CEP Examinations and results

Conduct of CEP Examinations
As in the regular Programme, CEP examinations are conducted by respective Departments teaching the courses but with examinations time-table prepared by the CEP Unit. The draft time-table, when prepared, is forwarded to the respective Departments for comments as to suitability to their students to avoid clashes after which the final time table is prepared and forwarded to the Departments and it is also presented to individual examinations monitors for effective monitoring. All regulations for conduct of examinations are same for both regular and part-time Progarmmes. For rescheduling of courses on the approved CEP Unit Examinations time-table, a course reschedule form is designed by the CEP Unit for reschedule of any course by Departments and must be forwarded to CEP Office for approval. Departments are not allowed to conduct examination on any course not reflected in final CEP Examinations time-table. When such occurs, the examination is cancelled by the CEP Unit.

Submission of Results
A copy of each result of CEP examinations, after consideration by respective departments’ examinations boards is forwarded to CEP Office for documentation and display at CEP notice board. The normal process of approval from the Departmental Board to the Faculty board before forwarding to the Office of the Vice Chancellor is undertaken before the results are released to the students.

Conduct of CEP Project Defence
It is the responsibility of respective departments offering CEP courses to conduct final year Project Defence for CEP students but with notification of the CEP Unit. Project topics should be issued to students in their departments at the commencement of the first semester of the final year of students.

Computation of Degree Results
The respective departments housing CEP courses undertake the computation of final year degree results of CEP students.

Convocation of CEP Graduands
There is no separate convocation for CEP graduands: both regular and part-time graduands participate in the institute’s convocation.