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    The Computer Sciences discipline is unique because it provides a focus for convergence of technologies. Its uniqueness naturally defines its role and dictates its increasing relevance in several disciplines and modern practices and techniques. The scope of application of Computer Sciences in the modern scientific and technological context is, therefore, infinitely wide. Students are equipped in the and are thus encouraged to function, research and engage in collaborative projects in wide professional con

    : . HISTORY


    The Department of Computer Science was established in 1970 in order to meet the nation's need for skilled manpower in this rapidly expanding field.
    A study of the requirements of industry, commerce, government and research organizations was carried out and several meetings were held with practitioners in the field. The Department of Computer Science Our students are prepared for rewarding and flexible careers.
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    Today, we live in a knowledge society where computers are pervasive, and impact on almost all aspects of modern life. Computers and the internet has changed the way we work, learn and communicate; it is only the beginning of a new revolution as the potential of IT has not yet been fully realized especially in Nigeria. This is an exciting time for Computer Scientist as the discipline is now an essential source of tools and technique for advancement in almost all spheres of human endeavor. As a result the need for knowledgeable Computer Science and Engineering graduates has increased dramatically, and the current breakthrough in IT has rapidly led to skill shortages across the IT sector. The Department of Computer Science is the largest of such Department in the country. Our students are prepared for rewarding and flexible careers.

    We offer a very broad range of courses spanning almost all aspects of Computer Science and Engineering leading to B.Sc. Computer Engineering, B.Sc. Computer Science and B.Sc. Computer Science with Economics degree at Undergraduate levels. Other courses leading to strong academic and business oriented programs are also offered at Postgraduate levels in Computer Science. The Department do not only train young minds into professionals, but also inculcate discipline required for real life sustenance as allusion to the University's motto "For Learning and Culture" . so they are encouraged to eschew violence, embrace honesty and modesty, and also make academics their priority while on Campus.We collaborate with industry which is an indication that our degree programs are leading edge; graduates from the Department are well prepared for the challenges of the dynamic and fast growing software, hardware and in fact, the entire IT industry.


    The mission of the Department of Computer Science Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Nigeria is to serve as a department for intellectual development in Computer Science and allied fields in the training of men and women so that they can acquire the appropriate skills, abilities and competence necessary for the advancement of mankind.


    The mission of the department is to continuously position the her to be a leading light in terms of quality graduates that will ultimately rank among the best from Nigerian universities and beyond.


    The department of Computer Science aims to produce properly educated graduates who can solve a variety of human problems using the principles of Computing. Specifically, the objectives of the department are as follows:

    • To produce computer science graduates who are capable of applying knowledge acquired in solving problems arising in industries, business, commerce, education, machines, government and the society at large.
    • To produce graduates who are academically equipped to be able to undertake advance researches in computer science and or related areas, thus stimulating development in areas of specialisation.
    • To produce graduates with suitable skills and knowledge to be able to teach, guide and supervise graduate students or fellows in graduate schools, research institutes, as well as industry

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    Admission Requirements

    O’ Level Requirement: Five O’ level credits in English, Mathematics, Physics and any other two other relevant Science Subject which may include Economics


    Higher Qualification Requirement PGD:
    First degree with a minimum of 2.50 in any discipline B.Sc in Computer Science with a minimum of 2.50 HND in Computer Sciece with a minimum of Upper Credit
    PGD (Comp. Sci/ Computer Engineering) ≥ 3.00 B.Sc. (Comp. Sci) ≥ 3.00 B.Eng (Computer Engineering) ≥ 3.00
    M.Sc (Computer Science or Information Technology). ≥ 4.00 M.Eng ( Computer Science or Computer Enginering) ≥ 4.00


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    Email:   computerscience@unizik.edu.ng



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