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    Igbo kwenu! Ọdịmma ndị Igbo Igbo kwenu! Ọdịmma ndị Igbo Igbo kwezuonu! Ọdịmma ụmụ anyị

    : . HISTORY


    The Department was founded in 1992/1993 session as a Unit in the Department of Arts which was housed by the Faculty of Education. Then the Department was known as Unit of Linguistics and Nigerian Languages. The founding lecturers who prepared the B. A. degree programme of studies were Dr. O. M. Anizoba and Dr. G.O. Onyekaonwu.

    Later in 1999, the Department of Arts, which had ten-degree awarding units, was merged with the Faculty of Social Sciences which then became the Faculty of Social Sciences and Arts. In 2001, the ten-degree awarding Units became the Faculty of Arts and each Unit became full Department. Unit of African Language, as the Department was called from inception, became Department of African Language.

    The Department produced its first set of graduates in 1997/98 session; and has produced up to four hundred and fifty (450) graduates to date most of who are serving in various fields of life, in 1999/2000 session, the department introduced the Post-Graduate  programmes with M.A students as its first intake. Later, in 2001/2002, the Department introduced a Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) programme; and in 2004/2005 registered its first Ph.D candidate. At present, the Department has produced about Thirty (30) Post-Graduate Diploma graduates and over fifty (50) M.A. graduates and twenty (20) Ph.D graduates in the various fields of Language, Literature, Culture and Translation.

    Due to continued lack of interest by students, the Department was having problem with admission of students. As a result of this, it applied to the senate for a new name and the senate approved it on 6th July, 2005. After the approval, the Department was known as and called Department of African and Asian Studies. With effect from the 2005/2006 session, the Department started offering courses in Chinese Language, Culture and Literature. And in 2006/2007, the Department included Mass Communication courses in its curriculum.

    Later, in 2007/2008 session, the Department introduced a Diploma programme in Chinese to attend to the yearnings of the public, especially the business community in and around the state. The Diploma programme registered the pioneer set of twenty-three (23) students out of which eight (8) graduated in 2008/2009 thus being the first set of Chinese Diploma graduates produced by the Department.

    Again, in 2009/2010, there arose serious agitations to change the name of the Department to highlight Igbo studies and thus help in the present campaign for the promotion of Igbo language. Consequently, at the Senate meeting of 14/03/2010 a new name Department of Igbo, African and Chinese Studies was approved for the Department. 


    DR. A. I. OKODO


    Equip humanity with greater capacity for reasoning and propagate the cultures of different peoples of the world with the provision of linguistic knowledge to ensure the retention of identities.


    Broaden the horizon of reasoning and provide creative and functional knowledge.


    The objectives and expectations of the academic programmes mounted in the Department of Igbo, African and Chinese Studies are:

    a.   To develop and enhance the students awareness of the values, contributions and potentialities of their own social and cultural environment.

    b.   To empower the students to contribute meaningfully towards the attainment of national goals and satisfaction of national goals.

    c.   To help students in developing and utilizing the spirit of self-reliance and self-actualization.

    d.   To equip the students with the necessary tools and values which will enable them to contribute meaningfully towards socio-political and economic development of the society, building a virile,strong and united country and ensuring national and international peace, cooperation, understanding and progress.

    e.   To promote and preserve African and Chinese life, philosophy, world-view and rich anthropological past through the study, research-oriented development and documentation of Igbo, African and Chinese Languages, literatures and cultures.

    f.    To expose the students to different aspects of African and Chinese languages, literature and cultures so as to help them achieve greater competence and sophistication in their understanding and appreciation of the values inherent in these aspects.

    g.    To train them to be able to apply the knowledge so acquired for the advancement of their society.

    h.    To prepare them for further studies in the discipline and for relevant careers.


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