Foundation and Staff History

The foundation staff of the Department comprised seven lecturers and two laboratory as follows:

  1. J.N. Aguigwo         – Senior Lecturer and Head of Department
  2. O.O. Njioku         – Reader
  3. M.A. Anizoba         – Senior Lecturer
  4. P.C.O. Ilozumba – Senior Lecturer
  5. L.A. Nwuba         – Senior Lecturer
  6. S.C. Ewuim         – Senior Lecturer
  7. C.I. Nsofor         – Senior Lecturer
  8. C.C. Eze         – Senior Technologist
  9. B. Aziagba         -Laboratory Supervisor

Headship of the Department since 2000

S/N  Name                       Rank                                        Date


  1. J.N Aguigwo         – Senior Lecturer         -2000/2001;2001/2002
  2. O.O Njoku              -Reader                        -2002/2003;2003/2004
  3. L. A. Nwuba         -Senior Lecturer           -2005/2006
  4. C.I Nsofor               -Senior Lecturer        -2006/2007
  5. M. A. Anizoba       – Reader                        -2007/2008
  6. M.A. Anizoba        -Professor                     -2008/2009;2009/2010
  7. L.A. Nwuba          – Professor                     -2010/2011;-
  8. S.C Ewuim           – Professor                      -2011/2012
  9. J.J. Okeke             -Senior Lecturer          -2012/2013
  10. C.I. Nsofor            -Professor                      -2013  – date



 Academic Staff Profile


S/N                         Name Academic Qualifications And awarding institutions Rank Specialization/ Research interest
1. Prof. L.A. Nwuba B. Sc (Hons) (ABU); M.S.c. Ed. (ABU)         M.Sc. (NAU); PH.D (NAU) Professor  Applied fisheries    and Aquaculture.


2. Prof. S.C. Ewuim B. Sc (Hons) (lfe); M.S.c. (lfe) PGDE (UNN); PH.D (NAU) Professor Ecology and Entomology
3. Prof. O. O. Njoku B.Sc, M.Sc., PhD Professor Animal Physiology
4. Prof. C.I Nsofor B. Sc (Hons) (Jos); M.S.c.(Ibadan) PH.D (NAU) Professor Applied  Fisheries and Aquaculture
5. Dr. P.C. Ilozumba B.S.c (Hons); Ph. D (UNN) Reader Parasitology
6. Dr. J.J Okeke B.Sc (Hons) (Jos); M.Sc (Jos) Ph.D Reader Applied Fisheries Hydrobiology and Bio-conservation
7. Dr. C.I. Ebenebe B. Agric. Tech (Akure); M.Sc (Ibadan) Ph.D (NAU) Reader Animal Ecology & Bio-conservation
8. Dr. C.E. Akunne B.Sc (Hons) (ASUTECH); M.Sc (NAU); MLS(IMSU) Reader Entomology/Pest Management
9. Dr. A. N. Ufele NCE(Alvan); B.Sc(Hons) (UNN) M.Sc (UNN); Ph.D.(UNN) Reader Animal Physiology
10. Dr. I. A. Ikeh B.Sc, M.Sc. PhD Senior Lecturer Parasitology
11. Dr. T. C Mogbo B. Sc (Hons) (NAU); M.Sc (NAU) Lecturer I Animal Ecology
12. Dr. C. D  Ezeonyejiaku B.Sc (Hons) (NAU); M.Sc (NAU) Lecturer I Parasitology and Environmental Pollution Mgt.
13. Mrs. O. Aribodoh B.Sc, M.Sc. Lecturer II Parasitology


Administrative Staff

S/NO    Name          Qualification                    Rank


  1. C.C. Eze         ND; HND, PGD          Chief Laboratory Technologist
  2. E.L. Ehiaghe Dip (NST);B.Sc (Hons) Chief Laboratory Technologist
  3. Ifeanyi Obika B. Sc.                                Lab. Technologist
  4. Uzoh-Chigozie Ngozi Dorathy Sc.                Lab. Technologist
  5. Anusolu Ebele A. Sc.                        Principal Executive Officer II
  6. Miss I. Onwubiko Sc                         Executive Officer
  7. C.P. Obiegbu         Office Supervisor
  8. Udeh Collins Lab Assistant
  9. Osoko Angela                                         Clerical Officer

Members of Sub-Committee on Students’ Handbook Production

Dr. Chidi E. Akunne            -Chairman

Dr. J. J. Okeke                   -Member