P.GD Programme


Aims and Objectives

The programme aims at providing the equivalence of the Linguistic content of the four-year undergraduate programme in a single intensive year. The programme is intended for the following categories of people:

  • Language teachers wishing to strengthen their linguistic background.
  • Those interested in pursuing a career in Linguistics but whose first degree is not in Linguistics
  • Those whose first degree in Linguistics is weak and so do not qualify to be admitted directly for the Master’s degree



Admission Requirements for PGD

To be eligible for admission into the programme, a candidate must hold a first degree classification acceptable to the University, in any field and from any recognized University.


O’Level requirements: 5 credit passes in English, any science subject and 3 others



First Semester                                                    Credit         Status

LIN 501: Language and Linguistics                     3                C

LIN 531: Intro to Phonetics and Phonology        3                C

LIN 523: Intro to Morphology                             3                C

LIN 521: Intro to Syntax                                      3                C

LIN 551: Introduction to Sociolinguistics            3                C

LIN 541: Semantics                                              3                C

LIN 571: Historical/Comparative Linguistics    3                   E

LIN 533: Orthography Design                             3                E

LIN 591: Error/Contrastive Analysis                    3                E

LIN 561: Survey of Applied Linguistics              3                E


Second Semester                                                Credit         Status

LIN 532: Phonology                                              3               C

LIN 524: Syntax                                                    3               C

LIN 552: Topics in Sociolinguistics                       3               C

LIN 592: Psycholinguistics                                    3               E

LIN 564: Lexicography                                         3               E

LIN 564: Language Teaching and Learning          3               E

LIN 554:  Dialectology of an African Language  3               E

LIN 522: Grammar of an African Language          3              E

LIN 562: Translation                                              3              E

LIN 584: Project                                                    6               C

[Where C, compulsory and E, Elective]