TVE Alumni Homecoming: Omatseyione, Okwelle, Okoli, and Others Honored

By Franklin Onwubiko

A wave of nostalgia engulfed the alumni of the Department of Technology and Vocational Education (TVE) during the Alumni Homecoming and TVE Day, a memorable event orchestrated by the department’s management. The occasion, designed to celebrate accomplished Nigerians across various domains, also aimed at garnering support for a state-of-the-art complex and incubation workshop.

The unprecedented gathering witnessed a seamless fusion of academia and community, as patrons generously rallied behind the proposed edifice, acknowledging their remarkable contributions to education and societal development.

Among the distinguished awardees was Mr. Nesiama Omatseyione, a highly regarded geologist and Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) professional. The University’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor Charles Esimone, FAS, presented Mr. Omatseyione with a Leadership Excellence Award in Health, Safety & Environment and a Human Performance Award, recognizing his outstanding contributions.

In his managerial role at Chevron Nigeria Ltd since 2019, Mr. Omatseyione has demonstrated professionalism in HSE Budget & Planning, Compliance Assurance, Regulatory Affairs, Incident Investigation, and Learning. Expressing gratitude for the recognition, he commended the University, stating, “I’m proud to be associated not just with the department but with the University.”

Mr. Nesiama pledged a substantial donation towards the execution of the workshop project and vowed comprehensive support in other capacities.

The Vice-Chancellor received accolades for his transformative leadership and unwavering support to the Department of Technology and Vocational Education.

The list of honored personalities at the ASUU-NAU Secretariat on Thursday, November 9, 2023, included notable figures such as Ejike Bonaventure Levi, Alhaji Dr. Yinusa Adekunle Adekola, Prof. T. O. Okoli, and Chief Jonas Okafor, among others.

In addition, a roster of distinguished Professors received Prestigious Leadership Awards, underscoring their immense contributions to academia. Dr. Francisca Nnajiofor, the Head of the Department of Technology and Vocational Education, expressed gratitude to dignitaries, emphasizing the pivotal role of generous donations in realizing the proposed project’s self-sufficiency.

As the event concluded, Dr. Uju Onwubuya conveyed hope for achieving the event’s goals and extended thanks to benefactors for their generous contributions.