Chinese Studies Department


Welcome Statement

您好 Nin hao (Hello) Chinese is spoken by one-fifth of the world’s population. That means one out of every five persons on earth speaks Chinese. With its dynamic economy and changing society, China plays an important role on the international stage, and studying this wonderful and fascinating country and its language will repay the effort.



The Department of Chinese Studies is the newest and youngest department in the Faculty of Arts. It was born after many years of Chinese language study at the Confucius Institute in the University. The Department started in 2014 after the approval from the National Universities Commission (NUC) with fifteen students. The first and the current Co-ordinator of the department is Okoye, Chinenye Loyce.




The Department of Chinese Studies is geared towards providing students with a comprehensive training in the Chinese language. The department is dedicated to helping students learn and understand the Chinese language, culture and literature. We satisfy all the needs of our students by offering a full curriculum in Chinese language, culture, literature, economy, politics etc.



The Chinese Studies program is dedicated to preparing students for twenty-first century with a solid foundation in Chinese language and culture. The program through in-depth courses leads students not only to China’s past and present but also to her future



The BA in Chinese Studies at Nnamdi Azikiwe University will provide the students with extensive abilities in the modern Chinese language, culture and literature. Students will experience an exceptional challenge that will equip them for rewarding careers in international organizations, multinational corporations, media, tourism, NGOs, education, and government. Students can also take advantage of the University’s exchange program agreements and study at some of the best Chinese universities even on scholarship.