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    The agric and bioresource engineering discipline is unique because it provides a focus for convergence of technologies. Its uniqueness naturally defines its role and dictates its increasing relevance in several disciplines and modern practices and techniques. The scope of application of agric and bioresource engineering in the modern scientific and technological context is, therefore, infinitely wide. Students are equipped in the Department and are thus encouraged to function, research and engage in colla

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    Engineering uses creative art and empirical scientific knowledge to solve human problem by invention and development of product useful for human life. When the scientific knowledge involves living things or biomaterials and their by- products, the resulting branch of Engineering could be called Agricultural, Biological, Bioresources and/or Bioenvironmental Engineering.

    Nnamdi Azikwe University has strong Faculty of Engineering, which started, with the University in 1992. The introduction of Agricultural and Bioresources Engineering is timely. With the numerous engineering problems in production, processing, preservation and handling of the agricultural and forest product s and by-products, and the current rate of soil degradation in our environment, the present need for engineers in this field is pressing.

    Moreover our young engineers should be exposed to this vast engineering knowledge required for massive production, processing and handling of food, fibre and other biomaterials, which will enable them become self – reliant. Engineering problems in this area are very numerous; this is a virgin field in our developing economy.


    ENGR. (DR.) L. C. ORAKWE


    The Department of Agricultural and Bioresources Engineering fully appreciates the educational and professional responsibility of uplifting the agricultural sector into development of sustainable systems for national self-sufficiency in the supply of food, fiber, renewable energy and timber products while maintaining a healthy and friendly environment. The Master of Engineering Degree Programme offers higher academic and practical training to the Agric. & Bioresources Engineer beyond the scope of the B.Eng. Degree programme. It makes the recipient more competent with stronger background in theoretical engineering strategies and research orientation. The PhD degree programme is conceived as a desirable forum for advanced studies and research and development efforts focusing on current and future problems of local and international interests in Agricultural and Bioresources engineering.


    The Department hopes to train out Agricultural and Bio-resources Engineers not only for massive production of food, fibre and renewable energy which will lead to rapid industrialization and self-reliance in agricultural production, but also for proffering solutions to engineering problems emanating from new discoveries in biology and biotechnology. It is hoped that graduates with sound practical and theoretical engineering knowledge needed for solving numerous engineering problems in Agriculture and Bioresources in the context of the changing world will emerge.


    The programme is aimed at producing practical-oriented Agricultural and Bioresources Engineers who will link up with global trend from Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and adapt the knowledge to solution of local problems.

    It is hoped that such solutions will increase the production in Agriculture and Bioresources and lead to rapid industrialization while maintaining good environment for human habitation. With the rapid increase in world population which is estimated to rise from 6 to 8 billion by the year 2025, and knowing that most of the increase comes from the developing world, it becomes imperative to produce 21st century engineers that can face the challenge.

    More specifically the objectives of the programme are to train engineers who will fulfill one or more of the following roles needed for sustained national economic growth and development.

    (i)   To increase sustainable agricultural and forest production.

    (ii)  To transform  and maintain the natural characteristics of food, fiber and other biomaterials for specific purposes.

    (iii)  To manage and maintain the natural resources for sustainable high-level production without environmental hazard.

    (iv)  To eliminate physical drudgery in production processes and.

    (v) To improve rural life by provision of amenities to rural producer communities.



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