Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law started as a Department of Law in the then Faculty of Social Sciences in the 1985/86 academic session. The programmes in the Faculty are designed to teach the general principles of Law to students, and broaden their outlook and education, while contributing a quota to the production of highly qualified, legal personnel in the society

The Faculty of Law has three departments

  1. Department of Commercial and Property Law
  2. Department of International Law and Jurisprudence
  3. Department of Public and Private Law


Job Opportunities
Lawyers can maintain a career in a variety of fields. They are primarily concerned with the interpretation, defence, analysis of the law stipulated for and guiding various facets of life in a municipal or international legal system. A Lawyer may choose to specialize in various areas of interest which include but are not limited to: Advocate at the Bar, The Solicitor, The Judge/Magistrate, Head of Judicial Body, Company secretary, Law officer, Legal officer, Academic, Arbitrator, Legal Adviser, Lawmaker, Notary Public, etc.