BULLETIN: ISSN 1595-1685     February 13, 2017     vol. 10 NO. 5

ISSN 1595-1685                                              FEBRUARY 13, 2017                                       vol. 10 NO. 5

11th Convocation Ceremonies:Information to Graduands







This is to inform the 2015/2016 Graduands of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, parents/Guardians, Alumni of the University and the Public that activities marking the 11th Convocation Ceremonies of the University for the award of First and Higher Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates, Presentation of Prizes and Award of Honorary Degree will take place from Monday, 13th to Friday, 17th March, 2017.


Details of the activities which will commence on Monday, 13th March, 2017 are as follows:


  1. Monday, 13th March, 2017

Interdenominational Service

Venue: University Auditorium

Time:  11.00 a.m.


  1. a) Tuesday, 14th March, 2017

The Vice-Chancellor’s Press Conference

            Venue: Vice-Chancellor’s Office

Time: 11.00 a.m.


  1. b) Presentation of Prizes to the best graduating students

Time: 1.00 pm

Venue: University Auditorium


  1. Wednesday, 15th March, 2017

Convocation Lecture by the former Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, Mni

Topic:   National Unity, Governance and the Right Against Corruption

Venue:  University Auditorium

Time:    1.00 p.m.


  1. Thursday, 16th March, 2017

Award of First Degree

Venue:  Convocation Arena

Time:    11.00 a.m.


  1. Friday, 17th March, 2017
  2. a) Commissioning of newly completed projects by the President, Federal Republic of Nigeria and Visitor to Nnamdi Azikiwe University or his representative.


  1. b) Award of Postgraduate and Honorary Degrees

Venue: Convocation Arena

Time:11.00 a.m.


Notice to all Graduands

Graduands are please requested to note the following:

  1. It is mandatory for all Graduands to pay for the following items irrespective of attendance to the Convocation Ceremony
  2. a) Order of Proceedings
  3. b) Academic Outfits
  4. c) Certificate Scrolls
  5. d) UNIZIK Handbook
  6. e) UNIZIK Tshirt and cap


Convocation Fees

  • First Degree -N10,000.00
  • Masters Degree and Postgraduate Diplomas – N15,000.00
  • D. – If the Graduand wants to purchase the academic gown

(Including all the above items) as listed in I (a-e) – N50, 000.00

  • D. – if the Graduand wants to hire academic gown (including the above items as listed in I (a-e) above – N25,000.00


  1. All Graduands are expected to dress in full appropriate wear (i.e. suit, shirt and tie for men and skirt suit/skirt and blouse or gown for ladies) or full national dress.
  2. Academic outfits for all first degree Graduands will be collected at the Faculties.

III.   Academic outfits/materials for Higher Degrees will be collected at the School of Postgraduate Studies.

  1. Graduands must present evidence of payment before they can collect Convocation materials.
  2. Collection of Convocation materials commences on Monday, 13th March, 2017.
  3. All hired academic outfits/gowns should be returned by the Graduands to their respective collection points not later than Wednesday, March 23, 2016. Gowns returned after that date will attract penalty.

VII. All Graduands are to assemble at the School of Postgraduate Studies (Opposite the Convocation Arena) by 9.00 a.m. for the commencement of Procession each day.

VIII.        It is compulsory for all Graduands to participate in the academic procession and to put on the approved academic regalia.



All payments to Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka should be made through the following procedure:

  • Log into Remitta.net
  • Click on pay a Federal Government Agency
  • Under the name of MDA type Nnamdi Azikiwe University.
  • Click on Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka
  • Go to name of Service purpose and click on box
  • Select Convocation fees, fill out the required information
  • Print out or copy the Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) number
  • Take the RRR number to any bank of your choice nation -wide and make payments.
  • Payment will begin on Monday, 20th 2017


Security Notice:

  1. Luggages and bags will not be allowed into the Convocation Arena.
  2. Parking lots are designated and can only be used on presentation of parking card and invitation card
  3. University Security Personnel and other Security Agencies will direct all Vehicles to the designated parking lots.
  4. No form of hawking of any item will be allowed near the Convocation Arena
  5. For further inquiries please send email to [email protected]

You are sincerely welcome to Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka.


Dr. Ike H. Isidienu, FCAI


pre-qualification of contractors for the 2016 capital, 2016 igr and some needs assessment intervention projects

Please find detailed/enumerated below the contractors pre-qualified for each of the underlisted projects after the analysis of their technical bids.


These contractors shall now have the financial bids opened:


  • Supply & Installation of Laboratory/ Learning Aid Equipment
  • Hospilabs Investment Ltd
  • Ugolanson Nig Ltd
  • Finlab Nig Ltd.


  • Rehabilitation of Access Road From After Elmada Hostel to the primary school junction
  • Eaz-Roc Ltd
  • Barnhil Ltd
  • Halcon Engineering Associates Ltd


  • Rehabilitation of senator joy emordi road
  • Barnhill Ltd
  • Rojel Nig Ltd
  • Elson Construction Ltd


  • Construction of Central Stores for the Bursary
  • Daniels Construction Ltd
  • Hospilabs Investment Ltd
  • Halcon Engineering Ltd
  • Chyfon Ltd


  • Reconstruction and upgrading of external works, parking lots and landscaping for the administration building block a
  • Daniels Construction Ltd
  • Rojel Nig Ltd
  • Eaz-Roc Ltd
  • Hits Furniture Ltd


  • Construction of Building for the centre for community and rural development
  • Chyfon Ltd
  • Daniels Construction Ltd


  • Electrical Installation Works in the Students Hostel Type A awka
  • Mindlink International Ltd


  • Mechanical and Plumbing installation works in the students hostel type a awka
  • Mindlink International Ltd
  • Jil Engineering Associates Ltd


  • Electrical Installation works in the students hostel type D Awka.
  • 4Cast Engineering Co. Ltd
  • Atlantic Bridge Engineering & Construction Ltd


  • Mechanical & Plumbing Installation Works in the Students Hostel Type D Awka
  • Jil Engineering Associates Ltd
  • Atlantic Bridge Engineering & Construction Ltd


  • Electrical Installation works in the Students Hostel Type C, Agulu
  • Austoma Enterprises Ltd


  • Mechanical and Plumbing Installation Works in the students hostel type c, agulu.
  • Boranti Nig Ltd
  • Austoma Enterprises Ltd.


  • Electrical Installation Works in the Students Hostel Type A nnewi
  • Woodland Hills Ltd
  • Ejiclass Global Investment Nig Ltd


  • Mechanical and Plumbing Installation Works in the Students Hostel Type A nnewi
  • Boranti Nig Ltd
  • Ejiclass Global Investment Nig Ltd
  • Woodland Hills Ltd


  • provision & installation of street light from garuba square to the works department
  • Azinar-Berg Energy Serv. Ltd
  • Kemat Engineers Ltd
  • Made In Nigeria Builders Ltd
  • Kenvic Moore Biz Ventures Ltd
  • Osinak Spectra-Edge Nig Ent
  • Property Guide Int. Ltd
  • Tomaco Holdings Ltd
  • Zidkos Construction Co. Ltd
  • Ifotech Electrical Co. Ltd
  • Brannwel Electrical Co. Ltd
  • Cordaz Ltd
  • Nalcon Resources Nig Ltd

(m)Tochanzy Engineering Co. Ltd

  • Blessed Nnadico Scientific Nig.
  • Ifeco Technologies Nig Ltd


  • Installation of street lights from the geology building junction to the university library
  • Tochanzy Energy Co. Ltd
  • Osinak Spectre-Edge Enterprises
  • Al-Raboa Nig Ltd
  • Kemat Engineers Ltd
  • Beez Global Servies Ltd
  • Cordaz Ltd
  • Sgem Global Constr. Nig Ltd
  • Blessed Nnadico Scientific Nig
  • Starock Multiprojects Ltd
  • Domtech Consult Ltd
  • Solimark Associates Ltd
  • Jomaco Holdings Ltd


  • Provision and installation of street lights in the college of health sciences Nnewi.
  • SGEM Global Const. Nig Ltd
  • Clustergate Nig Ltd
  • Osinak Spectre-Edge Nig Ent.
  • Kemat Engineers Nig Ltd
  • Passport Properties Constr. Co. Ltd
  • Made in Nigeria Builders Ltd
  • Azinar-Berg Energy Serv. Ltd
  • Starrock Multiproject Ltd


  • electrical installation works in the security office building
  • Blessed Nnadico Scientific Nig
  • Kemat Engineers Nig Ltd
  • Solidmark Associates Ltd
  • Renak Projects Lt


  • Electrical Installation Works in the central store for the bursary
  • Don Technical Ltd
  • Boranti Nig Ltd
  • Indiana Co. Ltd
  • Solidmark Associates
  • Zidkos construction Co. Ltd
  • Renak Projects Ltd
  • Osinak Spectra-Edge Nig Ent.
  • Kemat Engineers Nig Ltd
  • Starock Multiprojects Ltd


  • Mechanical and Plumbing Installation Works in the central store for the bursary
  • Indiana Co. Ltd
  • Clustergate Nig Ltd
  • Don Technical Ltd
  • Boranti Nig Ltd
  • Renak Projects Ltd
  • Kenvic Moore Biz Ventures
  • Nelson Plus Construction Nig Ltd
  • SGEM Global Construction Ltd
  • Solidmark Associates Ltd
  • Starock Multiprojects Ltd


  • Electrical Installation Works in the clinical students Hostel NAUTH Nnewi
  • Starock Multi-Project Ltd
  • 4Cast Engineering Co. Ltd







DURATION OF THE PROGRAMMES:  The Programmes are of:

  1. Four (4) years duration and
  2. Five (5) years duration, depending on one’s level of passes in NCE, OND, HND AND UNIZIK DIPLOMA AND NABTEB A’ LEVEL.


Plus credit level passes in relevant subjects in S.S.C.E., G.C.E., W.A.S.C., T.C.II or their equivalents.





Adult Education / Accounting

Adult Education / Marketing

Adult Education / Economics

Adult Education / Mass Communication

Adult Education / Political Science



Educational Mgt. and Policy/Accountancy

Edu. Mgt. and Policy/Business Administration

Educational Mgt and Policy/Computer Sciences

Edu. Mgt and Policy/Co-operative Econs & Mgt

Educational Mgt and Policy / Economics

Educational Management and Policy/English

Educational Mgt and Policy/Health Education

Educational Mgt and Policy / Political Science

Educational Management and Policy/Igbo

Educational Management and Policy/History

Educational Management and Policy/CRK

Educational Management and Policy/Music



Education / English

Education / Igbo

Education / Religious Studies

Education / History

Education / Music

Education / Political Science

Education / Economics

Education / French

Education / Fine and Applied Arts



Guidance and Counselling/Health Education

Guidance and Counselling

Guidance and Counselling/Biology

Guidance and Counselling/Economics




Science Education / Biology

Science Education / Chemistry

Science Education / Integrated Science

Science Education / Mathematics

Science Education / Physics

Science Education / Computer




Business Education (Accounting, Commerce

& Cooperative & Secretarial Technology)


Technical Education (Building/Woodwork,

Electrical/Electronics, Auto/Mech).










Completed application forms, with photocopies of ALL CLAIMED CREDENTIALS securely attached to them, must be returned to the Sandwich Office on or before February 24th, 2017.


For further Enquiries contact:

07035958009, 08035812848,

08035324167 and 08137588973







Five students of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Nnamdi Azikiwe University have excelled in the Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF) Scholarship Scheme.


During a visit of the PTDF to the Vice-Chancellor’s Office recently, the DVC (Academic), Prof. Charles O. Esimone who represented the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. J.E. Ahaneku, FAS said he was happy to receive the PTDF Team in UNIZIK.  He thanked them for choosing UNIZIK as one of the participatory University for the Scholarship Scheme. He congratulated the students for making the University proud and urged them to make good use of the Laptops given to them. Prof. Esimone commended the former Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Prof. Ihueze for guiding and directing the students throughout the exercise.


Speaking also, Prof. C.C. Ihueze thanked the PTDF Team that conducted the aptitude test for the students.  He also congratulated the students for proving their worth, while noting that ten (10) students who wrote the examination passed as well, irrespective of the short notice. Prof. ihueze called on other students in the Faculty to always participate in such exercise.


The Senior Officer, Projects (Operations) PTDF, Mr. Arinze Chiagozie Okoye commended UNIZIK for participating in the Scheme and congratulated the students on their success in the test. The Award, he said is to enable them pursue their Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering with effect from 2016/2017 academic session. He encouraged the students to always be of good conduct and to maintain a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of not less than 3.0.  Mr. Okoye urged them to make the best use of the opportunity offered to them by PTDF in order to excel in their studies and contribute to the task of nation building. He also promised to make effort to see to the release of the remaining five laptops for the other students.


The DVC (Academic) presented the students with a congratulatory letter from PTDF and a brand new Laptop each. The names of the five students are; Olisedeme Oluchukwu, Wilfred Chika Charles, Onyido Chukwunanu John, Andy Joseph Osemudeame and Akpede Paul Esupofo.



Dr. Chukwudozie Ezigbalike of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA), Addis Ababa Ethiopa recently visited Nnamdi Azikiwe University as a Guest Lecturer in the Maiden International Lecture of Surveying and Geoinformatics Department.  Before the programme kick-started, Dr. Ezigbalike, led by the Head, Surveying and Geoinformatics, Prof. J. I. Igbokwe paid a courtesy call on the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Joseph E. Ahaneku, FAS in his office.

Welcoming them, the VC thanked Dr. Ezigbalike for coming at a time when the economic situation of the country needs to be tackled with wide range of ideas.  Prof. Ahaneku expressed optimism that, coming from Addis Ababa, the University will gain a lot from the Guest Lecturer.


In his speech, Dr. Ezigbalike stated that he is happy to be home and also ready to share his wealth of knowledge with Surveyors and others who are in the same field.



The Biotechnology Research Centre is organizing a Seminar and has invited the University Community to the Seminar.


Theme:   “Exploitation of African Bioresources through Phytobiotechnology for sustainable Development”.

Venue:    Chisco Hall

Date:      Wednesday, 15th of February, 2017

Time:        11.00am

Guest Speaker:       Dr Kenneth Yongabi Anchang,

Director and founder Phytobiotechnology Research Foundation, Cameroon


the National Association of Law Teachers (NALT) paid a courtesy call on the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Joseph Eberendu Ahaneku, FAS in his office recently.

Welcoming the delegates led by the Dean, Faculty of Law and President of the Association, Prof. Godwin N. Okeke, Prof. Ahaneku thanked them for choosing Nnamdi Azikiwe University for their Conference, coming up later in the year. He promised to give his support in any way he can towards the success of the Conference.

Also, he urged them to be innovative and introduce new routines that would depict people who are at the top and as great teachers.


In his speech, the Chairman, Board of Trustees, NALT, Prof. a. O. Popoola stated that they came for an important pre-conference meeting which will take place at the Faculty of Law.  He thanked Prof. Ahaneku for his warm welcome and appreciated UNIZIK, stating that Anambra State is endowed with great number of intellectuals like, Prof. Kenneth Dike.  Prof. Popoola prayed God to grant the Vice-Chancellor, the capacity and wisdom to drive the affairs of this great citadel of learning to greater height.


In a vote of thanks, the Deputy Director-General of Nigeria Law School, Kano Campus, Dr. Yusuf Dadem thanked Prof. Ahaneku for giving them audience despite his tight schedule.



The Orientation exercise for the 2016/2017 CEP First Year Students has been scheduled as follows:


Date:        Friday, 17th February, 2017

Time:        12 noon prompt

Venue:    University Auditorium


The orientation is compulsory for all CEP first year students.  Consequently, Friday, 17th February has been declared a lecture free day for all CEP first year students to enable them attend the programme.



The Faculty of Health Sciences and Technology at its emergency Faculty Board meeting held on Monday, 6th February, 2017 conducted an election for the position of Faculty Senate Representative following the appointment of Dr. M. O. Ifeanyichukwu (the out-going Faculty Senate Representative) as the Acting Head, Department of Immunology, Faculty of Medicine, Dr. M. I. Nwankwo was elected as the new Faculty Senate Representative.


Dr. M. I. Nwankwo is a Reader in the Department of Medical Rehabilitation.





Following the approval of sabbatical leave of the outgoing sub-dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences and Technology, Dr. C. O. Akosile, the Faculty at its Board meeting has elected Dr. C. O. Umunna, a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Medical Rehabilitation as the new sub-dean of the Faculty.




The students’ Disciplinary Committee is hereby reconstituted. The members of the Committee are a follows:



Prof. Philo Igbokwe           –         Chairman

Dr. Amaka Igu                  –         Secretary

Prof. Nkeiruka Nwaiwu       –         Member

Dean, Students’ Affairs,

Prof. Stan Udedi                –         Member

Dr. Chigozie Ifeadike                   –         Member

Dr. Florence Agbodike        –         Member

Dr. Ojukwu Ebele V.          –         Member




West African Mondate Ltd. Invites Nnamdi Azikiwe University to a proposed Nigeria – Israel Higher Institution entrepreneurship/ Vocational Centre partnership through training, research and linkages/exchange programme on Agro-Solid Minerals mini-industrial Development initiative.

The programme is scheduled to take place from 1st to 10th March, 2017 and it is designed to help support state, area counsels, communities and interest group on small and medium Agro-Industrial Planes:  food industrial project promotion programme (FIPPP), Nigeria Agricultural Communities value and addition initiatives (NANCVAI) and Research Innovation, transportation and competitiveness (RITC) and programme of Nigeria – Israeli Development Initiative (NIDI).

The programme, according to the Head of Secretariat Joint Venture Partners, Tina C. Asonya will also help institution, develop, enhance or upgrade small business support centres, entrepreneurship centres, micro-credit village, village export process centre, business incubation centre, agro/food demonstration, open incubation mineral industrial processing centres.

For further information on the training programme, contact Elo Dim, the Project Liaison through the following contacts:


e-mail:[email protected]





Applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates for admissions to the professional and proficiency Certificate Programmes offered by Chike Okoli Centre for Entrepreneurship Studies (COCES), Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka.



The programmes are aimed at imparting entrepreneurial education and practical skills training and life-long skills in people who desire them and the certificate programmes are expected to run for varying durations as follows:



  • Certificate Programme

The programme hopes to inculcate entrepreneurial thinking and behaviour among course participants by exposing them to classroom lectures and practice-oriented sessions. After classroom work, the course participant will be transferred to the business/skills incubation unit of COCES for actualisation of specific business plan and later graduates into the world as a practising entrepreneur.



These practical skills training are available:-

  1. a) Information Communication Technology
  2. Computer Aided Design (Auto CAD & ArchiCAD 2D & 3D)
  3. c) Knitting and Beading
  4. d) Wirework/Beading
  5. e) Confectionery/Cookery
  6. Millinery (Hat making)
  7. Fashion Designing
  8. Shoe and Bag making
  9. Textile/Monogramming
  10. Graphic/Photography
  11. Bee Keeping & Honey Production
  12. Auto Mechanics
  13. Paint Production
  14. Household Chemicals Production
  15. Cosmetology
  16. Fishery & Aquatic Management
  17. Woodwork Technology
  18. Snail Rearing
  19. Poultry
  20. Electrical Work
  21. Electronics/Computer
  22. Welding & Fabrication
  23. Makeover & Gele Artistry
  24. Grass Cutter Production
  25. Rabbit Production
  26. White Rat Production


Entry Qualification

At least five O’ level passes including English Language and Mathematics



Certificate Programme runs for a minimum of six months and a maximum of one year.


Purchase of Application Forms

The cost of the application form is Eight Thousand Naira (N8,000.00) only using the remita UNIZIK Professional & Proficiency Certificate Programme Chike Okoli Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies. Candidates are requested to come to Chike Okoli Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies (COCES) for the forms after payment.


  • Skill Acquisition Programme

Candidates should come to the Centre to learn the skills listed above.

There is no entry requirement for learning any of the practical skills listed above.


Duration:  Three months (3 months).


Prof Ngozi Anyikwa

Director, COCES

The Personal Assistant to the Vice-Chancellor, Engr. Emmanuel Ch inagorom Nwadike is set to be joined in Holy Matrimony with his Heart-throb Ms. Chinenye Chimezutawom Onyechefula, on Saturday 18th February, 2017 at the Chapel of Redemption, Temporary Site UNIZIK. By 10.00a.m. Reception follows at Finotel Hotels and Suites, Agu-Awka Road, Awka Anambra State.



One of the Foundation Staff of the University, Prof. G. U. Okereke is dead.  He died on 26th of December, 2016 at the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, Ituku Ozalla, Enugu State after a brief illness.

He was Head of various Departments, Dean of Faculty, Pioneer director of the Biotech Centre and Chairman of the committee on the University history.

He was the husband of Mrs. Victoria Ifeoma Okereke, a retired staff of the University, brother of Engineer Okey Okereke, of the Department of Civil Engineering, Dr. Ada Anyamene of the Department of Guidance and Counselling and a brother-in-law to Professor Chris Anyamene of the Department of Applied Microbiology and Brewing. Electronic copies of condolence messages can be sent to [email protected] or by hand to Dr. Ada Anyamene.  Details of the funeral arrangement will be forwarded later.




The Head, Department of Psychology Loses Brother

The Head, Department of Psychology, Dr. Harry Obi-Nwosu has lost his brother, late Bennette Obi-Nwosu after a brief illness. Burial Arrangement: Saturday, 25th of February, 2017 – Burial Service at St. Michael’s Anglican Church, Umudioka.  Until his death, Mr. Bennette was a PhD student of the Department of Accountancy, UNIZIK.



The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Joseph Ahaneku, FAS regrets to announce the demise of:



  • Comfort Ajuka Abiaka who died at the age of 64 on 23rd January, 2017. He will be buried on 17th and 18th February, 2017 at her husband’s compound, Umuelem, Ihiagwa, Owerri-West Local Government Area of Imo State. Until her death, she was the mother of Ogbonna Anya Chinwendu, Chike Okoli Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies.


  • Ifeyinwa Chikodili Okpala who died on 4th of December, 2016. Until her death, she was the mother of Okpala Ekene, Okpala Tochukwu, Moneke Nneka and mother-in-law to Moneke Joseph, all in Security Department. The burial is scheduled to hold on 2nd March, 2017 at Okpala Chianumba’s Compound, Umuabu Village, Adazi-enu.


  • Alex U. Mbachu, who died on December, 29th 2016 at UNTH, Enugu. Until his death, he was a professor of Financial Management and Strategy in the Department of Banking and Finance, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. The burial arrangements: Thursday, 23rd February, 2017 – Valedictory service at Nnamdi Azikiwe University Auditorium by 10.30 a.m.;

Friday, 24th February, 2017 – Commendation service at St. Peter’s Anglican Church, Adegbe, Avomimi, Enugu-Ukwu. Interment follows immediately at his compound, Adegbe, Avomimi, Enugu-Ukwu.  All tribute should be forwarded to:  [email protected] or [email protected]


  • Egenti Robert Ubabunike, who died on the 1st of January, 2017. His burial will take place on Friday 24th February, 2017 at his compound, Osile village, Ogbunike in Oyi Local Government Area of Anambra State. Until his death, the late Hon. Egenti was the husband to Mrs. Egenti Pauline, an Assistant Chief Executive Officer attached to the CEP Unit.


  • Mary Chinweoke Nwanegbo (Nee Nwokolo) who died on 11th November, 2016 at the age of 98. Until her death, she was the mother of Mgbakaogu, Hope N. of the Department of Metallurgical & Materials Engineering and the grandmother of Chinenye Mgbakogu of the University Book Shop. Her funeral rites comes up on Friday 3rd March, 2017 at her home town, Umuota Village Obosi.



Please if you have any information on any matter bothering you ranging from extortion of money, sexual harassment, intimidation or bad work habit. Kindly send a text to the following numbers 08136006205, 08063786022 and the Vice-Chancellor will investigate and take action. Confidentiality is assured.


 This Bulletin is printed and published by the Directorate of Information & Public Relations (DIPR) of the Vice – Chancellor’s office.