Department of Animal Science and Technology




1GSS 101Use of English I1
2GSS 105Logic, Philosophy and Human Existence (Humanities)2
3GSS 107Nigerian Peoples and Culture2
4GSS 108Basic Igbo Studies I1
5BIO 101General Biology I3
6CSC 101Introduction to Computer Programming I3
7ICH 101Basic Organic Chemistry2



1GSS 102Use of English II1
2GSS 106Social Sciences2
3GSS 109Basic Igbo Studies II1
4PHY 108Practical Physics Laboratory II1
5BIO 102General Biology II3
6CSC 102Introduction to Computer Programming II3
7ICH 102Basic Organic Chemistry2



1AEC 211Principles of Agricultural Economics2
2AGR 211General Agriculture3
3ICH 111Basic Inorganic Chemistry2
4MAT 101General Mathematics I3
5PHY 101General Physics I3
6PHY 107General Physics Laboratory I1



1AST 232Principles of Agricultural Economics2
2CSH 222General Agriculture2
3FST 224Basic Inorganic Chemistry2
4FAT 212General Mathematics I2
5ICH 112General Physics I1
6MAT 102General Physics Laboratory I3
7PHY 102General Physics II3





1AST 211Anatomy and Physiology of Farm Animals2
2CSC 201Applications of Computer Science2
3CSH 211Crop Anatomy, Taxonomy and Physiology2
4FWM 211Introduction to Forestry/Wildlife Management2
5SSL 211Climatology and Biogeography3
6SSL 213Principle of Soil Science2
7AGR 213Introduction to Biotechnology2



1AST 252Livestock Parasitology and Entomology2
2AST 234Animal Behaviour and Handling Techniques2
3FAT 334Fish Pond construction and Management2
4ENT 200Introduction to Entrepreneurship2
5FST 222Introduction to Agricultural Biochemistry2
6STA 202Statistics for Biological Sciences3
7AEC 202Introduction to Businesses in Agriculture (Optional)2



1AEC 311Introduction to Agricultural Extension and Rural Sociology2
2AEC 313Introduction to Farm Management and Production Economics2
3AGR 311Introduction to Farm Machinery2
4AST 331Non-Ruminant Animal Production2
5CSH 311Arable Crop Production2
6CSH 321Crop Genetics and Breeding2
7SSL 311Introduction to Soil Pedology and Physics2

*NB: Each student will offer either FAT 321 or SSL 313.



1AEC 322Extension Teaching, Learning Process and Methods2
2AGR 322Experimental Design and Analysis in Agriculture2
3AST 312Animal Genetics and Breeding3
4AST 334Ruminant Animal Production2
5CSH 322Principles of Crop Protection2
6CSH 324Permanent Crop Production2
7SSL 322Soil Chemistry and Microbiology2




1AST 501Seminar2
2AST 511Applied Animal Breeding2
3AST 513Reproductive Physiology and Artificial Insemination2
4AEC 519Administration and Programme Planning in Extension2
5AGR 301Application of Computer to Agricultural Production3
*6FAT 321Fish Farming Techniques and Hatchery Technology2
*6SSL 313Soil Fertility and Fertilizer2



1AEC 522Agri-business Management and Finance2
2AST 524Animal Biotechnology2
3AST 526Animal Waste Management2
4AST 542Game Production and Utilisation2
5AGR 324Agriculture Bios Chemistry2
6AEC 362Entrepreneurial Studies in Agriculture2



1AEC 421Farm Management, Records and Accounts2
2AEC 422Agricultural Extension Practices2
3AGR 422Workshop Practices2
4AGR 423Farm Mechanization Practices2
5AGR 424Report Writing2
6AST 431Animal Husbandry Techniques2
7AST451Animal Health Management2
8CSH 411Crop Production Techniques2
9CSH 412Crop Protection, Pest and Disease Control/ Management3
10FST 411Agricultural Product Processing and Storage1
11SSL 422Soil Fertility and Water Management2
12SSL 432Farm Design, Survey and Land Use Planning2
13SSL 441Agricultural Metrology2
14FAT 428Fisheries Management, Fingerlies and Fryers Production2



1AST 521Animal Experimentation and Research Techniques2
2AST 523Nigerian Feeds and Feeding Stuffs2
3AST 531Poultry, Swine and Rabbit Production2
4AST 533Micro/Mini-Livestock Production2
5AST 541Cattle, Sheep and Goat Production2
6AST 543Monogastric Nutrition2
7AST 599Project2



1AST 544Ruminant Nutrition2
2AST 546Pasture and Range Management2
3AST 552Animal Health and Diseases2
4AST 562Animal Products and Handling2
5AST 572Livestock Economics2
6AST 574Principles of Co-operative Practice2
7AST 599Project2



AST 211 Anatomy and Physiology of Farm Animals (2 Credits)

Parts of beef and dairy cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, rabbits and poultry, fundamentals of cell biology, anatomy and physiology of cells, cell types, anatomy and physiology of animal tissues, nervous system, skeletal system, muscles, bones, circulatory systems, reproductive, digestive, special senses and other systems in farm animals, physiological functions of animals-homeostatic, nutrition and digestion, respiration, temperature regulation, excretion and reproduction, endocrinology, the blood circulation, lactation, milk-letdown, egg production and water balance.


AST 232 Principles of Animal Production (2 Credits)

Animal Production and its development, the livestock industry – problems and prospects, description of the breeds of cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, poultry and rabbits, systems of livestock production, feeding habit of farm animals, principles of breeding and livestock judging, general principles of management of different types of farm animals.


AST 252 Livestock Parasitology and Entomology (2 Credits)

Parasites of Farm Animals – Ectoparasites (Ticks, Lice, Mange, Fly, etc.) Life cycle of these extoparasites, Diseases associated with these ectoparasites, Helminth parasites of farm Animals, Nematodes (Cestodes: Teanlasis, Cyticercosis, Enchococcus, Trematodes, Liver flukes), Schistosomiasis, General Control of endoparasites, protozoan parasites of farm animals, Parasites as contributory factor to livestock diseases, Economic importance of livestock parasites, prevention and control of diseases associated with livestock parasites.


AST 234 Animal Behaviour and Handling Techniques (2 Credits)

History of Animal Behaviour, theories in animal behavioural studies, Learning and types of learning (Operant conditioning. Classical conditioning, Habituation, Imprinting, Insight learning), Importance of animal behavioural studies in livestock management, Feeding behavior, Sexual behavior, body grooming in farm animals, Social behavior, Agnostic behavior: Aggression and appeasement displays, Dominant hierarchy and its importance in spilt plot design and nested classification, Factorial Experiments. Regression, correlation and covariance analysis, application of Bartlett test of homogeneity of variance test.


AST 311 Non-Ruminant Animal Production (2 Credits)

Management of poultry, rabbits and pigs, breeding stock, and other classes of young animals, Housing, equipment and feeding principles of poultry, rabbits and pigs. Production and management practices. Health management of ruminant animals, processing of poultry, rabbits and pig meat and by-products.


AST 322 Animal Genetics and Breeding (2 Credits)

History of genetics; Chromosomes structure, number and variations, Gane and phenotype, Genetic code, Mendelism; Fundamental principles of inheritance, quantitative and qualitative characters and their inheritance, Different types of gene actions, values and means, repeatability, heritability, etc animal variation and selection principles. Breeding and environmental effects, in breeding, pure line breeding, cross breeding and other breeding methods.


AST 431 Animal Husbandry Techniques (2 Credits)

Practical training on husbandry techniques of different livestock and poultry, in addition to students’ involvement in daily routine in the University farm, students will visit some specialized farm.

AST 451 Animal Health Management (2 Credits)

Hygiene in livestock and poultry farms, different vaccines and schedules of applications, common ecto parasites, predators, and insects of farm animal, deworming, castration etc.


AST 421 Feed Mill Technology (2 Credits)

Feed formation and milling technology. Pelleting of feeds and other aspects of feed enhancement.


AST 501 Seminar (2 Credits)

Presentation and discussion in any of interest topics in Animal Science and Technology.


AST 511 Applied Animal Breeding (2 Credits)

Determination of genetic parameters; improvement of Farm animals by the application of genetic principles; breeding systems, selection method; sex determination; foundation stock in livestock production; Breeding and Selection of Beef and dairy cattle; record of performance tests, progeny test breeding and selection of poultry; fandom sampling egg production tests; improvement of sheep and goats; gone mutation and lethal genes; statistical tools for studying inheritance, genetic variance and covariance; heritability and repeatability.


AST 513 Reproductive Physiology and Artificial Insemination (AI) (2 Credits)

The reproductive systems in male and female animals; Physiology of sperm and ovum; endocrinology; reproduction; Egg production; genetic physiology; pregnancy and fecal development; fertility and sterility of farm animals, Role of aluminum in livestock production. Cloning, Embryo transfer, Management of male donors; semen collection, evaluation, preservation and storage; artificial insemination techniques.


AST 521 Animal Experimentation and Research Techniques (2 Credits)

Techniques and procedures in animal experimentation, Basic Statistical designs in animal science research problems.


AST 523 Nigeria Foods and Feeding Stuffs (2 Credits)

Classification of foods, feeding stuffs and feed supplements; Chemistry and nutritive values of succulent feeding stuffs, Concentrated feeds, cereals, legumes and oil seeds. Chemistry and nutritive values of some Nigerian grasses and legume species, Storage and quality control of feeding stuffs and feeds.


AST 531 Poultry, Swine and Rabbit Production (2 Credits)

Building and equipment; incubation and hatchery management of poultry eggs; turkey, geese, duck and guinea fowl production, The application of principles of feedings, housing, care, breeding and management as basis for successful production. Carcass cuts in swine and measures of carcass quality, Marketing.


AST 533 Micro/Mini-Livestock Production (2 Credits)

Significance of mini-livestock in provision of food, drugs and other essential products to man, Mini-livestock farming techniques, these include grass cutter, snails, quail earthworm, etc.


AST 541 Cattle, Sheep and Goat Production (2 Credits)

The beef and dairy industry, feeding and Management of Cattle, Sheep and Goat; Housing and equipment, Calf – rearing; growing and finishing operations; Milk production handling and processing. Animal judging, herd recording, castration and dehorning, Production and lactation in Sheep and goats, Marketing milk, beef, goat and sheep products.


AST 543 Monogastric Nutrition (2 Credits)

Principles of monogastric nutrition, Elements of human nutrition; Dietary allowance, food surveys, food balance sheets; feeding standards; nutrient requirements for the various classes of animals, feed additives. Water in relation to nutrition. Water metabolic computation and ration formulation. Feed evaluation. Feed mixing and feed manufacture on large scale. The feed industry. 1 hour of lectures and 3 hours of practical week.


AST 524 Animal Biotechnology (2 Credits)

Animal cell and tissue culture, techniques of transforming animal cells, Maturation of oocytes, in vitro oocytes fusion, cloning, species hybridization interspecies embryo transfer, DNA sequences, blood group analysis and genetic polymorphism, electrophoretic techniques, genes and genetic markets. Description of Eukaryotic cells, and behavior, when grown in culture, original cell culture, defined media for animal cell culture, including antibiotics; Characterization of animal cells, in culture and in tissues. Animal cell growth in culture; large-scale production, including optimization processes. Principles of in vitro fertilization, super ovulation and oestrous synchronization techniques in farm animals; fisheries bio techniques: spawning, selection, inter specific crossing, etc.


AST 526 Animal Waste Management (2 Credits)

Management of various classes of wastes originating from animal farms, conversion of these wastes into useful products – biogas and biofuel production including co digestion of animal excreta with other wastes.


AST 542 Game Production and Utilization (2 Credits)

Game production; harvesting strategies and problems of game cropping; “bush meat” processing methods, traditional uses of game and game products; hunting techniques; game ranching and domestication; growth behavior and reproduction of animals in captivity; habit and food preferences. Design of paddocks, animal houses and cages. Husbandry techniques and health car in captivity.


AST 544 Ruminant Nutrition (2 Credits)

Microbiology of rumen; physiology of rumen action; metabolic processes and pathways. Non-protein nitrogen utilization; Determination of digestion coefficients, balance trials; systems for energy evaluation, scheme for protein values; water in relation to nutrition and water metabolism; requirements and their interrelationship in nutrition; Feed additives, proximate analysis; ration formulation, nutritional disorders.


AST 546 Pasture and Range Management (2 Credits)

Adaptation and botany of indigenous and introduced pastures and forage plants. Characteristics of grasses, legumes and shrubs. Establishment, production and seed production of pasture plants; the utilization and maintenance in permanent and temporary pastures. Range Management; Grazing Systems; Forage conservation, dry season feeds.


AST 552 Animal Health and Diseases (2 Credits)

The economic impact of diseases on livestock. Environmental factors in relation to animals major livestock diseases. Infection and immunity. Helminthes and protozoan parasites of livestock and protein. Bacterial, fungal and vital infections of domestic livestock; the classification of mongooses, epidemiology, prevention, treatment and control of different livestock diseases. Notification disease. Principles of immunity and disease resistance and their practical application; Animal handling and drug administration, vaccinations programme.


AST 562 Animal Products and Handling (2 Credits)

Preparation for slaughtering, evisceration and dressing percentage; care of carcass and its cuts; processing and car of hides, skin and wool; processing and storage of meat; milk processing and microbiology; and poultry products. Milk hygiene; Effect of cooling on meat and milk flavor. Post – harvest physiology of animal products; egg quality and grading chemistry and nutritive value of meat and eggs. Poultry products; milk by – products – butter, cheese and whey; preparation and storage of beef products bacon, sausage and ham; Food additives; flavours and aroma. Marketing and distribution of animals’ products.


AST 572 Livestock Economics (2 Credits)

The place of livestock in the Nigerian economy; Consumer and consumption pattern of livestock product; micro and macro – economics in animal production; Agricultural production functions including data collection and analysis; Marketing theory in relation to livestock production; application of economic theory and quantitative analysis. Capital investment and depreciation of capital; the economics of egg, meat and milk production; livestock feed economics, input/return relationship in livestock production.


AST 574 Principles of Co-operative Practice (2 Credits)

Evaluation of cooperatives – especially farmer, marketing and purchasing cooperatives, cooperative as a form of business, purpose and advantages of co-operatives to agriculture, comparism of other businesses with cooperative business, principles and operating techniques essential for successful cooperative society. Limitations and possibilities for cooperatives in Nigeria; management of cooperatives.



AST 599 Project (4 Credits)

Each student is expected to choose and execute a special project under supervision.