The University Bookshop


The Nnamdi Azikiwe University Bookshop is a platform for exchange of books, monographs, serials, alumni gift items and other knowledge-related valuables between authors, publishers and inventors on the one hand, and the consuming public made up of students, lecturers, researchers, teachers, book merchants, other university staff and visitors, on the other hand. It occupies a vantage position in the affairs of the university in the sense that it is a podium for product exhibition, especially intellectual capital-related values for which university worldwide are known. The bookshop is a one-stop location that serves the needs of intellectual property owners who are the suppliers to the market and the consumers, be they government, students, researchers or traders.



A robust responsive bookshop with capacity to meet the expectations to her market audience in quality, quantity,recency and service delivery



To provide books and related materials to the university community and its environs in such a manner, and at prices and quality that characterise the Nnamdi Azikiwe University culture of excellence, discipline, self reliance and integrity



  1. The bookshop plans to move to its permanent site as quickly as it is completed in orderorder to become more visible and better positioned to respond to its clientele.
  2. To continue to improve on stuck management of books and Sundry supplies to the admiration of the demand and supply chain
  3. To invest more in the bookshop through innovative branding of gift and alumni items, notebooks, envelops, pens, plaques, and similar items
  4. To encourage newspaper vendors and other related persons to make their products available to the university community on a Daily basis and as such make the bookshop a rallying point for information and communication
  5. To open branches at Nnewi Campus, and Agulu and Ifite Ogwari premises of the university