Transformational training for staff and students

I promised you during my interaction with the university that I will care for welfare of both staff and students. As your leader, my job is point to the direction that will benefit you. Your overall wellbeing and progress are of great interest to me. The fourth industrial revolution has started and COVID-19 pandemic is fast-tracking it. Do not be left behind.

Given the unique evolutionary and inclusive circumstances of 2020, now more than ever, any outdated thinking and systems in many arenas, for example, Education, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship,  will be replaced with niche new methodologies that match the trends, by intentionally empowering transformation in building renewed confidence, trust and innovation.  

We do this by shifting our mindsets. It starts with each of us.   In the 4th IR, we each are the next “rEvolution”.  It is up to each of us, to face our biggest single most obstacle that might be blocking our thinking to a path of success. Our minds.

The time is now that we revolutionise our thinking, create new mindsets and breathe hope into a future we choose. It is up to each of us.   It starts within each of us.  The secret is how we do it, and how to match the trends of being able to do, it laser fast! 

And here it is, a World first, Micro Learning,  how to shift thinking and communication styles in these key areas.  This tool, is like self development for Self Mastery,  on Steroids!

TIP – The secret to your success, lies in your unique daily commitment to the process

You must be the change you wish to see in the world. Mahatma Gandhi

The first step to change thinking is to Revolutionise the way we handle Conflict

If you could revolutionise conflict resolution, in few minutes daily, would you?

Be it conflict within the boardroom, or in your personal environment, these are unique and laser fast, higher level thinking with unique depth in evolving conflict resolution. 

The second step is learning how to Build, renew and mend all forms of Relationship Capital

If you could build relationship capital, gently and with sustainable results, would you?

“The Space Between Us, is where Relationships
Grow “CDB

The third step is where most people want to immediately dive in and start! YET, they always end up back at Conflict or Relationship Building. 

#thereAreNoShortcuts to the best version of you, your fuller potential.  Your outer Workd refects

Transformational Thinking for Success  “Unless humans change their thinking and how they think, the next step in evolution of the human brain, REAL transformation will always have a Parachute of Excuses” cdb

Bonus inclusion for more Gender equality, empowering Women –  Authentic Empowerment for Amazing Women. 

Empowerment has shifted, and its now focused on how you empower self. This was especially created for you by Your Hidden Genius to ‘Empower your Voice’

This is for the Woman who wants to re/build her relationship with her uniqueness

This is for the Woman who knows that Happiness & Success are her birthright

This is for the Woman who has a voice and is ready for her Voice to be heardThis is for the Woman who wants to change her World

Is that Woman you?  Would you like to Empower your unique Voice?

Catapult your life, starting with your mind, as an Entrepreneur – Once you have learnt to trust and start believing in your inner power, your confidence grows and you might want to explore the possibilities of Entreprenuership!  It is becoming more and more apparent in the new age of human evolution, that Entrepreneurs are tomorrow Heroes, and when 100% authentic in their niche, their economy will transform our business world.  Is that you? Are you ready to develop the drive you need?

Do not let this opportunity pass by. Take advantage of this time and shift your mind.

How? Click here to get access: & in less than 5 mins a day, for 108 days, Empower Your Unique Voice

Goodluck to you all

Prof Charles Esimone FAS