Our vision is to be one of the world’s finest universities. Our strategy, Growing Esteem, highlights the importance of research, learning and teaching, and engagement.


Specifically, the Decree establishing the University provides for the underlisted objects:

To encourage the advancement of all branches of learning and to hold out to all persons without distinction of race, creed, sex or political conviction, an opportunity of acquiring higher and liberal education;

To provide courses of instruction and other facilities for the pursuit of learning in all its branches and to make these facilities available on proper terms to such persons as are equipped to benefit from them;


The motto of the University is “Discipline, Self Reliance and Excellence.” The rationale for this motto is that discipline is a pre-requisite condition for the achievement of any goal. Discipline embodies endurance, continuity and determination to start afresh when previous efforts fail.

It is believed that discipline will give rise to self reliance, which entails confidence in one’s self and abilities. The amalgam of a disciplined mind with self confidence will yield excellence.