Student Affairs Department

The Student Affairs Department is established to attend to the welfare of the students of Nnamdi Azikiwe University to ensure successful and fruitful stay on campus. To realize this mandate, the Department has three units; General office and ICT/Protocol, Residency and Hostel, Graduation and NYSC. These Units are headed by Deputy Registrars who report to the Dean.

Our vision is to build a strong, functional and student-friendly Department in line with the University motto of Discipline, Self-reliance and Excellence. To ensure that our students pass through our University while allowing the University to pass through them.

 Orientation For fresh students.
 Hostel and Accommodation for students
 Processing of students for NYSC
 Supervise Associations/Clubs
 Supervise Students Union Government(SUG)

The University identifies the need for students to organize themselves into a central association known as Student’ Union Government (SUG).
The SUG in the University has three (3) arms- The Executive (Exco), Students’ Representative Council (SRC), and Students’ Judicial Council (SJC). These arms are headed by the President, Speaker and Chief Judge respectively. One of the most important obligations of Student Affairs department is to conduct elections into the various elective offices of the Students Union Government (SUG).

The GAR deal with issues of academic attendance and progress in the University. It defines the general academic conducts of students from cradle to graduation.

Nnamdi Azikiwe University is a community of scholars and students dedicated to research, academic excellence, the pursuit and cultivation of knowledge, in all fields of learning and human endeavor. In support of this mission, any student conduct, on or off campus, that threatens or violates this commitment may become a matter for action within the University’s system of student discipline.

The University believes that students must take full responsibility for their own conduct; and that students must also of necessity be guided as to the acceptable conduct expected of them as students. Under certain circumstances, students must also take responsibility for the conduct of a group, or individual members of the group of which they are part. The group may be informal, such as study group, or formal such as a student organization.

The goal of student disciplinary system is to ensure a fair and orderly proceeding on questions of student misconduct. A disciplinary proceeding enjoys neither the advantage nor the limitations inherent in an adversarial proceeding of a court of law. The Students’ Disciplinary Regulation indicates the kind of behavior which are not acceptable, and the action which may be taken as a result by the University. The Students Disciplinary Regulations (SDR) is separate from General and Academic Regulations (GAR) which deal with issues of academic attendance and progress in the University.

The Students Affairs is committed to sensitization of the students to these regulations and advocating for them as and when necessary. The Department has zero tolerance to intimidation of staff against students or students against each other.