Welcome to USP Academic Connection

As a member of your academic community, you have been granted complimentary access to US Pharmacopeia
How to Get Started:

  1. How do students and faculty gain access to USP Publications?
    Create a USP Access Point account using your student/faculty email by clicking here.
  2. I’m having trouble navigating Access Point, is there a tutorial?
    Yes, click here.
  3. The Access Point registration page is asking for “subscription key”. What do I enter?
    Leave this blank. USP Academic Connection subscriptions do not require a subscription key.
  4. What are the password guidelines for an Access Point account?
    Please use the following guidelines for creating your Access Point account password:
     Must not include part of your name or username.
     Must not include a common word or commonly used sequence of characters.
     Must be at least 8 characters long and include at least one of each of the following:
     Uppercase (A-Z) and lowercase (a-z) letters. Passwords are case sensitive.
     Numbers(0-9)
     Symbols (!, #, $, etc.) are optional but recommended
  5. What do I do if I’ve forgotten or need to reset my password?
    The “Forgot password?” link on the login page allows you to reset your password. To reset your password,
    enter the following:
     Enter the email address you used in creating the USP account.
     Select “I’m not a robot” checkbox in reCAPTCHA and then take the verification challenge.
     After completing the prompt, an activation link will be sent to your registered email. Click on this link
    to reset your password.
     Using the password guidelines, enter your new password.
     After the confirmation message displays on the page, click “Continue” to be re-directed to the login
  6. I am unable to login, what do I do?
    Web browsers save old information. This can be fixed by clearing the browser’s cache and cookies,
    restarting the browser, and signing in again.
  7. My account is locked, what do I do?
    After 5 incorrect password entries, your account will be locked. Use the “Forgot password” link to reset
    your password. After a successful password reset, your account will be unlocked.
    If you’re still unable to login after clearing your cache and resetting your password, please contact
    [email protected].
    Version 1, effective 11/30/2018
    For Librarians, Faculty Members, and Others That Manage Admin
    Rights for Their Institution:
  8. Should I share a generic Access Point account with students?
    No, students should create their own individual account. Moreover, account sharing with users
    outside of your university community is strictly prohibited and will result in account termination.
  9. Who do I contact to provide user reports?
    Email: [email protected] .
  10. Is IP authentication an option?
    No, IP authentication is not an option
  11. How do I obtain administrative rights to the account?
    USP’s System Administration License Management Tool is not available for USP Academic Connection
  12. How do I renew my academic institution’s subscription?
    USP will renew institution-wide subscriptions every 4 years.
  13. To whom do I report technical issues with USP-NF and/or FCC?
    The USP technical support team is available during standard business hours (EST) of 9:00 a.m. to 5:00
    p.m. They can be reached via:
     Phone: 800-822-8772 ext. 8291 or +1 301-816-8291
     FAX: +1 301-816-8301
     Email: [email protected]