Philosophy Postgraduate Program



The Department of Philosophy offers postgraduate programmes leading to the award of degrees of Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy.


  1. Philosophy, Objectives and Scope of the Programmes

In general, the programme aims at providing a solid foundation for those who wish to specialize in professional/academic philosophy. It also aims at bridging the gap between professional/academic philosophy and social practice in Nigeria in particular and Africa in general. Furthermore, it aims at exposing the students to Africa’s contribution to global philosophy and also to other philosophies and thereby show the relevance of philosophy to life.

In particular, the objective of the programme is, to prepare and equip the students with intellectual maturity for administrative, policy-making and mass media career, teaching positions, in the public service, private sector and educational institutions.


  2. M.A Degree Programme:
  3. i) Graduates of Nnamdi Azikiwe University or of other approved universities, who have obtained a single honours degree in philosophy or a combined honours degree with any of the departments in the Faculty of Arts, with at least Second Class Honours or its equivalent.
  4. Candidates who hold qualification other than (i) above, which are acceptable to senate are admitted to this programme.


  1. Ph.D. Degree Programme:

i).   Graduate of Nnamdi Azikiwe University or of other universities who have obtained a good degree of Master of Arts in philosophy; that is, within a minimum of 3.5 grade average.

ii).  Candidates who hold qualifications, other than the above, acceptable to Senate can be admitted to the Ph.D. programme; and with not less than 3.5 points grade average, from the master’s programme.


  2. M.A Degree Programme:

(i)         A combination of course work and research work where            course work predominates over research work.

(ii)        In addition, the candidates should present a defence of dissertation proposal, a defence of dissertation, and a   seminar.


  1. D. Degree Programme:

Candidates may pursue their course of study by:

  • A combination of research work and course work where research work predominates over course work.
  • In addition, the candidates should present a defence of thesis proposal, a defence of thesis, and two seminars.


  2. M.A Degree Programme:

The minimum period of full-time study for the degree of Master’s shall be a calendar year of 12 months and part-time study shall be 18 months.


  1. D. Degree Programme:
    • The minimum period of full-time study for the degree of Doctor of philosophy shall be a four semesters of which at least two semesters shall be embodied in a thesis.


  • The minimum period of part-time study for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy shall normally be six semesters but may be varied by the Senate on the recommendation of the Board of Postgraduate Studies. At least, two-thirds of the period of study shall be spent on research, the result of which shall be embodied in a thesis.



The nature of the discipline and its designed programme are such as to produce candidates suitable for employment in:

  1. Secondary Educational Institutions
  2. The Universities, Polytechniques and Colleges of Education
  3. The State and Local Government Commissioners, Hospital Administrations.
  4. Federal Government Services – Local as well as foreign
  5. Parastatals, Private Organizations and Institutions
  6. The Military… Army, Navy and Air Forces
  7. The Police and Prisons
  8. Security and Intelligence Organizations
  9. Other bodies with administrative, managerial and personal requirements.




Although postgraduate courses are offered in a number of branches of philosophy, all candidates are required to specialize in one of the following areas:

African Philosophy                                               0

Political and Social Philosophy                             1

Western Metaphysics                                            2

Moral Philosophy                                                  3

Epistemology                                                        4

History of Western Philosophy                             5

Electives                                                                6

Project and Dissertation                                        7


  2. M.A. Degree Programme:

                     (a)   All candidates for M.A. Degree Programme must complete 10 courses of 3 units each and a project of 12 units making a total of 42 units. Five of the courses must be from the candidate’s area of specialization.

(b)     Candidates are required to do five courses in the area of their specialization; Research Methodology; and four other courses from other areas in philosophy.


  1. Ph.D. Degree Programme:

Candidates holding a Mater’s degree in philosophy shall embark on research on a topic approved by the Senate. At the end of the 2nd semester before the final thesis examination consisting of the thesis proposal defence and two seminars, the successful candidate will be allowed to continue his research the result of which will be presented in a thesis.