NEWS ITEM VOL. 13 N0. 1.
ISSN1595 -1685

The ongoing renovations in the University Hostels are geared towards enhancing the Students’ comfort and providing the needed hospitality so as to produce students who are worthy both in character, learning, behavior and imbibed etiquette.

While addressing the University press recently, the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Charles Esimone, FAS stated that it has become necessary as part of his vision for Project 200 that the students of the institution should have a well structured comfortable environment and place of living as it will indirectly enhance their mental, social and physical well-being while in pursuit of their academic endeavor. Prof. Esimone said that part of the renovation exercise is to ensure that every room in the University hostel will now have a toilet and bathroom as students are key stakeholders and the reason why the institution was set up in the first instance.

The Vice-Chancellor also posited that part of the renovation exercise will see water supply to all rooms in the hostels to create a positive ambiance and create room to have a world-class University of which one of the variables for assessment is the living conditions and welfare of its students. Prof. Esimone admonished students to ensure they protect the facilities put in place in the aftermath of the renovation as the University management have worked hard to ensure that their well-being is given topmost priority.

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