School of Postgraduate Studies


Dear Doctoral Graduand,

Congratulations once more on your successful completion of your doctoral programme at our School. Congratulations on your forthcoming convocation.

The PG School has lined up a number of activities to celebrate you as you come for your Convocation. The following events await your enjoyment:

  1. Thursday 9th May, 2019 @ 6pm – DOCTORAL GRADUANDS DINNER PARTY;

Venue: Selina Hall, Finotel Classique, Agu Awka. Anambra State

  Checking in starts at 5:30pm

  You are entitled to bring one guest to the Dinner Party.

  You are requested to pick your invite at the PG School  on Thurs, 9th May 2018 from 8am to 3pm; Please note that the invite admits

  1. Friday 10th May, 2019:




N/B: You are to pay Certificate Fee of N2, 000 via remita platform for your PhD Certificate. Pls come with the originals of your bank print out for the payment of academic gown and certificate

You have reached the zenith of the academic ladder! You are now a proud and confident Doctor of Philosophy! You cannot afford to miss this great celebration where you are the chief guest of honour!

Come and be celebrated in grand style!

Prof. P.K. Igbokwe

Dean, SPGS

The decision to pursue a higher degree is fundamental because it is a life changing decision. It impacts on one’s future potential and the ability to advance professionally. At the School of Postgraduate Studies, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, our mission is to enable you embark on this life changing decision. Our core mandate is to assist our students to fulfil their dreams through the pursuit of academic excellence. To achieve this, we run a portfolio of quality courses accredited by the NUC and this forms part of our best practices at Nnamdi Azikiwe University.


The School of Postgraduate Studies, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, has its beginning, in the 1981/82 academic year of the defunct Anambra State University of Technology (ASUTECH).

When the present Anambra State was created in 1991, the two campuses of the then ASUTECH at Awka and Nnewi were constituted, by the Anambra State Edict no. 5 of 1991 into Nnarndi Azikwe University. The Postgraduate programmes in the campuses, thus, emerged as the NnamdiAzikweUniversitySchool of postgraduate studies.

There were, at that point in time, Postgraduate programmes in the nine departments constituting the faculty of natural sciences and four departments that constituted the faculty of education. Postgraduate programmes were, later, developed and mounted in other faculties of the University.

The Philosophy

The Postgraduate programmes of NnamdiAzikweUniversity are aimed at providing Postgraduate training in research.The areas of study are designated from time to time depending on the availability of suitable staff, equipment, library and other facilities. The University recognizes the individual teacher, researcher and student as the core of all advances in all fields of learning and research. It further recognizes that Postgraduate programmes can onlyprovide a framework for an apprenticeship between the teacher/researcher and postgraduate student. For this reason, it encourages the student to choose the teacher/researcher under whom to learn. It is, also, for this reason that the University places a high premium on the quality of its staff and the type or quality of students admitted.

The Nigerian society is highly dynamic, hence, its needs and problems are also constantly changing. The University, through its Postgraduate programmes, hopes not only to identify itself with the problems inherent in these changes but also to induce positive changes in those sectors of the Nigerian society which it can reach. The University does not see the task it has set for itself as an easy one, either in the definition of problems or in the prosecution of solution.

Thus, because of this recognition of the pivotal role of the individual and its supreme belief in the abundance of able Nigerians, it warmly welcomes within its fold, Nigerians and other nationals who share in its philosophy and are willing to devote themselves to solving these problems. In the Postgraduate programmes of the University, self-reliance and excellence are the watchwords. The Postgraduate programmes of Nnamdi Azikiwe University will be undertaken through course work, research and seminars. Field trips and field work may be necessary for some courses.