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    The philosophy of the Department is to achieve excellence in Geological Sciences education through training and research and to provide excellent services to the community, using global best practices.

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    The mission of the Department is to train students in understanding the Earth's physical makeup & history, processes & resources; and to provide basic information to society for solving problems and establishing policy of resources management, environmental protection, public health, safety and welfare, for the well-being of humankind.


    To produce graduates who can practice in a professional capacity as Geoscientists in the oil & gas, water, solid mineral, geotechnical construction and allied industries; engaged in higher education and research institutions; employed in public sector establishments as well as become entrepreneurs in Geological Sciences practice.


    1.  To produce Postgraduates students in Geological Sciences and Applied Geophysics who could compare with any in the world and can work with other Scientists and Engineers as high level manpower in both the private and government –owned businesses and interests.            

    2. To produce high level manpower who are capable of establishing and managing their own businesses in the field of Geological Sciences and Applied Geophysics and to generate money and create employment opportunities for younger Geoscientists.

    3. To produce researchers in the fields of Geological Sciences and Technology and other areas of the Natural Sciences or Engineering who could probe the earth’s interior and its unearth its mineral and hydrocarbon/energy resources; understanding its natural processes and challenges of hazards and pollution attendant on exploration and exploitation of its resources; and provide solutions  for the benefit of humanity.



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    Admission Requirements


    Students with a good Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Honors Degree in the Geological Sciences with FCGPA 3.0/5.0 – 3.50/5.0 and above may be admitted for the Master of Science (M.Sc.) Programme. Graduates with a good M.Sc. Degree (FCGPA 4.0/5.0 and above) in Geology may be eligible for admission into the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) Programme. Students who have good B.Sc Degree in the other related fields such as Civil Engineering, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Microbiology may be considered for admission. Such students if admitted may be required to take some remedial courses to improve their background in the area of Geological Sciences or undertake a PGD programme before they can proceed to M.Sc Programme. A full time Ph.D programme in geology will run for a minimum of 6 (six) and a maximum of 8 (eight) academic semesters. A part-time programme shall run for a minimum of 8 (eight) and a maximum of 10 (ten) semesters. The Ph.D Programme is by course work and research. A course work of 12 Credits is to be taken by each Ph.D student. A Doctoral Ph.D thesis of 12 Credit units must be defended before internal and external examiners by the student for an award of a Doctoral degree. Available Option/ Specialization (i) Water Resources (Hydrogeology) (ii) Environmental Geology (iii) Engineering Geology (iv) Petroleum Geology (v) Applied Geophysics (vi) Stratigraphy, Sedimentology and Biostratigraphy (vii) Applied Geochemistry (viii) Economics Geology and Mineral Exploration. Duration of Programmes: PGD - Full Time: Minimum of 2 Semesters Maximum of 4 Semesters - Part time Minimum of 4 Semesters Maximum of 6 Semesters MASTERS - Full Time: Minimum of 3 Semesters Maximum of 6 Semesters - Part time Minimum of 4 Semesters Maximum of 8 Semesters PhD - Full Time: Minimum of 6 Semesters Maximum of 10 Semesters - Part time Minimum of 8 Semesters Maximum of 14 Semesters Minimum credit for Graduation Ph.D: A minimum of 36 credit units M.Sc: A minimum of 42 credit units PGD: A minimum of 48 credit units


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