. Department of Forensic Sciences
a) MSc
i.) Forensic Toxicology ii.) Forensic Chemistry& Drug Analysis iii.). Forensic& Legal Medicine.
H. Department of Logistics and Supply Chain Management

a) MSc
i.) Health Commodities, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management ii.) Transport Studies iii.) Disaster/Humanitarian Logistics & Supply
Chain Management
A. Department of Statistics
a) PGD and MSc in Statistics
b) PhD
i.)Mathematics Statistics ii.) Design of Experiments iii.) Time-Series iv.) Probability.v.) Regression vi.) Multivariate Analysis vii.)
B. Department of Computer Science
a) PGD and MSc in Computer Science
b) PhD
i.) Data Communication and Networks ii.) Artificial Intelligence iii.) Software Engineering iv.) Database Systems and Data
Engineering v.) Computer Forensics
C. Department of Geological Sciences
a) Postgraduate Diploma in Geological Sciences
b) MSc (Integrated Water Resources Management)
i.) Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM)
c) MSc and PhD
i.) Water Resources (Hydrogeology)/Environmental Geology ii.) Petroleum Geology iii.) Applied Geophysics iv.) Stratigraphy,
Sedimentology and Biostratigraphy v.) Economics Geology/Geochemistry
D. Department of Mathematics
a) Postgraduate Diploma in Mathematics
b) MSc and Ph.D.
i.) Functional Analysis ii.) Industrial Mathematics
E. Department of Physics and Industrial Physics
a) Postgraduate Diploma in Physics and Industrial Physics
b) MSc and PhD
i.) Astrophysics ii.) Geophysics iii.) Solid State Physics iv.) Physics Electronics v.) Nuclear Physics vi.) Solar Energy Physics
F. Department of Pure and Industrial Chemistry
a) Postgraduate Diploma in Pure and Industrial Chemistry.
b) MSc
i.) Analytical Chemistry ii.) Environmental Chemistry iii.) Industrial Chemistry iv.) Inorganic Chemistry v.) Organic Chemistry
vi.) Physical Chemistry vii.) Polymer Chemistry
c) PhD
i.) Analytical Chemistry ii.) Environmental Chemistry iii.) Organic Chemistry iv.) Physical Chemistry v.) Polymer Chemistry vi.)
Industrial Chemistry
A. Department of Economics
a) Postgraduate Diploma in Economics
b) MSc and PhD

i.) Monetary Economics ii.) Development Economics iii.) Public Sector Economics iv.) International Economics. v.) Quantitative
Economics vi.) Human Resource Economics
B. Department of Mass Communication
a) Postgraduate Diploma in Mass Communication
b) MSc
i.) Print Journalism ii.) Electronic Media/Broadcasting iii.) Public Relations and Advertising (PRAD .iv.) New Information and
Communication Technologies (NICTs)/New Media
c) PhD
i.) Print Communication Sequence ii. ) Electronic Communication Sequence iii.) Public Relations and Advertising Sequence iv.)
Theory and Research in Media Studies. v.)Behavior Change Communication (BCC)/Development Communication
C. Department of Psychology
a) M.EAP and MSc
i.) Employee Assistance Program
b) MSC and PhD
i.) Clinical Psychology ii.) Counselling Psychology iii.) Development Psychology iv.) Forensic v.) Industrial/organizational
Psychology vi.) Social Psychology
D. Department of Political Science
a) Postgraduate Diploma in Political Science
b) MSc and PhD
i.)Political Theory and Methodology (PTMD) ii.) Public Administration and Local Government (PALG) iii.) International Relations
and Diplomatic Studies (IRDS) iv.) Nigerian Government and Politics (NGAP)
E. Department of Sociology and Anthropology
a) PGD
i.) Development Studies ii.) Criminology iii.) Industrial Sociology iv.) Demography/Population Studies v.) Medical Sociology vi.)
Gender Studies vii) Cultural Anthropology vii.) Industrial and Labour Relations
b) MSc
i.) Development Studies ii.) Criminology iii.) Industrial Sociology iv.) Demography/Population Studies v.) Medical Sociology vi.)
Gender Studies vii) Cultural Anthropology viii.) Industrial and Labour Relations. ix.) Social Policy
c) MSP
i.) Social Policy
a) MA, MSc and Masters of Migration Studies(MMS)
i.) MA, MSc, and MMS in Migration Studies
Statement of Motivation: The Candidate shall be required to submit a statement of 350-500 words explaining his/her
experience/engagement with Migration issues/tasks and/or the motivation for embarking on the MMS programme.
Candidates for any Postgraduate Programme must possess a minimum of 5 credits including English Language and any four relevant
subjects at one or two sittings from WAEC, NECO, NABTEB or TC11(Faculty of Education only) based on the Department/Faculty
and General University Requirements.
Applicants are advised to obtain information on Departmental requirements from the university website spgs.unizik.edu.ng.
This is important

2.1 Postgraduate Diploma Programmes
The following may apply for admission into the Postgraduate Diploma Programmes.
2.1.1 Graduates from approved Universities who hold first-degree classification with FCGPA of 1.51 and above on a 5point scale.
2.1.2 Candidates from approved Polytechnics or Monotechnics who hold a Higher National Diploma with a minimum of Upper
The following may apply for admission into Masters Programmes.
2.2.1 Graduates from approved Universities who hold the appropriate degree in the proposed field of study with minimum FCGPA of 3.00 on a 5 point scale or a minimum of 50% for Universities that do not use FCGPA.
2.2.2 Holders of Postgraduate Diploma from recognized institutions with an FCGPA OF 3.50 and above (on a 5 point scale)
2.3 MPHIL/Ph.D. Programmes.
2.3.1 Graduates from approved universities who hold Master’s Degree in the proposed field of study and under the advertised Courses with an FCGPA of 3.20-3.49(on a 5 point scale)
2.4 Doctor of Philosophy Programmes
Graduates from approved universities who hold Master’sDegree in the proposed field of study with minimum FCGPA of 3.50 on a 5 point scale or a minimum of 60% for universities that do not use the FCGPA.
3.1 Postgraduate Diploma Programme(PGD)
Full-Time Postgraduate Diploma programme. minimum of two(2) Semesters and a maximum of three (3) Semesters. Part-Time. minimum of four (4) semesters and a maximum of six (6) Semesters.
Note. For the Faculty of Engineering Professional PGD. Full-Time. minimum of 4 Semesters and a maximum of 6 Semesters. Part-Time.Minimum of six (6) Semesters and a maximum of eight (8) semesters.
3.2 Masters Degree ProgrammesFull-Time Masters Degree Programmes.minimum of three(3) Semesters and a maximum of six (6) Semesters.Part-Time programme.
minimum of four(4) semesters and a maximum of eight(8) Semesters.
3.3 MPHIL/Ph.D. Programme.
Full-Time Mphil/Ph.D. Programme, a minimum of two(2) Semesters, and a maximum of three(3) Semesters. Part-Time Programme, a minimum of three(3) Semesters, and a maximum of four(4) Semesters.
3.4 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Programme
Full-Time Ph.D. Programmes. minimum of six (6) Semesters and a maximum of ten (10) Semesters. Part-Time Programme. minimum
of eight (8) semesters and a maximum of fourteen (14) Semesters.


4.1 Application form should be completed online by logging onto https://my.unizik.edu.ng/postgraduate

Fill the form and click on Create new account

An email will be sent to you indicating the successful creation of your account with your Username, Password and a four digit code.

Go back to the main page and enter your username and password and click on “sign in”.

Follow the instruction on the page following each step as indicated to access the application form.

Click on the menu bar on your left to generate and print the (Remita Retrieval Reference) Number for the  Application Fee (N15, 000)

After payment, wait for 24hours before going to the portal you proceed to fill your application form.

Fill and submit online the completed Application Form, scanning and attaching the claimed certificates.

4.2 Print the completed Application Form for your personal use. You will require this document in the course of the admission and registration.

4.3 Download and print a copy of the Transcript Request Form. The Transcript Request Form should be sent to your former     Institution for your academic transcripts. Any change of name should be indicated in the transcript form.

4.4 Applicants should include the names, phone number and e-mail addresses of three Referees. At least two of the referees must be Academics not lower than the rank of Senior Lecturer.

4.5 PhD applicants in submitting their forms shall upload a proposal of not more than five type-written pages that should include:

  1. Name of Applicant
  2. Proposed Department and Faculty
  3. Topic (not more than 18 words)
  4. Brief background of the Study
  5. Aim and Objectives/Purpose
  6. Methodology
  7. Expected Outcomes
  8. References

4.6 Second Tier Applications

Sale of Form begins  on 6th June, 2021-27th August, 2021

Submission of Form end on 27th August, 2021

Transcripts should be forwarded to the Secretary, School of Postgraduate Studies not later than 3rd September, 2021.

Applicants will be invited for Screening Test (VIRTUAL) from 1st-3rd September 2021 and Proposal Defence(PhD only)  on 1st September,2021

4.8  PhD applicants in submitting their forms with their names and departments shall upload a proposal of not more than five type-written pages. for the Proposal template .Go to spgs.unizik.edu.ng  ** This is important*



Notwithstanding compliance with the above conditions, all admissions offered are provisional and the School of Postgraduate Studies reserves the right to offer, confirm or deny admission.

Dr. Ifeyinwa F. Anolue

Deputy Registrar/Secretary

School of Postgraduate Studies.