JCSEC-NAU Aptitude Test

All prospective applicants who have completed their personal data capturing/documentation 👇🏼
To Generate Remita/ID Pass for the JCSEC-NAU Aptitude Test.

1. Log on to www.remita.net
2. Click on pay TSA & States
3. Scroll to Who Do You Want To Pay, And type Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka.
4. Click on Name of Service/purpose, browse and choose JCSEC.SCREENING-NAU
5. Fill in ur Name, form number, GSM N0 & email, as in your personal data form.
6. Print out the remita Invoice by clicking on Submit, And Select Bank Branch To Print, or Choose Card To Pay N1000.00 With Your ATM.
7. Collect remita Receipt Print-out from the Bank After Payment

Attach the copy of your passport photo you took during personal data capturing.

This will be your ID pass for the aptitude test on Nov 28, 2020