The Management Information and communication Technology Unit (M.I.C.T.U) was set up in 2005 to take care of all the  information technology needs of the University.
The unit is made up of the following  sub units:

  • Network and Communication
  • Hardware/System Maintenance and repairs
  • Portal Services
  • Web Administration and Maintenance.
  • System/Software development


  1. Network and Communication
    The major task of the network unit includes
    – Management and administration of the university`s networks
    –  Deployment of new infrastructure
    –  Managing and maintaining existing infrastructure
    –  Expanding the network as needed
    –  Providing support to faculties/departments/units


  1. Hardware/System Maintenance and Repairs

The jobs of this sub-unit is to repair and maintain all University systems reported faulty, and also installation of new ones. Their duties also include:

  • Setting up of computer systems and hardware through installing or upgrading software packages
  • Installation and repair of network devices
  • Running regular diagnostic tests on network devices owned by the University
  1. Portal Services
    The University Portal was established in 2005 to cater for the proper capture and digitization of the student information system in the University, The operations of the portal cover the Regular, part time (CEP), Sandwich, Diploma, Pre-science and all Postgraduate Programmes. The sub-unit is responsible for the Management of all Database and Online

Portal Services, which include:

  • Upgrade and maintenance of the University database containing data on students in Postgraduate, CEP, Undergraduate, Diploma and Pre-science programmes
  • Upload of admitted students(Postgraduate, CEP, Diploma and Pre-science)
  • Online clearance of Postgraduate, CEP, Diploma students
  • Downloading and printing of names of qualified students for screening
  • Liaising with e-tranzact and banks to generates PINS for school fees, accreditation fees, Diploma, CEP and Undergraduates
  • Resolving issues connected with portal operations
  • Resetting username and access issues for students

Web Administration and Maintenance
The sub unit takes care of the web management, domain name and university email management. In addition, it is responsible for:

  • Securing and making payments for web hosting, domain registration and domain name renewal
  • Management of staff database and issuing of emails;
  • Management of Nigeria Information Technology Development Agency(NITDA) e-resource and research centre (as mentioned before)
  • Management of the e-content for the website
  1. System/Software Development and Management
    The sub unit is responsible for:
  • Management, design and development of software used within the university
  • Designing and upgrading of software applications used in the University`s digital library
  • Design and upgrading of software applications used in the personnel and Exams and Records Unit

Other infrastructures related to ICT within the campus are

  • The Digital Library
  • This contains 480 computers to assist students in accessing the University Digital Library
  • Each faculty has an approved faculty-based Digital library. In as much as this has been approved, only the Faculty of Law facility is operational according to information reaching the MICTU

Faculty-based portals

  • Although not officially approved by the unit, some faculties like Arts, management Sciences, Law, Bio-Sciences and Physical Sciences operate an independent portal, respectively, outside the official university portal. This action threatens the survival of the University-owned portal. Students are compelled to pay to access these portals for their course registration and results, but are discouraged from accessing the University one except to confirm the payment of their fees.