Design and Development of Low-Cost AC-Direct LED Luminaries

DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT OF LOW-COST AC-DIRECT LED LUMINARIESis sponsored by TETFund under 2014-2015-2016 TETFund Research Projects Intervention (IRP).

The aim of this research is to design and produce low-cost linear luminaires based on lighting-class LEDs for replacement of energy-inefficient fluorescent lamps. This is an interdisciplinary project well-suited for training engineering students in multi-disciplinary engineering technologies and application of Computer Aided Design software. Using the many resources available at Unizik and support from TETFund, the research team will explore the potential commercialization of the product and establish LED Lighting project as a continuing project at Unizik.

The research team comprises the following academics from the department of Electronic & Computer Engineering:

  1. Engr. A.C.O. Azubogu (PhD) – Principal Researcher
  2. Engr. Dr. C.O. Ohaneme – Research Partner
  3. Engr. T.I. Onyeyili – Research Partner