Course Description



YEAR 1 (First Semester)

CHS 101: Elementary Chinese

This course is an introductory course to Chinese language, aims at introducing basic knowledge of Chinese phonetics, vocabulary, grammar and characters, to help students have a basic understanding of Chinese language and cultivate their elementary Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.


CHS 103: Chinese Orthography And Pronunciation

This course is set to handle the Chinese learners in the process of learning all kinds of Chinese character writing and speech problems. There are systems, which are subject to correct ways to learn Chinese characters, and writing speeches. Pronunciation of Chinese characters are given precise hint, methods are equally provided to correct mistakes. It designs for improving practice at the same time, on the basis of correct writing and pronunciation, and creates room for further improvement. It is believed that this course will help the students’ Chinese writing and Chinese pronunciation to improve to a new level.


CHS 104   Listening Chinese

This is a course opened specially for training the listening ability of the Chinese language learners. It is practical based. It will help students to learn some new words and expressions at the same time. The students would be trained to distinguish the phonetic sounds of the language and be able to differentiate one sound from similar ones. It also embraces listening to audio materials drawn from short passage .


CHS 107        Early Chinese History

This course is designed to give the students an indept knowledge of the early history of Chinese. Areas of emphasis on the middle kingdom from cradle down to early 19th Century. This will encompass different Chinese empires and emperors, as well as the dynasties that make up the middle kingdom, their cultures and traditions and their political systems.


CHS 111        Reading Chinese

This course is a supplementary course to Elementary Chinese, aims at improving the students reading skills with the use of short stories drawn from real life situations to facilitate students ability to read and understand Chinese characters.

YEAR 1 (Second Semester)

CHS 102        Modern Chinese History

This course embraces some meaningful incidents and important policies and their influences toward Chinese political and economic environment, and some influential figures as well as parties in different Chinese periods. Through this course students should be able to have a deep understanding about the weakness of China from mid-19th century to the mid-20th century, and the rapid development of the last 30years. The language of instruction is English.


CHS 105: Speaking/Oral Chinese

This course is a supplementary course to Elementary Chinese, aims at using many listening and oral practices, to consolidate and improve students’ communicative competence (especially speaking ability) of the words and grammar learnt.


CHS 109: Conversation Chinese

This course a supplementary course to Elementary Chinese, aims at creating many real situations to facilitate students in Chinese conversational practices, to improve their Chinese listening and speaking skills, especially using Chinese to communicate with native speakers.


CHS 112:      Writing Chinese Characters

Writing is one of the four parts of Chinese language skills. It is not only the form of writing but also the basis of Chinese reading and writing. In addition, it conveys Chinese culture. By learning Chinese Character, we can understand the history as well as the developmental process of Chinese character and experience the special beauty of Chinese characters.


CHS113:       Chinese Measure Words And Numbers

The Chinese quantifiers are different from English in different ways. This course introduces students to the usage of Chinese measure words and numerals in details. This is because a lot of errors in the use of Chinese nouns is attributable to the wrong use of Chinese measure words and numerals. This study is necessary in order to lay a solid foundation for Chinese study.


YEAR TWO (First Semester)

CHS 201: Introduction to Chinese Culture

This course aims at introducing Chinese philosophy, education, technology, architecture, literature, arts, traditional custom, religion and cultural exchange between China and the other countries etc., to help students to have a comprehensive understanding of Chinese culture.


CHS 203         Intermediate Chinese I

The involves the study of the Chinese oral and written literature at the intermediate level with special focus on the theoretical elements of the three genres of written Chinese literature – drama, poetry, fiction and proper contextual use of the lexical items.


CHS 205         Writing Composition in Chinese

This course embraces a survey of the basic theories of composition as an art including basic rudiments of creative writing. Practice in the writing of composition of all types on selected subjects and topics development of outlines; the paragraphs and its significance in the development of composition; logical arrangement of the various parts and paragraphs; the assessment and appreciation of finished composition.


CHS 209: HSK Level 3

HSK level 3 is one of the Chinese proficiency level test organised by Confucius Institute headquarters ‘Hanban’, China. This course trains the students ability to develop the listening, speaking, reading and writing level 3 Chinese content, it helps learners of Chinese as a second language in the life, study and work ability to communicate using Chinese laid down foundation.


CHS 211     Writing Comprehension in Chinese

A survey of the theories of writing fast and accurate understanding. Practice of reading of selected passages, chapters, books and other materials and the art of answering questions on the wok contextually.


YEAR TWO (Second Semester)

CHS 202        Introduction to Chinese Grammar

This course serves as an introduction to the Chinese grammar. Here the focus will be on the elementary grammatical points and the basic sentence patterns and structure. It is supposed that as the course advances, students should be able to produce grammatical sentences that are error free in Chinese.


CHS 204        Intermediate Chinese II   

This a continuation of CHS 203, the aim is to enlarge the scope of the students on the theoretical elements of the three genres of written Chinese literature – drama, poetry, fiction and proper contextual use of the lexical items.




CHS 207:      Writing Chinese Essay

Writing is one of the four Chinese skills. It shows one’s Chinese level. By learning how to write Chinese essays, one can understand ways of writing Chinese expressions and the skills behind them. Thus improving one’s writing level.


CHS 210 Introduction to Chinese Literature

This course would have a glimpse about the ancient Chinese language. With special focus on the typical literature species and the representatives in different dynasties. For instance, the mystery in remote times, the Poetry in Tang Dynasty, the Ci Poetry in Song Dynasty, and the novel in Ming & Qing Dynasty etc.


CHS 212: Practical Translation

This course aims at introducing some foreign language translation theories, especially Chinese-English translation theory, by taking many practices of Chinese-English oral interpretation and written translation, to deepen students’ understanding of foreign language translation theory and improve ability of Chinese-English translation, in order to fit the needs of future work.


THIRD YEAR (First Semester)

CHS 301                    Advanced Chinese I

This course requires that students learn about 600 advanced new words, and and their grammatical usage especially in written documentaries or spoken language. This course will also help to improve the students’ reading comprehensive ability through the reading tasks, it is expected that students will be able to read some comprehensions within some given time frame and also be able to summarize same. Students are also expected to write compositions with the news words in order to ensure correct usage in writing.


CHS 303        Advanced Listening Chinese

This course involves a comprehensive development and improvement of Chinese language learners’ listening ability and interest in learning Chinese. Hearing content close to the life of the Chinese people, all-round display of contemporary Chinese social life. Explore the scientific training system of listening skills, give prominence to the listening skills of single, double and comprehensive training. Take hearing elements and content of understanding of the practice, deepen the listening skills training, let the students to reach a higher level of learning.


CHS 304        Advanced Spoken Chinese:

This is an advancement on CHS 105. It handles oral spoken content close to the Chinese everyday life all-round display of the oral communication of social life in contemporary China. It involves practical exercises, in order to improve and deepen the spoken language skills training, this is to give room to the students to achieve a high level of spoken Chinese.


CHS 306        Survey of China:

This course is designed to provide the necessary, basic and important information about China to foreign students for study or research purposes. This will help to promote China’s exchanges and friendship between people from different countries.


CHS 311        Modern Chinese Grammar:

This course embraces advanced grammatical functions and usages and the Chinese language expressions with emphasis on grammatical analysis of lexical and syntactic items of the Chinese sentence structures. Detailed and comparative analysis of Chinese grammatical structure and behaviour to be pursued at this level.


CHS 313        Survey of Chinese Economy:

This course is based on the macro and micro economics theory, compatible with the development of the connotation and denotation of economics. It is expected that students would be able to understand and master the elementary trajectory of China’s economy and the development direction. Such as China’s economic development process and the target; China’s planned economy and its gain and loss; A dual economy and industrial structure in China; Basic situation of China’s rural economy and the grain supply and demand; China’s state-owned enterprise reform and the main problems and measures; Township enterprises in the Chinese non-state economy, private economy and foreign economic situation; China’s labor employment and social security; Individual Chinese residents income distribution and consumption; China’s public finance and the financial system reform; China’s financial system and financial sector reform transition; China’s securities market; Chinese government macroeconomic regulation and control principles of economics, economic management mechanism and the government macroeconomic regulation and control goal and the basic means.


THIRD YEAR (Second Semester)

CHS 302                    Advanced Spoken Chinese II

The course will teach some advanced Chinese words , expressions, and grammars points, and would concentrate on students’ expressive ability in passage, so that students can use better words to express the more complicated feelings, accurate opinions and apply Chinese Language decently. The students should know the difference between the spoken words and the formal ones,. They can choose the proper expressions according to the real life situation.


CHS 305                    Advanced Chinese 2

This course is an advancement to CHS 301, it requires that students learn about 1000 advanced new words from all fields of life, and their grammatical usage. This involves how to apply them in writing articles or spoken language. It will also address the students on strategies to improve the reading comprehensive ability through the reading tasks, so that the students can read articles in the required time and summarize the core meanings correctly. It equally involves writing compositions with the given advanced words or themes to make sure the students can narrate the story properly, and express their opinions , comments as well as feelings decently and accurately.


CHS 312                    Modern Chinese Literature

The course basically teaches Classical modern Chinese literature. Here about 10 different types of classical modern Chinese articles in different schools and periods would be treated. The meanings of the classical materials would be introduced and explained as well as learn the writing methods, and appreciate the artistic achievements.


CHS 307                    Language Practice

The course affords the students the opportunity to practice spoken Chinese language and apply it in practical writing. For example, use the given words to make sentences, make story with a given picture, debate on a certain topic, and write a certain kind of article like short story/request for leave/ expository essay etc. The final exam would require students to express themselves for 3mins on a certain topic and write an article of at least 500 characters.


CHS 322                    Chinese as a second language teaching theory and methods

It is set up to teach students the second language teaching methods especially the methods of teaching Chinese as the second language. The students would be introduced to all kinds of teaching schools, representatives and their theories. Students should be clear about these things and know the advantages and disadvantages of each school. Besides the study, all of the students should also present a 20mins seminar with at least 3 kinds of teaching methods.


CHS 308                    Modern Chinese Vocabulary

This course requires that the students be taught some HSK 5 words, including the pronunciation, character, meaning, and usage. Students should not only participate in the class, but also finish the assignments. But the students should know that it is far from enough just to attend this lecture, everyone should attend the HSK 5 certificate class at the same time. The students should pass HSK 5 this year, and this is one of the requirement of graduation.


FOURTH YEAR (First Semester)

CHS 401: Introduction to Chinese Religion and Philosophy

This course aims at introducing polytheism and three main believes in ancient China, the foundation and development of Taoism in China, the spread and development of Buddhism in China, the spread of Islam and Christianity in China. Meanwhile, it also mainly introduces the theory and its influence of traditional Chinese philosophies, including Confucianism, Taoism, Mohism and Legalism.


CHS 403: China and Globalization

This course aims at systematically introducing China’s Reform and Open-up Policy and its significance to China’s economic take-off and social development from the aspects of politics, economy, culture and society. The modern world is fully integrated and globalized, China hangs on to the theme of the times—peace and development, is deepening the openness and carrying out the policy of attracting foreign investment and going out to invest abroad, to foster regional cooperation and globalization of the world economy, by constructing One Belt and One Road Economic Belt.


CHS 405: Advanced Chinese III

This course is a comprehensive course of Chinese language, it is designed for  students who have learnt 1500 words and many grammatical structure, aims at making students to learn about 1000 new words by massive drills of Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing, and to help students improving their ability in using Chinese.


CHS 407: History of Chinese Civilization

This course aims at introducing the origin and development of ancient civilization of China which is one of the Four Ancient Civilization. It will mainly introduce Three Emperors and Five Sovereigns of remote antiquity, Xia and Shang Dynasty, Zhou Dynasty, Spring-Autumn and Warring States Period, Qin and Han Dynasty, Wei-Jin-Northern and Southern Dynasty, Sui and Tang Dynasty, Song Dynasty, Yuan Dynasty, Ming and Qing Dynasty, to help students have a overall understanding of  the history of Chinese civilization.


CHS 411: Introduction to Chinese Linguistics

This course aims at introducing sub-disciplines of Chinese Linguistics such as Phonetics, Lexicology, Grammar, Character Formation, Semantics, Pragmatics etc., and also briefly introducing the development of ancient Chinese linguistics, to help students have an overall understanding of Chinese linguistics and improve their abilities in using Chinese for communication and research.


CHS 413: Research Methodology

This course aims at introducing key research methodologies such as induction and deduction, analysis and synthesis, quantitative and qualitative research, investigation method, experimental method etc., to improve students’ abilities in applying multiple methods in research and to pave a strong foundation for Project (Thesis) writing.


YEAR FOUR (Second Semester)

CHS 402: Government and Politics of China

This course aims at mainly introducing Chinese governmental hierarchy, political system and diplomatic relations. In aspect of Chinese governmental hierarchy, we introduce central government, province, municipality, special administrative region, city, county, town and village, and mainly discuss the relations between central government and local government here. In aspect of Political system, we mainly introduce People’s Congress System and Political Consultation System. In aspect of diplomatic relations, we mainly introduce diplomatic relations between China and main area of the world, and Chinese key role in world political stage.


CHS 404: Advanced Chinese IV

This course is a comprehensive course of Chinese language, it is meant for students who have learnt 2500 words and many grammatical structure, aims at making students to learn about 1000 new words by massive drills of Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing, and to help students improve their ability in using Chinese.


CHS 406: China’s Foreign Policy to Africa

This course aims at introducing Chinese policies to Africa and Sino-Africa Comprehensive Strategic Partnership from aspects of politics, economy, military, education, culture, medical care, sports, tourism, environmental protection. Taking Sino-Africa Cooperation Forum, One Belt and One Road Initiative and Confucius Institutes in Africa as examples. It will help students have a better understanding of Chinese policies to Africa and improve their intercultural communicative ability.


CHS 409: Modern Chinese Economy

This course aims at introducing Chinese economic system, economic reform, economic policy, three main industries, economic achievement and its influence and contribution to world economy etc., from the foundation of People’s Republic of China (1949), especially from the Reform and Opening-up (1978).


CHS 412: Introduction to Chinese Morphology

Chinese language is a isolating language, compared with Indo-European languages, it is a language lacking of morphologic changes, such as changes of gender, number, case, tense, person of nouns, verbs and adjectives, while Chinese expresses grammatical functions by function words and word order. Therefore, this course aims at introducing Chinese word-building methods (single-morpheme words, compound words), and mainly introducing affix (prefix, suffix), overlapping of words, aspect particle (zhe, le, guo) and word order, etc.


CHS 422: Project (Thesis)

This course firstly introduces basic methodology and disciplines in writing project (thesis), then ask students to choose the title of the project and a supervisor to instruct project writing. After that, students will start to write their project and their supervisor will be responsible for giving opinions to improve students’ project. At last, students will have a thesis defense.