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The Basic Medical Sciences discipline is unique because it provides a focus for convergence of technologies. Its uniqueness naturally defines its role and dictates its increasing relevance in several disciplines and modern practices and techniques. The scope of application of Basic Medical Sciences in the modern scientific and technological context is, therefore, infinitely wide. Students are equipped in the and are thus encouraged to function, research and engage in collaborative projects in wide professional contexts.



The Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences (FBMS) was created by the Anambra State University of Technology (ASUTECH) in Oct. 1987 with Prof. B.C. Umerah as the foundation Dean. Prior to this, ASUTECH had started a pre-science programme in November, 1986 within the premises of the former Teachers Training College Okofia Nnewi.

The Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences then had the following constituent Department:

  • Department of Anatomy
  • Department of Biochemistry
  • Department of Physiology

The Department then coexisted with the pre-science programme. The faculty admitted her first set of medical students in the 1987/1988 academic session, numbering forty-five (45) mainly from the pre-science programme.

In 1988 the University adopted the collegiate system backed by Edict No.9 of Anambra State of Nigeria.

Consequently the young University was re-organized into four (4) (almost fully) autonomous colleges of which college of Health Sciences including Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy.

The college housed only the then Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, and the Pre-Science programme at inception. In anticipation of growth and progress, the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences metamorphosed into the Faculty of Medicine.


The 11TH College Academic Assembly held on 31st July, 2007, at the Auditorium at Okofia Campus considered the creation of the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences out of the existing Faculty of Medicine. It considered the report of a prior Committee on the same matter headed by Prof. Ifeoma Enweani. Thereafter it resolved by an overwhelming majority vote that it was desirable to create the new faculty.

A new committee was subsequently set up by the College Academic Assembly to “examine the issue in all its ramifications and produce the documentation necessary for its realization that will be forwarded to the appropriate organs of the University”. The Committee, headed by Prof. Okey Ikpeze, finished their work on schedule with the final recommendation that the proposed Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences is viable and desirable, and hence recommended that the Faculty be created.

Nnamdi Azikiwe University Management Committee, at its 186th meeting held on April 19, 2008, after due consideration of the request for the creation of the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences by the component Departments, and the report of the College Committee on the creation of the faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, approved and created the Faculty  of Basic Medical Sciences. This was subsequently ratified by the University Senate at its 127th meeting May 19, 2008.




The faculty of Basic Medical Sciences is poised to foist learning in a functional way teaching with the best learning strategies and current contents of scientific knowledge in a way that will enable graduates of its programmes to develop the requisite skills and attitude of a universal scientist and can fit in and function effectively in the comity of scientists. The faculty shall do this with utmost respect for differences in the learning preferences of individuals and shall continue to review both its curricular contents and plans for their implementation. Our mission is to train scientist with the right attitudes, skills and knowledge (ask) in the 21st century.


To train competent scientists who can fit into and function effectively in scientific research, practice and in delivery of quality scientific service for the advancement of our larger society.


It is important to emphasize that the broad objective of health and medical education varies from country to country, and from institution to institution. The overall objectives of Health and Medical Education in any country will depend on the answer to the basic question “what is the role expected of the health/biomedical scientist (personnel) after graduation?”

The aim of faculty of Basic Medical Sciences is to produce graduates who will be able to use their knowledge of Basic Medical Sciences to lift the society off its medical and health related problems and in the development, promoting and maintenance of good, health culture, habits and environment. Hence the Faculty aims at going beyond (the present) undergraduates programmes (MBBS and B Sc.) and post graduates programmes to establishing formidable research institute.   

The broad objectives of the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences Include:

To train and produce highly knowledgeable Medical/Biological/Health Scientists who will be proficient in applying their Basic Medical Science theory and practice to positively impact health delivery in the Nation and beyond.

To train and produce Medical/Biomedical/Health Scientists with in depth theoretical and practical knowledge of Basic Medical Sciences who will provide answers to the yearning need for qualified manpower to teach the various aspects of Basic Medical Sciences at undergraduate and post graduate levels in the various institutions in Nigeria, Africa and beyond.

These Scientists will be equipped with the skills to design and prosecute research protocols as response to the nagging medical/biomedical/health and health-related environmental problems prevalent in Nigeria, Africa and other developing countries.

These Medical/Biomedical/Health Scientists will be vast in Basic Medical Scientific research techniques and methodology to keep abreast with modern advance in Basic Medical Science and all health related sciences.

These Scientists will fill the missing link-the big vacuum in Biomedical and Biotechnological and Allied Research Institution and Teams.

To train and produce Medical/Biomedical/Health Scientists who would satisfy internationally recognized students, and who could undertake further training towards specialization anywhere in the world.

These Scientists will be equipped with sufficient management ability to play their expected vital role in the health care delivery.

These Scientists will enjoy improved scholastic and career opportunities in any of the various Medical / Health Institution, Industries and other outfits.

These Scientists will also be equipped with adequate entrepreneurial skill to become self-employed and employed of labour.




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