The 15th and 16th Convocation Ceremonies holds from March 14 -18, 2022.

1. Take note in particular of the following events : a) 17th March,2022 – Dinner Party for the PhD graduands (only). Additional details will be made available;

b) 18th March, 2022- Award for Higher Degrees, Honorary Degrees etc

2. Please note that it is mandatory for all graduands to pay the Convocation fees for materials and gown, irrespective of attendance.

a) Method of Payment: Visit to make payment.

Alternative Mode of Payment
* Visit
* Click on ” start transaction”
* Choose the payment type you intend to pay
* Click on continue
* Fill in your personal details
* Select the desired(convenient) payment method
* Click on “proceed to payment”
* Print invoice if you selected “bank payment” or pay immediately with your card if you selected ” card payment”
i) Note that Convocation fees (Academic gown and other materials) for PhD is ₦65,900 (COMPULSORY).
ii) For Masters and PGD graduands: Convocation fees (gown (Hiring) and other materials) is ₦23,400.

iii) Certificate Fee of ₦2000 is also paid through

iv) Kindly visit the CPGS Conference Hall from the 7th of March,2022 with evidence of payment for collection of your gown and other materials.