Strategy 2030


The overall vision of the University is to produce graduates with some core attributes.

Abroad spectrum of knowledge with specialization in a discipline

Logical reasoning

Oral and written communication skills and ability

Numeracy, and computer literacy

High ethical standards in personal and professional life

Strong sense of responsibility

Self confidence


The mission of the University is to use teaching, research, and public service to solve social problems. In the process of learning, students would be oriented to use their education in solving practical problems confronting them in the Nigerian society and beyond.

ln the discharge of its mission, the University shall live up to the ideals of the renowned statesman, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, by making university education pragmatic, and using it to forge unity among the various communities in Nigeria.

It is hoped and expected that when the above vision has been achieved, graduates of the University will be Disciplined in behavior, Excellent in knowledge and Self-Reliant in their chosen careers, in keeping With the Motto of the University; “Discipline, Excellence and Self-Reliance”.


  • Teaching and learning

The university shall adapt the most effective, contemporary and relevant teaching methods that resonates with the current generation of digitally aware students to enhance learning

  • Research

The university shall provide state of the art research laboratories where they  are needed and upgrade the existing ones. We shall continue to promote and support research culture as well collaboration with highly ranked national, regional and global universities

  • Inclusion

We shall promote culture of inclusion, diversity as we target the reduction of inequality to increase access to education

  • Community service

In line with the University’s Vision Strategy 2030 will seek opportunities to render services to, surrounding community, to the nation and Africa.



The undergraduate curriculum and method of delivery will be fully positioned to fulfil the mission of the university. Students, graduates and alumni shall be prepared to impact their immediate and remote society, making a difference in every area of their endeavour.


Our university shall rank in Africa and Project 200 would graduate to Project 50

We shall have wider reader beyond our immediate community through the use of digital technology for quality online education. This will position us as a true global university. The proportion of foreign staff and students shall increase by over 200% as turn to destination of choice for students and researchers


With improvement in ranking and outreach, we shall break into the global leading category in research impact. Our output impact shall be evident in local and regional economy


Our University shall be a major player in the 4th industrial revolution with a full proof strategy put in place for technology incubation using artificial intelligence as our driver. We shall be leaders in artificial intelligence in Africa. We shall be a go-to university for artificial intelligence solutions in Africa and beyond.


Our partnership with local and international industries and universities will create opportunities for local economy and help solving global problems that are resident or rooted in Africa.