Sandwich Programme List of Course


Sandwish Programme List of Courses

Course Code

Course Title

ENG 102

Elements of English Grammar & Usage

ENG 112

Introduction to General linguistics

ENG 171

Elements of Drama

ENG 173

Introduction to Poetry

ENG 162

Introduction to Nigerian Literature

ENG 221

Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology I

ENG 222

Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology II

ENG 241

Advanced English Composition 1

ENG 251

Survey of English Literature I

ENG 252

Survey of English Literature II

ENG 253

Literary Appreciation

ENG 281

Modern Comedy

ENG 302

English Language in Nigeria

ENG 303

English as a Second Language

ENG 311

Introduction to Applied Linguistics

ENG 333

Modern English Structure

ENG 334

Morphology of English

ENG 361

African Fiction

ENG 363

African Drama

ENG 382

English Literature of the Victorian Period

ENG 384


ENG. 402

Language and National Development

ENG 434

Modern English Grammar & Usage

ENG 452

Commonwealth Literature

ENG 472

Studies in Fiction