Demonstration Schools

  1. Nnamdi Azikiwe University High School, Awka.


                                A Trail Blazer in the South East Zone of Nigeria

Unizik High school was founded in October 2nd, 2007 with Dr. Lady Ify Bosah as the pioneer principal and Dr. Nkiru Samuel as her Vice Principal. After an interim where Miss Okeke L. acted as principal she was succeeded by Mrs. Onyejika Chibuzo Victoria as the Principal with Chukwuka Patrick Chidi as the Vice Principal, Administration and Mrs. Uyanwa Chinyelu as Vice Principal, Academic.

Since 2007, this unit has been known for its excellence performance both in external exams and in competitions within and outside the state. To buttress this further, we recorded over 90% admissions into various universities across the country through our 2014/2016 graduates.

This school has also recorded excellence in science Olympia Competition in the preliminaries that involved all the Secondary schools in the state, out of which we were not left out. Unizik high school excelled, thus we were called for the semi-final Competition though the result is yet to come out. Recently too, this school brought home a bronze trophy in the just concluded National President’s Debate which involved all the university staff secondary schools in the nation, a competition that took place in Nasarawa state university in January, 2016.

Besides, the population of the students has risen from 305 to 535. Nnamdi Azikiwe University High School is known for blazing the trail and we cannot settle for better where excellence is possible. The PTC of UHS is also on high, as they have contributed very immensely to the growth and welfare of the school.

They made two outstanding donations to this school:

  1. A33-SeaterCoasterBus   Construction of the modern toilet for the students the school thanks them very much.

Finally, we say kudos to our amiable vice Chancellor Prof. J.E Ahaneku and our board chairman Prof. Charles Esimone for their prompt and fatherly support to this unit which has kept us flying to the peak of Academic excellence.



  1. UNIZIK Nursery and Primary Schools


Nnamdi Azikiwe University Nursery/Primary School was founded in 2000. It was principally set up provide only primary Education. The first Acting Headmistress was Mrs. F. O. Nzeadigo and the second was Mrs. C.N. Ibeneme while the third and incumbent Head, Dr. Nkoli S. Ejesi came on board in 2006.

Dr. Ejesi sought for and secured approval for the incorporation of a Nursery section to the primary school and a change of name from Nnamdi Nnamdi Azikiwe University Demonstration Primary School to Unizik UNIZIK Nursery/Primary School in 2007.

In 2009, Unizik Nursery/Primary School, Okofia, Nnewi was adopted and upgraded as an annex to service the Nnewi Campus of the University.

Today, the scope of the operations of the school has increased to include creche, nursery and primary education, and as stated above, it operates two campuses: Awka(Main) and Nnewi(annex).


The school started with seven members of staff: six teaching and one non-teaching staff. Today, we have 28 teachers including the Headmistress and 12 non-teaching staff. Over the past 9 years the quality of the teaching staff has approved significantly. In fact, except for the Nnewi Campus, all the teachers are university graduates at the entry and today in both campuses, posses various levels of academic attainment in education.

Population of pupils

Up  to 2006, the population of the school was 245. Today, the pupils’ population has gram to 810 inspite of space constraint. The school is exceeding its capacity and we hope to expand.



We have made laudable achievements in both internal and external examinations. For instance in all the years, we recorded 100% pass in first School leaving certificate, Transitional Examination into the upper Basic Education, Federal Government Colleges and Unizik high school. In internal examinations, oly children who make both English and Mathematics are promoted at the end of the year and up to 99% of them attain this prerequisite annually. Also, our pupils break records in various secondary schools’ common entrance examinations.


  1. Chief ihedigbo

Chief ihedigbo built two blocks of classrooms at the inception of the school


  1. Parents-Teachers Association

The first PTA Chairman was Evang. Samuel o. Emmanuel , and second Prof. G. C. Uachukwu, while the third party and present is Prof Emeka Ezeonu.

This noble body has tireless contributed immensely to the growth and development of the school. It has helped in many ways among which are:

  • Provision of almost the entire teachers’ seats and tables
  • Tiled the administrative offices of the school
  • Provided graduated gowns of our children and maintains them
  • Provided some teaching charts.
  • From 2006 to 2005 it has provided and funded French and computer teachers
  • Provided two generators, one to serve the multipurpose halls and the other to serve the rest of the school.
  • To make its laudable works loudest, it procured a brand new 14-seater Innoson minibus for the school.
  • Tiled the 24 toilet walls and floors
  • Replaced toilets seats and water closets
  • Put wash-hand basins in all the toilets
  • Laid new plumbing pipes
  • Constructed a new overhead water tank and rehabilitated existing ones
  • Provided various teaching aids
  • Employed a cleaner/Attendant to take care of all the facilities put on ground especially the toilets
  • Provided Educational mat
  • Provided flat screen television in all the 7 nursery classes
  • Replaced/repaired bad ceiling fans
  • Procured 4 industrial standing fans
  • Closed potholes in various classrooms(a temporary measure)
  • Celebrated 2014 Christmas for both children and staff and parents.
  • Provided air conditioners In both the Deputy Headmistress’ and Nurse’s offices
  • Maintains all the gadgets they have sponsored in the school.


  1. UBA Plc. The bank repainted the entire school in 2012. They promised to assist in the landscaping of the school.
  2. Igwe Mberedogu Mini stadium: Igwe Mike Mberedogu, Obibi Kingdom, EnuguInyi Autonomous Community, Oji-River of Enugu State donated the sum of N200,000 only towards sports development during 2009 inter-house Sports Competition.

He lso donated  N2.8 million in 2012 towards the construction of Unizik Nursery/Primary School Mini Stadium.

  1. Kennesaw State University, USA: Kennesaw state university, USA made a donation of 139 Nursery books in 2010 through Prof. Alic Ndu.
  2. CEDE Trust Fund donated several literature books to the school
  3. So many faculties, departments, organizations and individuals sponsor prizes for children that era outstanding In character and in various subjects in the school.
  4. Establishment of high school: in 2007 Dr. Nkoli Ejisi wrote and sought for establishment of the UNIZIK High school that will absorb our graduates. The proposal was given approval and the school started in 2007.
  5. Comrade Charles Ifeanyi Nwosu: donated many exercise books to the school
  6. Laundering the image of the school: I can boldly say that for more than an decade now, the school has had enduring peace, harmony and mutual understanding among teachers. Consequently, teaching and learning environment have become more conducive. This has remained the same till date. The impact of this effort is shown in the population increase and the promotions of all the staff.
  7. Adoption of Unizik Nursery / primary School Nnewi: the Unizik Nursery/Primary School, Nnewi was adopted as the annex in 2009.
  8. Collaborations: We have established linkages with some faculties and departments in the University and other external bodies in the bodies in the areas of teaching and learning and social works. For instance, the faculty of Education, theater and film studies  Department, Sociology Department, Educational management and  policy of the UNIZIK and Onit College of education Abagana, send their students to undergo teaching practice, social works, class observation, case study practicals, etc. in the school.
  9. Clubs and societies: We have clubs and societies functioning in the school. Some of them include Debating, Cultural, Young Farmers’, Reading, French and Press.

MANAGEMENT SUPPORT: The management  has been very magnamimous in her zeal to make the school “a School of the moment”. The management from the onset provided the school as a platform for gathering staff and children for excellent teaching and learning experience. At inception, one block of classrooms and one administrative block were built. Over the years, management has been magnanimous and has –

  • Employed about 80% of the required number of teachers
  • Provided buses for school-run
  • Promoted deserved teachers with attached benefits
  • Proided equipment and facilities and teaching aids for day to day activities done the initial landscaping.
  • Above all has built multi-purpose halls for the school
  • Changed all the asbestos roofing sheets to aluminium sheets
  • Equipped our computer labouratory.
  • Provided a school nurse
  • Provided 24 hours security service
  • Refurbished the entire school walls
  • Awarded the contract for making of adequate children’s chairs
  • Tiled all he classrooms etc… and
  • In all has also provided enabling environment for teaching and learning.



Mission staff school recognizes that a child is an individual; that every child has his/her own potentials and he/she is creative: that a child needs to succeed. Therefore, the staff school respects the individual needs of a child: fosters a caring, supportive and creative environment; strives to have her parents, teacher and community members actively involved in pupil’s learning; and each child’s self-esteem is fostered through positive teacher/pupil relationships. The school emphasizes that social, emotional, physical and intellectual development of a child.


A Vision Our vision is to develop pupils with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to succeed in a complex, changing world. Our aim is to develop pupils who are responsible, knowledgeable, happy, resilient, adept and socially conscious. They will exhibit the qualities of successful learners; be confident, create and equip themselves to become informed and active citizens. To accomplish thus, we place significant emphasis on developing sound knowledge and skills in literacy and numeracy. These are priorities for us as we believe they offer our pupils’ pathways into further exploring their world through other disciplines such as Science, Social Studies, Health, Civic and Citizenship Education etc. in an environment where learning is integrated to ensure that the curriculum is meaningful, connected and authentic.


We promote a broad-based curriculum and offer specialist teaching in English Language, Physical Education, French Language, Igbo Language and Mathematics.


We acknowledge the range of pupils’ abilities by providing extra support for those with special needs.


Our extra-curricular activities include different clubs and sports.


We also place significant emphasis on character development through quality moral instructions.


Our goal: our goal in this school is to maintain an enabling atmosphere for teaching and learning; to prepare the children and provide them with the opportunity to develop their potentials to the fullest; and to make the children become bold, confident and to believe themselves.


School anthem

  1. We are heee

We are hee ee

We are heee

Staff school is the best

We are happy when they talk about staff school

The school was found in the 2000

Everyone is working hard to make everything nice

Every teacher / pupil is working very hard


  1. We are heee

We are hee ee

We are heee

Staff school is the best

We are happy when they talk about staff school

In competition we come tops among peer schools

The school is one and fights to be seen

Everyone is working hard to make everything nice

Every teacher / pupil is working very hard (by Dr Nkoli Ejesi)


  1. We are heee

We are hee ee

We are heee

Staff school is the best

We are happy when they talk about staff school

The school was found in the 2000


we humbly appreciate all the Vice Chancellors we have worked with especially the present VC, Prof Joseph Ahaneku FAS who in his egalitarian nature has restored confidence in us. To our Board of Governor’s Chairman, Late Prof E.C. Agbanusi, the PTA Chairman, Prof Emeka Ezeonu and their teams, we say thank you.


  1. the alumni relations unit

The Alumni Relations Unit (ARU) is an arm of the Vice Chancellor’s office or a unit thereof.



The Alumni Relations Unit is one of the portals where graduating students are cleared. Here they will fill out a personal data form which is recorded according to departments.



Before students are cleared in the office, thy have a show evidence of payment of the sum of five thousand naira (N5,000) at the First Bank of Nigeria PLC UNIZIL Awka Campus branch; as well as university clearance forms obtained from their various departments, duly endorsed and stamped by the various authorized arms of the University, such as:

  • Head of Department
  • Dean of Faculty
  • Registrar
  • University Liberian
  • Law/Medical Librarian
  • Chief Security Officer
  • Dean of Student Affairs
  • Alumni Unit Officer
  • Bursar

The process of endorsing and stamping of each graduating student’s clearance form is usually done strictly in sequence as listed above. This is to put a check on irregularity.


On presentation of duly and sequentially endorsed clearance form by the graduating student, the office issues Alumni data form to be filled and returned with a current passport photograph affixed on it. The student is now issued with a University Alumni receipt as evidence of having been properly cleared. This clearance exercise applies to both first degree and other post graduate degree holders.


Office location

The office is in a room partitioned into two, located at the end point of the admissions unit of the administrative Block B, behind Block A.

Currents staff strength

Presently, the unit has five members of staff comprising of one senior Administrative staff (a Deputy Registrar), one higher executive staff and three junior staff, all working assiduously for the achievement of the University golds and objectives as regards the unit, though the accommodation is highly compressed, the staff continue to endure in spite of the large number of graduating students being handled.


Headship of the unit

The unit is under the headship of a director and an assistant director who supervise all the functions of the office but has a deputy Registrar who is in charge of the day to day administrative activities of the office and reports to the director accordingly.


  1. members of the committee


           Prof. Obioma Nwaorgu                        Director, Energy and Environment, UNIZIK

(Department of Parasitology and Entomology)


           Prof. F.J.C. Odibo                                Director, Academic Planning

Mr. E.C. Okoye                                   Special Asst. to the Vice-Chancellor (Admin II)

Dr. Emma Ojukwu                               Director, Information and Public Relations



           Miss Stella Ifeoma Okeke        Asst. Registrar (Exams)


Resource Person

           Prof. A.A. Attama                                Pharmaceutical Science,

University of Nigeria Nsukka (Consultant)

Co-opted Members

           Bar. C.C. Okeke                                  University Registrar

Mr. E.O. Onwuka                                University Librarian (Ag)

Prof. Ike H. Odimeguu                        Dean, School of Post Graduate School

Prof. Ken Nwugu                                 Dean, Students’ Affairs

Prof. Lucy A. Nwuba              Dean, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences

Rev. Fr. Prof. B.A.C Obiefuna            Dean, Faculty of Arts

Prof. S.C. Ufearo                                 Dean Faculty of Basic Medical Science

Prof. Chibuzo Umeh                Dean, Faculty of Biosciences

Prof. E.C. Agbanusi                 Dean, Faculty of Education

Prof. Christopher C. Ihueze     Dean, Faculty of Engineering

Surv. Prof. Joel I. Igbokwe      Dean, Faculty of Environmental Sciences

Prof. IFeoma Ekejindu             Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences and Tech.

Prof. Godwin Okeke                Dean, Faculty of Law (Ag)

Prof. Steve Ibenta                                Dean, Faculty of Management Sciences

Prof. Ebele F. Ugochukwu       Dean, Faculty of Medicine

Dr. I.C. Uzochukwu                Dean, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences       (Ag)

Prof. A.O.C. Nwokoye                        Dean, Faculty of Physical Sciences

Rev. Fr. Prof. Jude O. Ezeokana          Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences

Arc. Oduche Damian Onyaguana        Director, Physical Planning

Prof Sam K. Okeke                  Director, Business Ventures / Chairman UWMCS

Prof. Mike Oddih                                 Director, Certificate and Diploma Programmes

Prof. I. K. Ekwealor                 Director, Pre-Science Programme

Prof. A.U. Nnonyelu               Director, Continuing Education Programme

Prof. P.A. Ezeno                                  Director, Medical Services

Mr. Amechi Makasi                 Director, Sports

Dr. Igwebuike Victor Onyiaorah          Director, International collaboration and Linkages

Prof. Ngozi Anyikwa               Director, Chike Okoli Center for Entrepreneurial Studies

Prof Stella I. Ekpe                                HOD, English Language and Literature

Prof. M.O. Ezenwa                  Co-ordinator, University Bookshop

Engr. MC. Umedum                 Co-ordinator, ICT

Mrs. Ifeoma Umeokachie                    Deputy Registrar (Admissions)

Mr. Lawrence Okeke               Chief Security Officer.