Examinations and Award of Degrees



Grades or credits are awarded for attendance of lectures, participation in internal and external seminars, workshops, exhibition of works, scientific publications, conferences, preparation of formal coursework assignments, etc.

    Requirements for the successful conclusion of hybrid Masters Programme:

The examination of each of the courses will consist of a written examination taken at the end of the semester in which it is offered. The design is assessed through the usual system of continuous assessment leading to a cumulative grade at the end of the semester. The lowest pass mark is the D grade. In order to be admitted into the M.Sc. I programme in Architecture, a candidate must pass all the prescribed courses.

     Requirements for the Award of the M.Sc. (Architecture):

The examination of coursework and research will consist of written examination taken at the end of the semester in which they are offered. The examination consists of written papers while the research work is to be presented in a Dissertation Report consisting of supervised Design Research Report, and Architectural Design Project defended orally before an External Examiner. The lowest pass mark is the D grade. To be eligible for the award of an M.Sc degree in Architecture, a candidate must have passed all the prescribed courses.


     Requirements for the Award of the Ph. D (Architecture) Degree:

In order to be eligible for the award of the Ph.D Degree, candidates must pass the prescribed courses amounting to a minimum of nine (9) units selected from groups 1 – VII. In addition, each candidate must pass the oral examination with respect to the thesis involving an internal Qualifying Examination before a Final Oral Examination conducted by the University appointed External Examiners. Candidate’s consultation with the supervisors is emphasized. The main supervisor’s report and recommendation on the Ph.D. candidates are taken into account by the Postgraduate Committee of the Department of Architecture when considering the question of presentation of research work. The lowest pass grade for the Ph.D. is C.

    Course Code:

Each course shall be represented by three (3) code lettering, representing the discipline offering the courses as ARC for architecture.

  • Course Numbering:

Courses shall be numbered according to levels of 700 (Hybrid Masters), 800 (M.Sc. I & II) and 900 (Ph.D.) For these Post Graduate Studies. The first digit of the numbering (7, 8, or 9) represents the level of instruction. The second digit represents the AREA of STRESS. The third (last) digit represents the SEQUENCE within the subject area.

  • Course Classification:

Post Graduate courses in Architecture are classified as follows:-

(i)         Compulsory Courses.

(ii)        Pre-Requisite Courses.

(iii)       Electives.

Every Post Graduate Student must choose from the three (3) classifications of courses available in the requisite programme and level of study so as to ensure correct REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS.

     Credit Unit Load for Courses:

Credit Unit loaded for post graduate degree courses are as indicated in the course descriptions. Some courses are loaded for 1 (one) unit, some others for two (2) units, some others are for 4 (four) units or six (6) units. Courses for Doctorate Degree Programmes are loaded for 3 (three) credit units, some for four (4) credit units with the highest loading for nine (9) credit units. Maximum  loading for each semester/session to be in conformity with the ‘REQUIREMENTS for the AWARD’, in 10.2, 10.3, and for 10.4 above.




    Registration Period:

10.9 (a)  (i):   Registration for all courses in any academic year shall be at the beginning of the FIRST SEMESTER. Registration documents and processes to be completed and properly posted within the first three (3) weeks from the date of commencement of academic lectures for the first semster.

Registration to be with the School of Post Graduate studies, Faculty of Environmental Sciences, and the Department of Architecture, plus the Registrar offices.

10.9 (a)   (ii):     Post Graduate Students of Architecture may not be registered after four (4) weeks from the commencement of lecturers in the first semster.

10.9 (a)   (iii):     Late registration is possible on the payment of N5,000 (Five thousand naira only) fee.