Undergraduate Programme






AGRICULTURE Crop Science B. Agric Crop Science
Agricultural Economics and Extension BAgric Agric Economics and Extension
Food Science and Technology BAgric Food Science and Technology
Animal Science B. Agric Animal Science
Forestry and Wildlife B. Agric Forestry and Wildlife
Soil Science B. Agric Soil Science


ARTS Igbo, African and Asian Studies BA – Chinese Language

– Igbo Language

English Language and Literature BA English Language and Literature
History and International Studies BA History and Intemational Studies
Linguistics BA Linguistics
Modem European Languages BA French
Music BA Music
Philosophy B.A Philosophy
Religion and Human Relations BA Religion and Human Relations
Theatre and Film Studies BA Theatre and Film Studies
BIOSCIENCES Applied Biochemistry B. Sc. Applied Biochemistry
Parasitology and Entomology B. Sc. Parasitology and Entomology
Applied Microbiology and Brewing B. Sc. Applied Microbiology and Brewing
Botany B. Sc. Botany
Zoology B.Sc. Zoology
EDUCATION Adult Education B.Ed. -Accounting



-Mass Communication

-Political Science

Early Childhood and Primary Education B.Ed. Early Childhood and Primary Education
Educational Foundations B.Ed. -Education/English


-Fine and Applied Arts







-Education/Political Science


Education Management and Policy B.A. (Ed.) -Economics


-Health Science

-Political Science

Guidance and Counselling B.Ed. Political Science
B.Sc.(Ed.) Economics
B.Ed -Health Science


Human Kinetics and Health Education B.Sc.(Ed.) -Health Education

-Human Kinetics

Library and lnformation Science B.LIS. Library and Information Science
Science Education B.Sc.(Ed.) -Biology


-Computer Science

-Integrated Science



Vocational Education B.Sc (Ed.) -Business Education



-Secretarial Technology

-Technical Education

-Building and Wood Work Technology

-Electrical and Electronic Technology

-Auto Mechanical Technology