• Admission Through The University Matriculation (UME)

UME candidates are admitted into the 100 level of the degree programme subject to the under listed conditions:-

(a)        The achievement of not less than the approved UME minimum score, which shall normally not be less than fifty percent (50%) of the maximum possible.

(b)        By holding on the first day of October of the year of admission at least one of the following:-

(i)  The Senior Secondary School Certificate (SSCE) or the General Certificate of Education (GCE)                      Ordinary Level or equivalent certificate with credit levels. Credit in English, Mathematics, Physics                    and any two

(ii) of the following subjects Chemistry, Biology, Technical Drawing, Fine Art, Geography and                             Economics in not more than two (2) sittings.

They satisfy the Department’s requirement for the programme of their choice as approved by the Senate.



(a)  Applicants must meet the conditions specified in (b) (i) above and in addition have the following qualifications:

(i)  Passes at least in two (2) subjects at the advanced or principal level of General Certificate of                               Education (GCE)/Higher School Certificate (HSC) respectively.

(ii)  A minimum of lower credit pass at the National Diploma (ND) in the relevant discipline of                             architecture.

(iii)  A University Degree or Higher National Diploma (HND) or its equivalent.

(iv)  Any other qualification acceptable by the Senate of Nnamdi Azikiwe University.



Candidates who successfully completed the University’s Pre-Science Programmes may be offered admission upon fulfilment of the under-listed conditions:

  1. Possession of the Senior Secondary School Certificate (SSCE) or the General Certificate of Education (GCE) Ordinary Level or equivalent certificate with passes at credit level in at least five (5) subjects obtained in one (1) or two (2) sittings; including at least two (2) science subjects chosen from Agricultural Science/Biology, Chemistry, Further Mathematics/Mathematics, Health Science, Home Economics/Home Management, Physics or any other Science subject(s) acceptable to the Senate of the University.
  2. Passing the final examination in the Pre-Science Programme with at least 200 marks; attaining the Cut-off Mark for any of the three (3) chosen courses for that year; securing at least 50% in the subject(s) required to remedy any deficiency in the Faculty/Departmental entry requirements and have paid all the prescribed fees of the Pre-Science Unit of the University.



A student with good academic standing, who has spent at least one academic year in a recognized University, may be admitted into Nnamdi Azikiwe University. Such a candidate may transfer to continue his current programme of student transfer into a new one. Transfer shall not be allowed into the first year. Candidates requesting for transfer shall fulfil the following conditions:

(a) Meet at least one of the admissions requirements in 4.1, 4.2 or 4.3 above.

(b) Satisfy Faculty/Department Transfer requirements

(c) Waivers may be earned only for those relevant courses passed in his/her previous University as determined by the Dean of the Faculty of Environmental Sciences and the Head of Department of Architecture.



(a)  Any student of this University can seek transfer into another department or programme after at least one academic year in the University. Transfers into the Faculties of Law and Medicine shall only be allowed after two academic sessions.

(b) No transfers shall, however, be allowed into the first of final year of any programme.

(c)  A candidate for transfer shall have CGPA of not less than 0.60 and satisfy the Faculty/Department requirements.



For an offer of admission to be deferred, for one session only, the candidate must fulfil the following conditions:

  1. Apply to the Registrar of the University for deferment, stating acceptable reason(s) for seeking deferment.
  2. Matriculate either in person or by proxy.
  3. The University Senate must confirm the deferment.



Offer of provisional admission made to candidates who neither accepted the offer ab initio nor presented their credentials for verifications shall lapse after matriculation in a given academic year.



All candidates seeking admission into the Department of Architecture must not be less than sixteen years of age in October of the year of admission.

Upper Age limit to be 40 (forty) years.



The normal minimum period allowed for a student to complete a degree programme is given as four (4) years for those admitted through the University Matriculation Examination while a direct entry student is allowed three (3) years. The maximum period a student is allowed to complete a degree program shall be two (2) years additional to the normal minimum period. Any student who fails to graduate within the approved maximum period shall be obliged to withdraw permanently from the University. The student is not transferable.



Registration Period

(a)  Registration for all courses in any academic year shall be at the beginning of the first semester. Normal registration period shall not exceed three weeks from the date of commencement of lectures.

(b) A student may not be registered after four (4) weeks from the date lectures begin.


Late Registration

(a) Students who are unable to register during the normal registration period will be permitted to register on the payment of a late registration fee of N1,000.00. This fee may be waived in respect of special cases, such as late admission.

(b) Student registering late must have informed the University in advance and in writing of their inability to return to campus on schedule. This paragraph is without prejudice to 1 (2) above.


Adding and Deleting of Courses

(a) Adding: A student may be permitted, on completion of the approved forms obtainable from the Registrar (Examination & Records) to add courses during the first three (3) weeks of commencement of lectures. The completed forms must be returned to the Registry through the Faculty Officer after they have been duly completed and signed by the Head of Department and Dean. Students may not add a course later than six (6) weeks from the commencement of lectures.

(b) Deleting: A student who wishes to delete a course must complete the approved form obtainable from the office of the registry through the Faculty officer after the forms have been duly completed and signed by the relevant Head of Department or Dean. Students may not delete a course later than six(6)  weeks from the commencement of lectures.