Centre for Arts, Culture and Humanities



1. Mission and Vision:

The Centre for Arts, Culture and the Humanities shall be a facilitator of research in the arts, cultures and the humanities in general. In the spirit of regional development in Nigeria, its primary region of focus shall be the Arts, Cultures and Humanities within the university’s catchment area, in collaboration with the existing relevant Departments within and outside Nnamdi Azikiwe University.

The Centre shall however also contribute to the development of a vibrant research culture in Nnamdi Azikiwe University through regularly bringing together academics, postgraduate students, national and international scholars, as well as through the institution of research training programmes.

2. The Quality of Projects Proposed to the Centre

Projects can be proposed to the Centre. Such projects should be multidisciplinary and collaborative in orientation, and of great interest and practical relevance to academics. They shall also aid knowledge exchange and be easily accessible to the public.

3. Regular Activities at the Centre

 Short Term Workshops, Seminars and Conferences to facilitate intellectual exchange and trainings

 Visiting Scholar Programme: to create international opportunities for international scholars through a visiting scholar programme

 Exhibitions (Artworks, Creative Writings, Research Publications)

 Annual Lecture Series: The UNIZIK Roundtable

 Study Groups

4. Publications from the Centre

 Humanities Made Easy Series: shall draw from commissioned books on aspects of the humanities

 JHUCS (Journal of Humanities and Cultural Studies (Interdisciplinary Journal of the Centre)

 The Humanities Today (Monograph Series that shall draw its material from completed research projects promoted by and carried out at the Centre)

5. Facilities Available at the Centre

 Library

 Multimedia Library of Igbo Culture: to be developed through film projects