Digital Library

The Digital Library has every single library material in soft copy and makes it accessible by different users at different locations at the same time, with or without visiting the Library. Under the Digital Library, is the Virtual Library through which other Libraries world over links to our Library to gain access to all the collections of our Library.

The Digital Library electronically links up the University’s Main Library to the Libraries at the different Campuses and Colleges of the University, thereby creating totat access to all collections of all the libraries from any of the campuses.

The Digital Library has deployed this website and the Institutional Repository to launch on the internet, all the University’s research efforts, thesis, dissertations and all creative outputs in digital formats.

Library Computers

Library computers are available at the Digital Library to support teaching, learning and research and offer a variety of software. Current NAU students, faculty, and staff have unlimited access to these computers.

All other visitors computer access is available by joining the Library Premium Patrons.

Visitors may use library computers to access most of our licensed indexes and databases and electronic books while using library computer workstations.

Note: All users must agree to abide by University Libraries’ policies.

**Wireless Access

Wireless access will be available at all University Libraries via the Libraries’ network. General information on guidelines, set-up information, and technical standards can be found accessed by contacting the Digital Librarian.

Printing From a Library Computer

Black-and-white printing is available at all University Libraries. Color printing is also available at Prof Festus A. Nwako Library.

Printing From Your Laptop

Windows and Mac users can print from their laptop at the Prof Festus A. Nwako Library (Digital Library/NOC Center).


Photocopiers are available at all University Libraries. Library staff are available to assist with the copying and any copy questions that may arise.

Scanning & Digitization

There are one each free standalone digital scanner in all University Libraries. Each of these scanners can be customized to scan in color or at various page sizes and resolutions. There is no charge for use, but a flash drive is required.

Library staff are available to assist with the use of these machines.