By Servicom chapter, one is expected to look at the relationship between the University services and its stakeholders drawn mainly from the students, staff, parents/guardians and its immediate community. The Servicom charter reference implies the contractual agreement between the university and the aforementioned stakeholders and the realization of quality services to the parties thereto.


The mandate of the University is to offer sound and qualitative education to the students through an enabling environment of equity, transparency and diligence. These services are to be provided promptly by its well-trained academic and non-academic staff.


Under its Servicom charter, the University is aimed at lifting the citadel of learning to a lofty height, thus ensuring that it becomes a seat of excellence in the committee of universities and the pride of black race.

The University Clienteles

In pursuit of its avowed service delivery, the University clientele or target include the students, staff, parents/Guardians, the host and surrounding communities. The University assesses their demand from time to time with a view to offering a sound and unbiased services devoid of rancor and bitterness.

Service Provision

The University aims at the provision of a good transport system for both the students/staff; portable water and electricity supply. Conducive academic environment; uninterrupted academic calendar; good healthcare facilities, standard teaching materials; sound sporting facilities; a sound natural behavior; and e-compliant facilities.

Service Delivery

By this, one tends to look at the effectiveness of the services rendered by the University to its clients namely, the students, staff, parents/Guardians and its host communities. In this regard, an assessment of how promptly the services are delivered will be looked into. The expectations of the people, their fears and disgust and the expert advise to be gotten from the officers contained therein to the charter etc.

Monitoring and Publishing

For an effective service delivery, there has to be put in place measures towards evaluating the successes and constrains of the charter. A feedback mechanism must be there to ascertain how satisfied the staff, the students are in the service delivery part. It could be in form of monitoring of suggestion boxes and placement of notices or distribution of questionnaire. Since what goes around comes around, the failure of the charter to offer quality service to the students, staff etc. will amount to the failure of the system, nay programme.

Grievances Mechanism put in place

The staff, students as the main target of the University Service delivery pact are offered a great measure of opportunity to demand for their rights by ensuring that they get good, quality service from the University authority. This is by way guiding them on how to complain or petition about their grievances, for instance, a student petitions the Vice-Chancellor through his head of department and the Dean of the faculty. For a staff, it is through his head of department/unit, through the dean of faculty (where obtainable) to the Vice-Chancellor. It is by putting this mechanism into effect that the whole lot of expectations of the Servicom Charter – breaking the evils of corruption and inefficiency are deemed to be achieved.

A Bind’s View of the Charter

  • To offer the students/staff quality services
  • A timely delivery of the services to the staff/students
  • Ensuring that justice prevails at all times through redress mechanisms
  • Ensuring a conducive environment for academics to thrive
  • Release of time-table for the achievement of the University goals within a time frame.
  • Systematic appraisal of the actions/activities of the SERVICOM UNIT for an effective service delivery
  • Calling on staff to be disciplined, shun laziness and bribery.
  • Calling on the students to be disciplined, shun examination malpractice, cultism and violence.
  • Patriotic enough as to improve the image of the University as well as the wider society.