Security Department


The Security Department is entrusted with the main responsibility of protecting lives and property of staff and students of the University. The Department offers a 24-hour service. In times of emergency arising from the fire outbreak, robbery, and so on, the affected student is expected to report immediately to the Chief SecuritySecurity Officer or any other Security Officer on duty for help. In Nnamdi Azikiwe University, there is no hiding place for cultists. Students are safe and free to carry out their academic pursuits and other legitimate activities without fear of molestation or harassment


To provide a rapid response security in conformity with the globally accepted best practice such that our university will be free from all anti-social tendencies and behaviours, where everybody will live in peace and harmony without fear


To provide, maintain and enforce law and order while observing the strictest code of civility and integrity in the conduct of our assignment duties


The Security department is entrusted with the responsibility to protect lives and property through the maintenance of peace, and through the control and prevention of crime in the University. These broad functions can better be understood if one studies the various strategies through which this is achieved. They include but are not limited to crime prevention and suppression, crime investigation, law enforcement, maintenance of social order and provision of public services


The department has the responsibility of taking is restraining a person from his or her personal liberty so that he or she will be forthcoming to answer an alleged or suspected crime or offence. Arrest of students within the precincts of the University environment can be effected on the directive of the Vice-chancellor, the Chief Security Officer (CSO) or any other security officer mandated to do so, when it is suspected that such a student has committed an offence


The security department makes an arreste when someone commits an offence in which there in power to arrest him/her. Arrest is also carried out to prevent the escape of the offender; to deter the repetition of the offence; to avert a breach of the peace and to prevent commission of criminal offence. In the University Community, events that may likely lead to arrest include cultism; rape; stealing; fighting; impersonation; forgery of receipts, certificates, results, bank teller, identity card, payment print outs; rioting; mob action; unauthorized assembly and so on. In carrying out an arrest, the culprit’s right to demand the identity card of the security personnel should be respected. The arresting officer should identify/introduce himself and state his mission. Section 12 of Criminal Procedure Act grants establishments like ours the power to arrest.


It is important to bear in mind that every individual has some rights that are inalienable. In the exercise of their duties, the security personnel bear this in mind. These rights are enshrined and recognized by the Constitution of the Fedral Republic of Nigeria 1999 ( as amended) ( sections 33-42).


Cultism involves unlawful acts as assembly of two or more persons to cause or pursue unlawful acts contrary to law. Therefore, it is an assemblage of people who share unconventional ideas and beliefs and involve themselves in eccentric conduct and manifestations mostly shrouded in secrecy. Cult groups include any group, association or body of persons, whether registered or not, that uses secret signs, oaths, rites, or symbols and which is formed to promote a cause that fosters the interest of only its members


Cultism wreaks havoc an campuses, schools and society. It is not only a vice, but a vice with cancerous propensity. Its multiplier effect is unimaginable: students are killed, maimed, kidnapped, raped, assaulted and wounded. Many lose their individuality while some are  linked with illegal possession of firearms and armed robbery

Secret cults work in opposition to the mission statement of the university. The security department in ever positioned to fight this cankerworm. It has intensified this fight by working with the Student Union Government. Our surveillance in the university has been upgraded to most the challenges of cultism. The issue of parental or political connection is not tolerated as culprits are made to bear the full weight of the law which ultimately is suspension or in extreme cases expulsion

Penalty- Because of the far-reaching consequences of belonging to cult group, students are strictly warned to beware of and to report any overt or covert instances of initiation, coercion, oath taking and so on


  1. Examination offences such as impersonation
  2. Indecent Dressing
  3. Alcoholism
  4. Substance/Drug Abuse
  5. Indian Hemp
  6. Robbery
  7. Rape
  8. All antisocial tendencies and behaviours

The University has zero tolerance for any of these offences and the ultimate price to pay for breaching any of them is at best suspension, or at worst expulsion from the university. Students must decide to live right! “The security is your friend”. Members of the university community are encouraged to report any suspicious movements, persons or objects to the nearest security personnel, or to phone any of the security hot lines for assistance;

Security Hotlines: 08064215669, 08037517056, 08038755120