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    It is a pleasure to welcome all & sundry who deem it imperative to come in contact with this site. Music is an organised sound that is pleasant to the ear. In a lay man's language, it entails beautiful sounds that can work miracles in all angles of life. Music is also the universal language of the soul; simply meaning a language understood by all and sundry and of course a language that goes beyond the brain and the mind, touching the soul; the central body that organises the human actions and endeavours.

    : . HISTORY


    The Department of Music in Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka was established in November, 1992 as a unit in the then Department of Arts. The Department of Arts was then under the Faculty of the Social Sciences. The Department of Music was one of the ten departments which broke off in 1999 to form the Associate Faculty of Arts under the Pioneer Associate Dean, Late Rev. Fr. Prof. Ikenga Metuh. The ten units of the Associate Faculty of Arts became known as sub-departments. The full-fledged status of the Faculty of Arts came in December 2000 with the sub-departments, including Music, becoming independent departments. In the Department of Music, the pioneer members of staff were Dr. Dan C. C. Agu and Dr. Chukwuemeka Mbanugo.

    Since then, the Department of Music has grown in various ways to the enviable height it occupies among Nigerian universities today. The numerical and qualitative strength of both the staff and students is outstanding. The hard work and commitment of both staff and students have been the secret of the brilliant performances for which the Department of Music is associated within and outside the university. The Department of Music is associated within and outside the university. The Department has lecturers who have contributed immensely to music scholarship within the country and on the international stage. The devotion to this sublime art on the part of the teachers has, so rubbed off well on the students which the end of 2010/2011 saw the emergence of two first class honors, the first of its kind in the history of the department; and has since then been the norm to have one or more first class honors’ students being produced yearly.

    The Post-graduate programme of the department has like the gravitational force, pulled students from all over the country. This is as a result of reputation earned through dedication to the maintenance of the peace and mutual respect among the staff and constituted student’s authority.

    The Department of Music produces a yearly academic journal: AWKA JOURNAL OF RESEARCH IN MUSIC AND THE ARTS (AJRMA). This is part of the pursuit of musical excellence in theory and practice; which can be accessed at www.ajrma.com.

    While others may call what they do work, what we do in the Department of Music is LIFE. We enjoy what we do, music. Therefore We Welcome to the Department of Music, where it is happening Life.



    Music has a place in every culture. It stimulates people’s feelings’ and intuitions. Thus, it assists them to express and understand what cannot and can be communicated in other ways. Moreover, music is a basic intellectual discipline, which plays an important role for an all-round development of the individual. The relationship between music and the other school subjects such as medicines is very ancient and dates to as far back as the times of Apollo and Aristotle. The Department of Music Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka offers a Four-Year comprehensive Undergraduate Programme of Study in Music, as well as Post-Graduate studies. Therefore I welcome all and sundry to come and explore the world of practical music which is able to turn a man into a rare gem. Rev. Sr. Prof. Achikeh C. M. HOD of Music.


    It is the mission of the Department of Music to pursue academic excellence in all aspects of musical learning and human endeavour, relating to cultural, social, economic and development needs of the Nigerian Nation.


    It is the Vision of the Department of Music that students of Music, having learned the Musical art, would be oriented to use such learning in the solution of practical problems confronting them in the society; and would utilise such in the development of the Nigerian culture and environment.


    The degree programme in the Department of Music at the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka has the following primary objectives:

    1.       To provide students with adequate knowledge, skills and understanding of Music and related functional disciplines.

    2.       To prepare students as professional Music teachers for the country’s educational system.

    3.       To produce high caliber of music graduates who can pursue further studies in Music.

    4.       To prepare students for varied music positions in private and public agencies of our present era of high technology and computerization. Such agencies include the Advertising Agency, the Radio and Television Houses, the Recording Houses, the Media Houses, Cinema, Film, Archives and cultural Divisions, Police, Army and Air Force Bands, Churches and Mosques and so on.





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    Admission Requirements

    UNDERGRADUATE ADMISSION INTO THE DEPARTMENT OF MUSIC IS OF TWO FOLDS: 1) ADMISSION THROUGH UNIVERSITY MATRICULATION EXAMINATION (UME) FOR A PERIOD OF FOUR YEARS. UME candidates are admitted into the 100 level of the degree programme subject to the under-listed conditions: a) They achieve not less than the approved UME Minimun score, which shall normally not be less than fifty percent (50%) of the maximum score; b) By the first day of October of the year of admission they posses at least one of the following: i) The Senior Secondary Certificate (SSC) or the General Certificate of Education (GCE) ordinary level or equivalent certificate with credit level passes in at least five (5) subjects, including English Language, obtained in not more than two sittings. ii) The Teachers' Grade Two certificate with credit or merit passes in at least five subjects including English Language. c) They satisfy the Faculty/Department requirements for the programme of their choice approved by Senate. 2) DIRECT ENTRY FOR A PERIOD OF THREE YEARS. a) Applicants must meet the conditions specified in (b) above. b) Posses at least one of the following qualifications: i) At least two subjects passed at advanced level or principal level of GCE/HSC. ii) Passes at the credit or merit level in at least two major subjects in the NCE. iii) A minimum of a lower level credit pass at the ND in the relevant discipline. iv) Passes at the credit or merit level in at least two major subject in a Diploma in Music programme. v) A University degree or HND or its equivalent. vi) Any other qualification acceptable to Senate. 3) ADMISSION THROUGH PRE-SCIENCE FOR A PERIOD OF FOUR YEARS. Candidates who successfully completed the University's pre-science programme and who fulfil the under-listed conditions are offered admission. a) Possesses the Senior Secondary School Certificate or the General Certificate of Education (Ordinary level) or equivalent certificate with passes at credit level in at least five (5) subjects obtained in one/two sittings and include at least two science subjects chosen from Agricultural Science /Biology, Chemistry, Further Mathematics/Mathematics, Health Science, Home Economics/Home Management, Physics or any Science Subject(s) acceptable to Senate. b)Passes the final examination in the pre-science Programme with at least 200 marks and attained the cut-off mark in any of the three chosen courses for that year. c) Scored at least 50%in the subject(s) required to remedy any deficiency in the Faculty/Departmental Entry requirement. d) Have paid all the prescribed fees of the Pre-Science Unit. 4) ADMISSION BY INTER-DEPARTMENT TRANSFER a) Any student of this University can seek transfer into another department or programme after at least one academic year in the University. Transfers into Faculties of Law and Medicine shall only be allowed after two academic sessions. b) No transfers shall however be allowed into the first or final year of any programme. c) A candidate for transfer shall have a CGPA of not less than 3.5 and satisfies the Faculty/Departmental requirements.


    POST GRADUATE PROGRAMME OF THE DEPARTMENT OF MUSIC, IS OF THREE (3) FOLDS: 1) THE POST-GRADUATE DIPLOMA (PGD) PROGRAMME FOR A PERIOD OF ONE TO TWO YEARS. a) Admission in this category can take place when graduates of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka and those of other recognised Universities, who hold the Nigerian Certificate in Education (NCE) in Music, as well as a bachelor's Degree in Education or in any other related subject area (Relatedness will be ascertained by the Department of Music, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka). b) Holders of OND/HND or related higher degrees in Music from recognised Institutions. 2) THE MASTER OF ARTS (M.A.) DEGREE PROGRAMME FOR A PERIOD OF ONE TO TWO YEARS. Admission into this programme involves: a) Graduates of Nnamdi Azikiwe University or of other Universities who have obtained the Bachelor of Arts (B.A) or the Bachelor of Science (B.SC) degrees in Music with at least a good Second-class honours or its equivalent. b) Holders of Postgraduate Diploma(s) in Music from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka and other recognised institutions that score FCGPA of not less than 3.00 point scale (5 point scale). THE DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY (Ph.D.) PROGRAMME FOR A PERIOD OF THREE YEARS FULL TIME AND FOUR YEARS PART TIME. Candidates for admission into the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) Programmes of the Department of Music MUST be those who have obtained the degree of Masters in their chosen areas of specialisation in Music from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka or form other approved Universities. A candidate seeking admission into the Ph.D. Programme would be recognised to have obtained FCGPA of not less than 3.5 (5 point scale) at the Master's degree.


    DIPLOMA ADMISSION REQUIREMENT Diploma candidates are admitted into the 100 level of the diploma programme for a period of two (2) years under the following conditions: a) They posses the Senior Secondary Certificate (SSC) or the General Certificate of Education (GCE) ordinary level or equivalent certificate with credit level passes in at least five (5) subjects including English Language, obtained in not more than two sittings. b) They purchased the Nnamdi Azikiwe Diploma form and qualified for the admission, when they have their names short-listed in the admission list.

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