Energy Center and Environment

Recently, issues such as environmental degradation, energy shortages, natural disasters, non-communicable and infectious diseases have emerged on a global scale. Thus one way of tackling such challenges is through institutional capacity building approach.

In response to the above, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, has established a Directorate for Energy and Environment. The directorate is concerned with the attraction and organization of local, international and private University joint researches/grants in all research fields that impact on human and societal development. The Directorate promotes multidisciplinary research in all fields of learning ranging from renewable and non-renewable, energy studies, life sciences, physical and Earth sciences, social work and global peace among others.

The centre has a Director, who oversees the activities of the Directorate and coordinate activities of the committee members.

Unizik Centre for energy and environment among other things as outlined above performs the following functions.

(i)  Sources and processes local, international and private research activities and grants

(ii)  Encourages individuals (staff) or group to attract institutional or cooperate sponsored research grants in renewable and non-renewable energy

(iii) Encourages multidisciplinary researches within the university community and among the researchers especially as it relates to renewable energy

(iv) The director, in liaison with the vice-chancellor shall enter into agreement on behalf of the university with regard to international research/grants

(v)  The centre conduces Inter-Faculty Research fairs involving staff and students in order to select inventions and research products to be exhibited by Nnamdi Azikiwe University at the annual national universities commission research fair for Nigerian universities as well as other national and international research fairs.

(vi)  Organizes energy workshop, annual research once a year for the university community and general public.

Existing Energy Equipment

  1. Daystar Ds-VO50 Solarimeter
  2. Thermosiphon Solar water heater
  3. Solar inverter and solar batteries
  4. Solar panels
  5. Solar oven thermometers
  6. Digital liux-metre photo dictator
  7. Sets of hygrometers and thermometers
  8. Solar dryers
  9. Biogas digesters
  10. Solar oven
  11. Solar water distiller