BULLETIN: ISSN 1595-1685          May 8, 2017          vol. 10 NO. 14

ISSN 1595-1685                                                    May 8, 2017                                             vol. 10 NO. 14


You are addressed as you are dressed!!!. Indecent dressers and persons of unacceptable conduct, Beware!!!  UNIZIK Dress Code Committee is watching you!!!



This is to remind all staff and students that according to the University Calendar of event, lectures for second semester 2016/2017 academic session commenced on the 18th of April, 2017.  The calendar is to be strictly followed.

Consequent upon the above, University wide-quiz and other academic activities are to take place as and when due and staff and students were admonished to please comply.




The University Community and all the members of the Convocation of Nnamdi Azikiwe University are hereby informed that a meeting of Convocation for the purpose of electing its Representative in the 8thh Governing council of the University has been scheduled as follows:

Date:     Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Time:     12.00 noon prompt

Venue: University Auditorium/Garba Square


Agendum:    Election of Convocation Representative in the Governing Council


Campaign will stop 24 hours to the date of the election.


For benefit of doubt, Convocation consists of the Officers of the University stated in the First Schedule of the NAU, Act, all lecturers of the University; all other persons whose names are registered in the Convocation register/pay the prescribed fees where necessary.



The University community is hereby informed of the release of timetable of elections into the 8th Governing Council of Nnamdi Azikiwe University as follows:


(i)      Senate Representatives in Council                             –        Monday, May 22, 2017

(ii)      Congregation Representatives in Council                    –        Thursday, May 25, 2017

(iii)     Convocation Representative in Council             –        Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Time:     12.00 noon each day

Venue:   University Auditorium/Garba Square



A professor of comparative literature in the Department of Modern European Language, Prof. Justina Nneka Okoye has delivered the 36th Inaugural Lecture of Nnamdi Azikiwe University recently at the University Auditorium.  The Lecture which was titled: “The Woman today: Viewing her in African Literature in French”, introduced the new ideology, “Legafemalism” which denotes lesbianism, gay and femalism.


Speaking during the lecture, Prof. Okoye who is the first inaugural lecturer from the Department of Modern European Languages (French Option), Faculty of Arts, started by explaining that, comparative literature is a discipline that champions the cause of unity among various people of a nation, region and world.  It is also an interdisciplinary subject, a branch of literary scholarship which examines affinities existing between texts written in different languages and brings out the points of convergences and divergence between literary texts.  This, she said includes other related arts form as music, dance, painting, philosophy, political, sciences etc.


Prof. Okoye explained how women are affected because of their gender in culture, politics, violence and education, but the modern women in Nigeria seek to transcend the social vision that is limiting and restricting her to the traditional submissive role of a patriarchy.  Prof. Okoye lamented on how women engaged in trafficking, kidnapping and other criminal acts.  She added that women have come up with ideologies which aimed at redefining the lifestyle of women beyond mechanizations of patriarchy.  Such concepts, she said, were: feminism, womanism, motherism, African feminism, sexism, stiwanism, nego-feminism, African womanism and femalism, which go a long way to using languages and ideas to place women on a centre stage in a male dominated society as ours.


Conclusively, Prof. Justina Okoye introduced the new ideology, “Legafemalism” which is a contradiction of homosexuality that trivializes the marriage institution and projects the right of the female gender in African patriarchal society.


In his remarks, the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Joseph Eberendu Ahaneku, FAS welcomed and thanked all for coming to the 36th Inaugural Lecture.  He described the Inaugural Lecturer as a teacher of teachers who is endowed with great knowledge.  Prof. Ahaneku congratulated her for sharing from her wealth of knowledge.


In her vote of thanks, the Chairperson of the Inaugural Lecture Committee, Prof. Amechi Oyeka expressed joy at the success of the 36th Inaugural Lecture and thanked all for coming out en masse to support and learn from one of our own.


Highlight of the lecture was the decoration of Prof. Justina Nneka Okoye as the 36th Inaugural Lecturer by the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Ahaneku.  She was also presented with her portrait picture by a PhD student, Mr. Chike Ogonwa from Modern European Language Department.


Present during the lecture were: Professors of the University, Deans, HODs, Lecturers, non-teaching staff, students, family members of the lecturer, friends and well-wishers.




Three Nnamdi Azikiwe University students who participated in the Ravimal Essay Competition in partnership with UNIZIK have been presented with scholarship award by Miral Pharmaceutical Limited.

Speaking during the award presentation ceremony, the president of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria, His Excellency, (Pharmacist) Ahmed Yakasai expressed joy at the initiative aimed towards improving human capacity and development. He said the next competition will be a national one, it is a way for the Pharmaceutical professional to add to the growth of the country and human capacity.


In his welcome address, the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Joseph Ahaneku, FAS represented by the DVC (Academic), Prof. Charles Esimone, who is also a member of Pharmaceutical profession, said it is refreshing that current effort containing the scourge of malaria are predicated on prevention strategies.  The significance from curative to preventive strategies can best be appreciated against the backdrop of the emergence of drug-resistant mutants of the malaria parasite that is frustrating chemotherapy.

He commended Miral Pharmaceutical Limited for organizing the “End Malaria for Good Essay” competition and the award ceremony for UNIZIK, through partnership with the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences.  He also congratulated the winners of the essay and wished them all well.

The Director, Miral Pharmaceutical Ltd., (Pharm.) Onyeka Onyeibor said he is glad at the event.  He said the initiative is aimed towards taking a step towards combating malaria. According to him,  many African countries have keyed into the fight against malaria, and Nigeria should not be an exception.  It is therefore a sustaining awareness for the eradication of Malaria.


The scholarship prize award is as follows:

1st Prize:      One year scholarship (N100,000.00) plus factory visit to India.

2nd Prize:    One year scholarship (N100,000.00) plus a Laptop Computer.


3rd Prize:    One year scholarship (N100,000.00)



The winners are:

First:            –         Aniagu, Chukwuma Victor (Applied Biochemistry)

Second:         –         Asomba, Chinonso Emmanuel (Department of Electronic & Computer).

Third:           –         Friday Chizurum David (Faculty of Medicine).




The Accreditation Team from the Pharmaceutical Council of Nigeria (PCN) led by Prof. W. O. Erhun has commended the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences on its encouraging infrastructural development and academic growth.


Prof. Erhun said that the Accreditation was conducted some years back, and the result was not very encouraging, but the present Accreditation shows that a lot of improvements have taken place in every aspect mentioned last time.  He said the Team is very impressed as buildings have being completed, new ones have sprang up, classrooms, hostels, laboratories, equipment etc. have been put in place.


He commended the VC for the internship placement at the Faculty and the positive growth, and for his style of leadership.  He however talked on few challenges that need attention.


The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Joseph E. Ahaneku thanked the Team for visiting the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences for system review aimed at the development of the pharmaceutical profession, and for the fair and firm evaluations.  He said the Faculty has been well equipped, and would continue to be equipped.  Prof. Ahaneku promised that the University will definitely make effort to attend to the challenges in due time, as every action taken, is done following the University’s condition of service.




The Faculty of Education, Nnamdi Azikiwe University held its National Conference recently, with an Opening Ceremony held at the University Auditorium.


Speaking during the event, the Chairman, Prof. Emeka Ezeonu thanked and welcomed all who came for the Conference.  He said the theme of the Conference was apt, as it calls for discussion on situation of the economy.


In his remarks, the VC, prof. Joseph E. Ahaneku, FAS represented by the DVC (Administration), Prof. Carol Arinze-Umeobi thanked the keynote speaker and lead-paper presenter.  He commended the Faculty of Education for choosing the topic: “Education in a period of Economic Recession” because it touches the nerve of the country’s economic situation.  He prayed for fruitful deliberations, expressing hope that it would bring about the needed solution to the economic recession.


The Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Nkechi Esomonu in her speech welcomed all present and the VC for assisting the Faculty with enabling resources and good environment for the Conference.  According to her, education in this period of economic downturn with its consequent decline in economic activities which is visibly noticed in income, employment, industrial production, real GDP, etc is the centre of discourse of the Conference.  She implored all to key into the topics discussed so as to take something home


The Commissioner of Education, Prof. Kate Omenugha, was represented by Dr. Ray Offor of the Community Education Resource Centre, Anambra State said in her remarks that ideas are generated from the University system to help society.  He appreciated the Faculty for generating ideas that would help the country.

The keynote speaker, Prof. Godwin O. Okpa from the University of Jos, said that when there is recession, every aspect of the economy is affected, and naturally it boils down to the education sector.  He said budget provision has continuously dropped.  Moreso, he opined that there is need to guide and shape policies at the stage of initiation, and that when human and material input is not adequate, output will definitely fall short of human capacity development.  Some of the mitigating effects of economic recession on education he mentioned were: pragmatic restructuring of economic and development, restructure in allocation of capital, reduction in the cost of governance, reduction of importation, and sustained privatisation of education, amongst others.


The Leadpaper presenter, Prof. Grace Offorma from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka was represented by Dr. Cajetan Egbe.  According to her, the reduction in the GDP of any country for a period of six months translates to economic recession.  For her, recession could be positive and negative.  Positive, because it brings about improvisation and not being over dependent on one source; creativeness, i.e. people tend to task themselves on the best way to make life better for them, and diversification; because people tend to diversify in the quest to make ends meet and beat the recession to survive.  The negative aspect is over-whelming because it affects every aspect of the economy, especially the educational system.  Everything would be at a standstill.  She recommended the improvement on tertiary institutions, diversification of revenue, discharge of fund prudently as a way forward.



The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), Prof. Charles Esimone will be inducted alongside other eight other Nigerians as Fellow, Academy of Science.  The Induction will take place in a public lecture, titled: “Cancer: Keeping the Monster at Bay” by Prof. Sunday E. Atawodi, FAS at Abuja.


The Inductees shall be inducted by the President, Prof. K. Monsto Onuoha, FAS on behalf of the Council, Nigerian Academy of Science.


Date:     Thursday, 11th May, 2017

Time:     10.00 a.m.

Venue:   Reiz Continental Hotel, Plot 779, Cadastral Zone AD, Central Business District, Abuja.


S/N Name Department Faculty Position
1. Dr. J. O. Umunnah Medical rehabilitation Health Sciences and Technology Sub-Dean
2. Prof. Ifeanyi Christian Enete Geography & Meteorology Environmental Sciences Sub-Dean
3. Dr. Clementina I. Ilo Nursing Science Health Sciences and Technology Examination Officer

Constitution of committee to present the view of Nnamdi Azikiwe University at the presidential committee on constitution and electoral reform

The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Joseph E. Ahaneku, after due consideration of the report of his representative at the Presidential Committee on Constitution and Electoral Reform, has set up a Committee made up of the following members:


  1. Prof. Edmund a. Egboh                 –         Chairman
  2. Prof. Emmanuel Chukwuemeka      –         Member
  3. Prof. Ogugua Ikpeze                     –         Member
  4. Prof. Makodi-Bierenu Nnabugwu     –         Member
  5. Dr. Uwadineke Kalu                      –         Member
  6. Dr. Eze R. C.                               –         Member
  7. Dr. Amaka Igu                                      –         Member/Secretary


Terms of Reference

According to Prof. Ahaneku, they are to:


  1. Find out the views of Nnamdi Azikiwe University; and
  2. Present same at the Presidential Committee on Constitution and electoral Reform in carefully articulated form.


The Honourable Minister of Environment has nominated Prof. Chris Anyamene of the Department of Applied Microbiology and Brewing, as a member of a Panel to review the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) on the proposed gas pipeline route from Sapele Metering Station Scrubble to Life Flour Mill at Ogorode, Sapele, Delta State.


The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), Owerri Zone, Centre for Popular Education (CEPED) is set to hold its 12th Symposium in Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka on Thursday, 11th May, 2017 at the University Auditorium.


CEPED is a body for promoting popular Education in Nigeria.



Management at its 334th Regular Meeting held on Monday, 6th of February, 2017, considered the issue of Evans Ohaji I. with Registration number 2011374100, of the Department of Industrial Production Engineering and Ogueli, Kingsley C. with Registration number 2009664068, of the Department of Adult Education and has recalled them from suspension and noting that they were suspended for case of extortion in the University and cult membership in the University respectively.

Management noted that they did not violate the condition of their suspension during the period.  The recall took effect from 7th February, 2017 respectively on the condition that they will henceforth be of good behaviour.




  • Management at its 334th Regular Meeting held on Monday, 6th of February, 2017, considered the report of the students’ Disciplinary Committee on the case of smoking of India hemp in the University Hostel. It also noted that Emedo Chinemelum Wisdom with Registration number 2011174071 and Ogueme Bethel Uzochukwu with Registration number 2011174017, of the Department of Educational Foundations violated one of the rules and Regulations of Nnamdi Azikiwe University.

Consequent upon the above, Management directed that they be suspended from the University for one academic session with effect from 3rd August, 2016.


  • Also considered in the meeting was Igwilo Paul Chima with Registration number 2012194278, of the Department of Vocational Education, on the case of conduct aimed at disrupting electoral process of the Faculty of Education.

Management directed that he be suspended from the University for two academic sessions with effect from 3rd August, 2016.

  • Mord Modestus with Registration number 2012584144, Department of Parasitology and Entomology, on the case of stealing leveled against him.


It was noted that he admitted the charge of stealing a phone belonging to another person in the University Hostel.




Management at its 334th Regular Meeting held on Monday, 6th of February, 2017 considered the report of the Students’ Disciplinary Committee on the case of Secret Cult Membership leveled against Alagbu Chukwuebuka with Registration number CEP/2010113385, of the Department of Economics, and Ihezie Bright Chidera, Registration number 2011594027 of Zoology Department respectively.

Management observed that they were members of Secret Cult group in the University and actively took place in secret cult related activitied.


In the same vein, Management also considered the report of the Students’ Disciplinary Committee on the case of forgery of school fees receipt leveled against Uche Calista Nkolika with registration number CEP/2001153127 of Sociology and Anthropology Department.  Management noted as follows:


  • She was caught in an examination hall with a forged teller bearing another person’s name during the second semester (CEP) 2008/2009 examination on 15/02/2016 by the monitoring Team, and


  • She admitted that she forged the school fees receipt found in her possession.


Again, Management considered the report of the Students’ Disciplinary Committee on the case of Secret Cult membership leveled against Okoye Nonso Odinaka of the Department of Business Administration with Reg. No. 201424041, and the case of signature forgery leveled against Okafor ThankGod of the Department of Mechanical Engineering with Reg. No. 2009246016F.


Consequent upon the above, Management directed that they would be expelled and they are, hereby expelled from the University with immediate effect.


They are further directed to surrender their students’ I. D. Card and any property of the University in their possession to the Security Department and totally keep off from the University premises.




Management at its 334th Regular Meeting held on Monday, 6th February, 2017, considered the report of the Students’ Disciplinary Committee on a case of attempted students’ demonstration at Nnewi Campus in which Ikediegwu Jennifer of the Department of Medicine and Surgery with Reg. No. 2008464415 was involved.  The act of tarnishing the image of the University by a student of the University is a violation of the Rules and Regulations of the University.

Consequently, Management has directed that he  should be strongly warned and she is hereby, warned to be of good conduct and desist from any action contrary to the University’s rules and regulations or face severe disciplinary action.




The Faculty of Arts in collaboration with Chinese Research Centre of Nigeria, Confucius Institute, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka is set to hold its Annual International Conference.  It is slated as follows:



Opening Ceremony:     May 11, 2017 at the University Auditorium


Paper Presentation:      May, 12 2017 at Faculty of Arts

Time:                                 10.00 daily


Theme:        Humanities and Change Management

Abstracts and full paper should be submitted to: [email protected]


Registration:       N8,000.00

PG Students:       N3,000.00

Publication Fee:  N15,000.00



The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, UNIZIK is set to hold its international forensic science symposium and criminal justice, in collaboration with Nebraska Institute of Forensic Sciences, USA.

The event is scheduled to hold as follows:


Date:            23rd and 24th May, 2017

Venue:         University Auditorium


Keynote Speaker:

Inspector General of Police (IGP), Mr. Kpotum Idris and the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Joseph E. Ahaneku, FAS.


Regular:        N15,000.00

Students:       N10,000.00 (early registration for students, N7,000.00)


Attendance to opening ceremony is free.



Nnamdi Azikiwe University is set to hold re-launching of the University Bookshop.  The event is slated as follows:


Date:       Tuesday, 9th May, 2017

Time:      12.00 noon

Venue:   University Bookshop, Grand Floor, Block B of the Administrative Building


Come one!  Come all!


The Faculty of Management Sciences, UNIZIK is set to hold Professor Pita Frontier Lecture to mark its 25 years of existence as a Faculty.  It is slated for:


Date:            22nd May, 2017

Venue:         Management Sciences

Guest Lecturer:     Prof. B. A. Agbonifoh

President, the Academy of Management, Nigeria


The 8th Edition of “From Rags to Riches” Seminar of Chike Okoli Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies has been scheduled to hold as follows:


Date:       Thursday, 11th May, 2017

Venue:     COCES Auditorium,

The topics for discussion will be on entrepreneurship.  They are as follows:


  • The success story of an accomplished entrepreneur – Dr. Cosmas Maduka, Founder/CEO Cosharis Group
  • Entrepreneurial mindset:  Being Your Own Boss
  • Thriving in an entrepreneurially Hostile Economy
  • Ideas to Business:  Turning Dreams to profits




The Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Management Sciences is set to hold its international conference.



Theme:    Managing a Recessed Economy: Options for Nigeria.


Date:        18th – 19th May, 2017

Time:       9.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m. daily

Venue:     University Auditorium


Keynote Speaker:      

  • Hon. Senator Barau Jibrin, Chairman, Senate Committee on Tertiary Education and TETFund, National Assembly.


Lead Paper Presenter:

  • Former Governor, Central Bank of Nigeria
  • Prof. Osita – Visiting Fellow, African Growth Initiative, USA, and Director, Institute for Development Studies, UNN


Submission of Abstract Papers

Guidelines for Author:

Abstract should be 100 – 250 words and full paper shall not be more than 6,000 words in APA referencing style.


Deadline for submission of the final paper is Friday, 21st April, 2017.

All submission must be emailed as word attachment to the Department Conference.


Email:  [email protected]




The Advisory Board of the Nigerian Prize for Science, sponsored by the Nigerian LNG Limited invites application and nominations into the 2017 Competition of the Nigeria Prize for Science.

In 2017, the Competition theme is, “Innovation in Malaria Control”.  The application window opened in March, 2017 and will close on Monday 12th May, 2017.

The Nigeria Prize for Science aims to encourage and reward excellence in scientific research and innovation that help to solve a pre-identified Nigeria problem.  The prize is awarded annually and features an award of $100,000 (One Hundred Thousand US Dollars).


Submission Procedure

The form should be downloaded, completed and sent back by email along with the supporting documentation to [email protected]

*   All materials in support of entry must be uploaded and sent to the email address;

*   Works of collaboration by two or more person will also be welcomed.

*   Entries not submitted by the stated deadline and according to stated conditions shall not be considered.

All entries must be received by May 12, 2017; late entries will not be entertained.



The head, Department of Computer Sciences, Associate Prof. Boniface C. Ekechukwu will give out his daughter Onyinye to Abuchi Mekowulu in Marriage on Saturday, 13th May 2017, at St. George’s Catholic Church, Oraifite, by 10:00am.  Reception/Traditional Marriage follows immediately at Ass. Prof. Boniface Ekechukwu’s Compound beside St. Peter Claver’s Catholic Church Umuanuka, Otolo, Nnewi.


DepARMENT of Fine and applied arts loses staff

The Department of Fine and Applied Arts, Faculty of Environmental Science has lost her staff, Dr. Ifedioramma Dike whose demise occurred n Monday, 24th April, 2017.  Burial Arrangement will be communicated later.


Faculty of education loses staff

The Faculty of Education has lost a staff of the Department of Educational Foundation, Mr. Oluwatayo Gbenga Peter.  His burial rites will take place on 12th and 13th of May, 2017 at Erijiyan, Ekiti State.




Please if you have any information on any matter bothering you ranging from extortion of money, sexual harassment, intimidation or bad work habit; kindly send a text to the following numbers: 08136006205, 08063786022, and the Vice-Chancellor will investigate and take action. Confidentiality is assured.


This Bulletin is printed and published by the Directorate of Information & Public Relations (DIPR) of the Vice – Chancellor’s office.