Admission Process


Admission Procedure

The following general procedure applies for admission into the programmes of the College:

  1. Advertisement for postgraduate admission shall normally be placed in a variety of communication media not later than April of each year. Admissions shall normally be completed by the end of August.
  2. An online application for admission to a course of study leading to a postgraduate degree and/or diploma shall be on a prescribed form, together with copies of certificates, three referees’ reports and transcripts, which shall be uploaded online to the Secretary, College of Postgraduate Studies at the web address indicated in the advertisement. PhD applicants shall also upload a proposal on specified area of specialization.
  3. The College shall invite all qualified applicants to a screening test on a specified date.
  4. The Secretary, College of Postgraduate Studies, shall process the application and forward to the Department/Faculties
  5. The Departmental Postgraduate Studies Committee shall consider the applications in the first instance and recommend Admission (and supervision) to the College of Postgraduate Studies Admissions Committee, through the Faculty Postgraduate Studies Committee.
  6. The Board may additionally require a qualifying examination as a condition for admission.
  7. The recommendations for admission from the Faculties shall be presented by the Admissions Committee of the College to the Senate, through the Board, for consideration and approval.

Additional Information on the admission procedure and available programmes may be found in the link:


​​​​Nnamdi Azikiwe University’s academic year follows the calendar year.

Coursework postgraduate programmes usually commence lectures in October each year, while a few commence in January. Admitted candidates are advised to arrive in time for the commencement of the programme. Late arrivals cannot be accommodated.

New registrations for master and doctoral programmes must be finalised by the end of September, or in some cases by the end of October each year. ​


​Applicants for master’s and doctoral degrees may make contact with prospective supervisors and clarify their options before they formally apply.

Please check your programme requirements here​. ​Provide the name of the prospective supervisor you have communicated with in your application.