Philosophy Academic Program


  1. In accordance with the approved requirements of the National Universities Commission (NUC), the Nnamdi Azikiwe University four year degree programme in philosophy is designed for students admitted through JAMB universities matriculation examination. Those admitted by direct entry are, however, expected to complete the programme in three years.


  1. Objectives of the Programme

The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Philosophy degree programme of Nnamdi Azikiwe University  has the following primary objectives:

  • To provide for a broad, sound and solid foundation in philosophy.
  • To provide education in, and expose students to the traditional branches of philosophy as a firm base for intending professional academic philosophers.
  • To seek to link academic/professional philosophy with social existence.
  • To seek to discover and/or create and establish the specially African curriculum and to integrate same to global philosophy.
  • To enable students develop a critical spirit and analytic power that will equip them for any role they may be called upon to play in the society.
  • To equip students with sufficient philosophic reasoning through a detailed and systematic exposure to inner logic and the rudiments of philosophy.


  1. Job Opportunities

The programme is designed to produce graduates suitable for employment in-

  • All the levels of global educational systems: primary, secondary and tertiary.
  • The State and Local Government Commissions and Hospital Administration.
  • Federal Government Services – local as well as foreign.
  • Parastatals, Private Organizations and Institutions.
  • The Military, the Police and Prisons.
  • Security and intelligence organizations.
  • Other bodies with administrative, managerial and personnel requirement.


  1. Admission Requirement
  2. In addition to the faculty requirements, a pass in mathematics at the Senior Secondary School level or its equivalent is an advantage. Direct Entry applicants must meet the qualification conditions of admission through UME. In addition they must possess a minimum of lower credit pass in a University Diploma in Philosophy.


  1. Stress Areas

0    –           Introduction/Foundation

  1. –           Metaphysics
  2. –           Axiology
  3. –           Epistemology and Methodology
  4. –           History
  5. –           African Philosophy
  6. –           Social and Political Philosophy
  7. –           Seminar
  8. –           Research Project






Key:       DCS        –               Departmental Core Courses

                GSS        –               General Studies Courses

                GUC       –               General University Courses

Electives               Includes Departmental and Non-Departmental Courses.



(6 Years)









Year 1:

S/NoCourse CodeCourse TitleCredit
1st Semester
1.PHL 101Introduction to Philosophy3
2.PHL 103Elementary Ethics 13
3.PHL 105Introduction to Logic 13
4.PHL 141History of Philosophy3
General Studies Courses
1.GSS 101Use of English1
2.GSS 103Logic and Philosophy2
3.GSS 107Nigerian Peoples and Culture2
4.GSS 108Basic Igbo Studies1
Elective Courses:  (Choose two from the underlisted                 courses as directed by the Department)
1.SOC 101Introduction to Sociology 12
2.PSY 101Introduction to Psychology 12
3.LAW121Legal Methods2
  Total                                                        22
2nd Semester
1.PHL 102Introduction to African Philosophy3
2.PHL 104Introduction to Philosophical Anthropology3
3.PHL 106Elementary Ethics II3
4.PHL 108Introduction to Logic II3
General Studies Courses:
1.GSS 102Use of English II1
2.GSS 104History and Philosophy of Science2
3.GSS 109Basic Igbo Studies1
Elective Course: (Choose two from the Underlisted)
1.LAW 122Legal Methods II2
2.SOC 102Introduction to Sociology II2
3.PSY 102Introduction to Psychology II2
    Total                                   20


NB:  GSS Courses for Direct Entry Students are GSS 101 and GSS107





Year 2:


S/NoCourse CodeCourse Title
  1st Semester
1.PHL 201Introduction to Metaphysics3
2.PHL 203Introduction to Epistemology3
3.PHL 251African Philosophy3
4.PHL 261Social and Political Philosophy3
General University Courses
1.CSC 101Computer Programming I2
Elective Courses:  (Choose two from the underlisted)
1.LAW 243Nigerian Legal Systems2
2.MAC 211Creative Writing and Reviewing2
3.REL 201History of Religion2
  Philosophy Electives: (Choose one from the underlisted)
1.PHL 211Philosophy of Time2
2.PHL 221Environmental Philosophy2
3.PHL 241Comparative Philosophy2
  Total                                                        20
2nd Semester
1.PHL 214Philosophy of Religion I3
2.PHL 232Symbolic Logic3
3.PHL 234Philosophy of Language3
4.PHL 236Research Methods in Philosophy3
5.PHL 242Western Mediaeval Philosophy3
General University Courses
1.CSC 102Computer Programming II2
Elective Courses: (Choose two from the underlisted)
1.LAW 244Nigeria Legal System II2
2.MAC 351Public Relations and the Media2
3.REL 203Philosophy of the Existence of God2
    Total                                   21





Year 3

S/NoCourse CodeCourse TitleCredit
1st Semester
1.PHL 311Philosophy of Religion II3
2.PHL 321Professional Ethics3
3.PHL 331Theories of Knowledge3
4.PHL 333Philosophy of Education3
5.PHL 335Analytic Philosophy I3
  Philosophy Electives: (Choose two from the Underlisted)
1.PHL 313Philosophy of Labour2
2.PHL 323Philosophy of Arts and Literature2
3.PHL 325Philosophy of Sports2
4.PHL 341Philosophy of History2
5.PHL 361Philosophy of the Social Sciences2
  Total                                                        19
2nd Semester
1.PHL 312Existentialism, Hermeneutics and Phenomenology3
2.PHL 314Metaphysics II3
3.PHL 322Contemporary Issues in Ethics3
4.PHL 342Early Modern Philosophy3
5.PHL 344Oriental Philosophy3
  Philosophy Electives: (Choose two from the Underlisted)
1.PHL 316Philosophy of Gender2
2.PHL 332Philosophy of Mathematics2
3.PHL 362Philosophy of Development2
4.PHL 364Philosophy of Money2
5.PHL 366Philosophy of Nationalism2
    Total                                   19


Year 4

S/NoCourse CodeCourse TitleCredit
1st Semester
1.PHL 411Philosophy of Mind3
2.PHL 413Metaphysical Anthropology3
3.PHL 421Classics in Ethics3
4.PHL 431Further Logic3
5.PHIL 433Philosophy of science3
  Total                                                        15
2nd Semester
1.PHL 432Analytic Philosophy II3
2.PHL 442Late Modern Philosophy3
3.PHL 462Philosophy of Law3
4.PHL 472Seminar3
5.PHL 482Project6
Total                                                      18