Departments and Career Opportunities

Department of Medical Laboratory Science

Medical Laboratory Science is a dynamic profession designed to provide a broad-based fundamental scientific knowledge and application, equipping graduates to meet with the challenges of modern scientific knowledge in Health Care, and enabling them to proceed for further training.

Students are exposed to the application of Medical Laboratory Science in key areas like Medicine, Pharmaceutical industries, Utility departments (e.g. Water corporations), Research institutes, Food industries as well as Diagnostic kit/Machine production.

On the successful completion of the five years Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Sciences Programme and one year intemship, preceding participation in the NYSC programme, graduates are registered as Associate Members of the Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria. However, such graduates would have earlier enrolled with the Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria as student members.

Philosophy of the Programme

The broad philosophy of training in medical laboratory science includes:

a. Providing sound academic and professional backgrounds for the production of medical laboratory scientists capable of working anywhere in Nigeria or elsewhere

b. Producing medical laboratory scientists who would satisfy internationally recognizable standards and who could undertake further training towards specialization

c. Producing medical laboratory scientists with the management ability to play leadership roles in entrepreneurship, and job creation, as well as training others and contributing to the development of the practice of laboratory science

Job Opportunities
Graduates of Medical Laboratory Science are employed in:
– Hospital laboratories
– Public health departments and epidemiology Lmits
– Pharmaceutical laboratories
– Veterinary research clinics
– Agricultural, industrial, govemment or private laboratories
– Tertiary institutions
– Research institutions
– Scientific supply companies
– Food and drug departments
– Water treatment plants of water corporations
– Breweries, soft drink companies and distilleries
– Private sectors

Department of Medical Rehabilitation

The students of Medical Rehabilitation Department in Nnamdi Azikiwe University are admitted into Year l of the programme through the main campus in Awka. They spend their first year in the main campus at Faculties of Physical Sciences and Biosciences. However, those who are admitted by direct entry begin from Year II at Nnewi campus. Students who have successfully completed their Year I, move down to Nnewi campus to continue with Year II.

For their Industrial Attachment, students are placed in facilities like Mkar Rehabilitation Centre in Benue State; Psychiatric Hospital, Enugu; Orthopedic Hospital, Enugu; Oji River Rehabilitation Centre.

Job Opportunities
– Hospitals: Govemment-owned and private hospitals
– Military Service
– Rehabilitation Centres
– National Sports Commission, Private and State Sports Clubs
– Research Centres
– Academia


Department of Nursing Science

The Nursing Science programme of Nnamdi Azikiwe University is anchored on a strong theoretical foundation of liberal and professional education leading to a Bachelors degree and providing the basis for clinical skills development and evidence based practice With a commitment to life-long, continuing professional development.

The Department of Nursing recognizes the bio – psychosocial (holistic) nature of man and that health is a fundamental human right of every individual, irrespective of age, sex, race, religion, ethnicity or social status, thereby ensuring reasonable access to comprehensive quality health care services for all. The department further appreciates that health and wellness form a continuum with an imperative for holistic nursing care for clients.

The Department believes in the provision of promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative health care services that are relevant to the health care needs of individuals, families and communities.

Job Opportunities
Employment opportunities for the graduates of this programme abound nationally and internationally in communities and in clinical practice areas such as schools, health centres, hospitals, agencies, and the armed forces.

Department of Radiography and Radiological Sciences

Radiography is the art and science of the application of various forms of radiant energies and wave forms on human beings in order to promote health, treat diseases and produce various diagnostic images including; X-Ray Imaging, Radionuclide Imaging, Ultrasound Imaging, Thermographic Imaging, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Computed Tomography Imaging (CT).

A Radiographer is a person who has gone through the prescribed curriculum of training and professionally qualified to practice one or some or all of the above imaging modalities.

The purpose of the Department of Radiography and Radiological Sciences is to provide comprehensive training opportunities for the application of high technology and conventional medical imaging systems in medicine to aid diagnosis, treatment, management and research.

Job Opportunities
Radiographers work in teaching hospitals, medical centres, clinics, diagnostic centres, research centres, and universities. Radiographers who specialize in radiogaphic equipment engineering and industrial radiography are very much useful in multinational companies, firms, industries, airports and electro-medical factories. It is not unusual these days to find radiographers working in banks, government agencies and international organizations and agencies. The broad-based nature of radiography education enables Radiographers to fit into many areas of human endeavour.