Chisco Institute for Transportation Studies

The following activities are undertaken by this unit:

  1. Certificate programmes in the following areas
  2. Auto Mechanics/Mechatronics
  3. Tyre Care, Wheel and Suspensions.
  4. Auto Body Care and Painting
  5. Transportation Operation
  6. Car Driving (Driving School)
  7. Rail Line Operations
  8. Aviation Operations
  9. Safety
  10. Maintenance and Serving of Vehicles
  11. Motor Maintenance and Servicing
  12. Auto Body Care (computerized) Diagnostic
  13. Digital Wheel Balancing
  14. Fully Mechanized Tyre Care and Vulcanizing
  15. computerized wheel alignment

The programmes became available from the 2014/2015 session and could also be organized in an executive mode, to accommodate persons already working in different organizations.