Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering


The philosophy of the postgraduate programmes in Electronic and Computer Engineering is to develop highly skilled professionals for the public, private and international organizations, as well as for teaching and research in Tertiary institutions and for global competitiveness.




It is the vision of the Electronic Department to produce PG graduates who are able to design and build engineering solutions to societal problems involving computers, communications, control and cognition.



The postgraduate programmes in Electronic Engineering are mission-oriented meant to produce persons capable of:

  1. Playing leadership roles in related institutions and establishments, in carrying out research into new technologies and methodologies of engineering science.
  2. Having sound and up-to-date scientific knowledge in the application of new techniques in solving social problems.
  3. Having the ability to impart knowledge to others: Teaching in Universities and other higher Institutions with adequate research experience.
  4. Making the manpower development in the University equal to or better than those of the older Universities in their respective areas of research and development.
  5. Understanding the basic principles of Electronic Engineering and interpretation of natural phenomena and applying the knowledge gained in solving the numerous environmental and scientific problems facing the world today.
  6. Being technologically up to date and competent to make effective contribution towards our quest for national development.
  7. Maintaining good professional standards at all times.




The aim of the postgraduate programmes in Electronic Engineering is geared at producing socially responsive and functional engineers capable of positively driving the engine of Nigeria’s economy through accelerated technology development.


The set of objectives are:

  • Providing students with knowledge and competitive skills to enhance their performance and to enable them to assume broader responsibilities in the rapidly changing environment in the context of the global and contemporary knowledge economy.
  • Producing high level practitioners who are capable of applying appropriate engineering principles and techniques for solving problems in the local, national and international environment viz-a-viz teaching, research and industry.
  • Providing training in research for those whose future career will lie in teaching and research at University and for those who may have to operate in research and development environment in the public or private sectors e.g., government, commercial and industrial concerns.
  • Providing both short and long term training facilities aimed at improving and upgrading the existing and potential high level manpower needed for planning, implementing and reviewing national development plans as well as improved productivity and performance in the private sector.
  • Providing opportunity for University graduates in relevant science disciplines and HND holders to convert and aspire to higher degrees in Engineering and
  • Producing Engineers in ICT entrepreneurial skills and leadership qualities, including sound professional ethics



The postgraduate programmes in Electronic Engineering prepare candidates for professional and research careers in industry and academia. The students should easily gain employment in the following fields:-


  • Lecturing in Engineering


  • Communication & Information Technology
  • Computers and Control engineering especially Industrial Process Control in Real Time.
  • Digital Signal Processing & Applications to Disease diagnosis, Multimedia, Digital Communications etc.

Research Organizations

There are quite a number of research institute and organizations in Nigeria and beyond that need the services of higher level qualified Electronic, Communication and Computer Engineers.

Consultants and Entrepreneurship

It is envisaged that PG graduates should be able to perceive the real nature of a problem through interaction with society & lay people to provide a potent engineering solution in a systematic manner.