Department of Quantity Surveying

The philosophy underlying Quantity Surveying education is to develop and advance the science and practice of the profession with emphasis on construction, project planning, procurement, cost management and contract administration. Traditionally, the profession of Quantity Surveying is concerned with financial control and probity in the evolution, planning and execution of construction projects. It is therefore imperative that the degree programme should equip students with the theoretical background and practical skills to enable them evaluate analytically the cost management issues of design and construction.

The quantity surveyor interacts and collaborates with a wide range of specialist members of the design and construction team, and this calls for a multidisciplinary knowledge of other related professions. The training of quantity surveyors should therefore embrace all facets of construction work and management if they are to function effectively as financial managers of the construction industry.

History of the Department/Introduction:

The Department of Building and Quantity Surveying commenced admission of students into the undergraduate programme in 2001/2002 session. The Departments were later de-merged and thus the Department of Quantity Surveying was created in August 2007.

Project execution (Building or Engineering) is an investment that involves substantial amount of money and time. Clients expect value for money spent on their projects which involves the element of time, cost and quality. These objectives can be achieved through technical knowledge, professional competency, economic evaluation, effective cost management, appropriate procurement method, efficient and effective contract management. The role of quantity surveyors through their education, training and experience will contribute to the effective management of construction cost, project procurement, and contract administration. Their advice on development economics and contractual matters are also pertinent.

The programme is structured to equip graduates with requisite academic and practical knowledge, whilst at the same time develop the students’ knowledge, intellectual and analytical capability, creativity and problem solving ability. It also addresses the technical, scientific, entrepreneurial and managerial skills and capabilities necessary for the delivery of construction projects for the benefit and satisfaction of clients, society and to compete in the employment market.

In pursuit of these objectives, courses have been drawn from other disciplines such as the Natural Sciences, Engineering, Management, Law, Social Sciences and Environmental Sciences. These will offer graduates the opportunity to operate within the existing framework of the Quantity Surveying discipline, the construction industry and other related fields.

On a personal level, the graduate will be stimulated to adopt a professional and ethical approach that will allow personal development, foster self-respect and improve career aspirations.


The mission of the Department is to produce Quantity Surveying graduates who are creative, innovative and versatile with a sound knowledge in construction cost management, tender and construction contracts administration, quantification and documentation of construction works, as well as meeting the needs of the nation and the ability to compete globally.


Our vision is to be a leading academic provider of professional and career-oriented research in the cost management, administration and economics of construction projects in nigeria and the world.


  1. To train competent graduates with sound knowledge and understanding of the theory and practice of the profession and its supporting and related subjects in order to provide cost control and management services on diversified construction projects in the public and private sectors.

  2. To provide sufficient general knowledge to enable the graduates interact effectively with the society and the ever changing environment.

  3. To produce graduates that with subsequent industry experience will become competent practitioners, registrable with the recognized professional bodies of Quantity Surveyors both in Nigeria and Worldwide.


Admission Requirements:

  1. Normal Admission:

Admission of holders of SSCE or equivalent into the 100 level of the programme is classified as normal admission. To be eligible, a candidate must have 5 credit passes at SSCE or equivalent in not more than two sittings in Mathematics, English Language, Physics and any two subjects from Economics, Geography, Chemistry, Biology or Agricultural Science, Building Construction, Land Surveying, Fine Arts or Technical Drawing.

  1. Special Admission:

Holders of HSC,GCE A/L, OND, HND and NCE in appropriate discipline would be admitted into the 200 level of the programme. Any deficiencies in the candidates’ background should be rectified by taking the appropriate courses.

Contact Information:

ETF Building (Dean’s Office, Faculty of Environmental Sciences)

Beside Utility/CEP Building

Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka

Anambra State.