UNIZIK FM 94.1 campus community radio owned by Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka but housed in the Department of Mass Communication with the workforce drawn from all sectors of the University Community. The station licensed by the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) on the 8th February, 2007, started test transmission on 27th April, 2008.

UNIZIK FM operates according to philosophy of community radio as a nonprofit organization. It is principally licensed to train students in broadcasting and other related fields like engineering, information technology , creative arts, Use of English, drama and to provide opportunities for practical experience as well as to promote the social well-being of the campus community. Its composition is actually broad-based drawing from all sectors of the University Community.

Transmission Hours

At the moment, UNIZIK FM runs from 5.30am to 9.00pm daily on weekdays and 10.00pm on weekends, excluding Sundays. It parades over quality programmes run by nine permanent staff members and student volunteers.

Philosophy of UNIZIK FM 94.1

The philosophy of UNIZIK FM 94.1 is service-oriented and is geared towards integrating the UNIZIK community and beyond through information, entertainment and education.


To be a top class campus community radio station that will be the envy of peers in news, programmes and the most throbbing entertainment; hence the slogan “Blazing the Trail”.


The mission of UNIZIK FM 94.1 is to:

  1. provide access and voice to the disempowered through the liberalized and democratization of the airways
  2. keep the university community and the listening public in tune with global trends through unadulterated


Legacies of UNIZIK FM

One of the greatest Legacies of UNIZIK FM is the empowering of youths who work in the station. And who have acquired many broadcasting skills over the years. This is why they are much sought after by radio stations far and near. Right now, about six former volunteer workers (still students) has been employed by other radio stations, while those who have graduated are working in notable broadcasting stations and other fields of endeavor.

UNIZIK FM 94.1 FM is known for quality programmes on Health, Sport, Politics and Trendy music. The station emerged the Best Campus Station in Nigeria in 2013.It has received, three consecutive times, first price from the special coverage of Neros Pharmaceutical FA Cup for daily morning sports programmes in Anambra State.

E-mail:[email protected]:[email protected]: Twitter:@unizik94.1fm;Facebook:unizik94.1fm (blazing the trail); Phone: 08180111983